Black Butler

Japanese manga series

Black Butler is a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. Since its debut on September 16, 2006, it has been serialized in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy. The Anime (3 Seasons, Several OVAs) was english Dubbed by FUNimation Entertainment.


English Cast edit

Season one edit

S1 E1 His Butler, Able edit

Sebastian: Think carefully. Should you reject the faith, even as once the gates of paradise will forever be out of your reach.

Ciel: Do you think, one who was among the faithful, would ever go so far to summon someone like you?

Sebastian: *evil chuckle* I'll ask but once more. Do you wish to form a contract with me?

Ciel: I do. Now stop asking these tedious questions, and let me know if we have a deal.

Theme song plays (setting changes to Ciel's mansion)

Sebastian: Master, it is time for you to wake up. For breakfast today, we have a lightly poached salmon accompanied by a delicate mint salad. I can also offer toast, scones, or pan decompania. Which dish would you care for this morning?

Ciel: A scone.

Sebastian: Today, you have a meeting with Mr. Hughes, the authority on the history of the Roman Empire. And this evening, Mr. Domiano of the Poseidon company will be paying you a visit.

Ciel: Oh. Is that the man I have in charge of the stuffed animals in my factory in India?

Sebastian: Yes. I'm told he's Italian. We will of course, offer him all the hospitality the estate can provide.

Ciel: I know this smell. Is this tea Earl Grey?

Sebastian: Yes. From Jackson's of Pickinilly. I shall wait for you at dining table, Master.

Ciel throws dart at Sebastian, and he catches it with his index and middle finger

Sebastian: Well throw, my Lord. Even so, let's save the games for later.

Ciel: Yes. I suppose your right Sebastian.

Ciel (narrating): My butler is an able man.

Ciel throws dart at Finny

Finny: Oh! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Oooowww! What was that for Master? What did I do?

Ciel: Nothing. I don't need to justify my actions.

Finny: *gasp*

Sebastian: There you are. to Finny Have you finished weeding the courtyard, Finny?

Finny: Uh..

Sebastian: Mey Rin, have you washed all the bedding?

Mey Rin: Oh. Um...Well...

Sebastian: Bardroy, should you be preparing for tonight's dinner?

Bardroy: Heh..

Sebastian: Tanaka... well I suppose you're alright as you are.

Tanaka: He He He

Sebastian: Now all of you, we have no time for thumb twiddling this morning. SO GET TO WORK!!

the three servants run out of the room

Sebastian: Simply hopeless.

Ciel walks up stairs. He stops and looks at the picture of his mother and father

Sebastian: The silver is polished with spotless shine. The table cloth is crisp, clean and wrinkle free. There is not a single bruised blossom among Master's favorite white roses. And finally, the highest quality ingredients have been gathered to prepare a first rate dinner. The table is perfection. This will be an elegant Phantomhive welcome.

The Study Bell rings.

Sebastian: Still so much to do, and he calls me now.

Bardroy: A guest is coming. Alright, then this is our chance. Sebastian looks down on us all the time. Today will be so perfect he won't even know hit him. (makes surprised face) Yeah, that's what he's gonna say!

(Mey Rin and Finny make the surprised face.)

Bardroy: That's for him to say, not you.

Mey Rin: Ooh, that's a good idea!

Finny: Right! We have to stop relying on Sebastian for everything.

Bardroy: It's settled then. We got a plan of attack.

Mey Rin, Bardroy, and Finny: Lets get to it!

Tanaka: He He He

Ciel: I'm a bit hungry. I'd like something sweet to eat.

Sebastian: You shouldn't eat now, Master. You don't want to spoil your appetite for dinner with your guest this evening.

Ciel: I don't care about that. Make me a parfait.

Sebastian: I am sorry, Sir.

Ciel: Fine then. About the portrait in the hallway.

Sebastian: Yes?

Ciel: Take it down.

Sebastian: (He gasp)

Ciel: I am Ciel Phantomhive. Son of Vincent. And I am head of the house now.

Sebastian: Consider it done, my Lord.

Sebastian: Now. How exactly (points at a dead garden) did this (points at the broken dishes) happen (points at a burned kitchen)?

Finny: I thought things would go faster if I used extra strength weed killer on the garden.

Mey Rin: I was trying to reach the tea set we use for guests, but I tripped and the cabinet fell.

Bardroy: There was a lot of meat to be cooked for dinner, and it was going to take a long time, so uh I used my flamethrower.


Sebastian (thinks): Our guest will arrive just after six. (looks at pocket watch) At most we have two hours left. Not enough time to replace the tea set, or find premium meats. What should I do? (says) Calm down, all of you. Perhaps you should try taking a page out of Tanaka's book and start behaving like.. (looks at Tanaka) Everyone, listen closely and do exactly as I say. Understand? We must be quick about this. *picks up Tanaka's tea cup* We might save this night yet.

Wagon pulls in.

Damiano: *gasp* How impressive.

Shows Japanese style garden.

Servants: Hello. Welcome, Sir.

Sebastian: This is called a stone garden. It is a traditional feature in Japan.

Damiano: Ah, pradiloso! Wonderful! Truly an elegant garden!

Sebastian: We thought it appropriate to serve dinner alfresco this evening. Allow me to escort you inside, until the meal is ready.

Damiano: Hahaha. I should-a expected this from a Phantomhive. I cannot wait to see what else is in store.

The door closes

Bardroy: wipes forehead Whoo, we actually did it.

Finny: Who woulda thought a dozen bags of gravel could turn into an amazing garden?

Sebastian: Naturally, we were able to handle this. We serve the Phantomhive family after all. There is still work to be done. Let's take care of it while the Master is talking business with his guest. Look sharp now.

Mey Rin, Bardroy and Finny: Right!

Damiano: The progress we've been making with the East India factory is quite astonishing. We already have the making of a top-notch staff.

Ciel: Bewitched by the eyes of the dead. What terrible luck. It appears I lose a turn, remember?

Damiano: Hm. Right now, is the perfect time. We should begin expanding the company and building a strong labor-

Ciel: Go on, it's your turn.

Damiano: Oh. Yes. I just-a spin this then. Ok there. Five spaces. Now, what I wanted to ask you. But perhaps you could contribute another twelve-thousand pounds to support our expansion? I believe it would be quite a profitable venture for you my Lord. And I would consider it an honor to help expand the Funtom company-

Ciel: Lose a leg in the Enchanted Forest.

Damiano: Huh?

Ciel: And it's your turn again. I lost a turn, remember?

Damiano: Oh. I see. Right. I move six.

Ciel: You don't. That's three.

Damiano: What? But-

Ciel: You lost a leg, if you recall. Now you only move half the number of spaces.

Damiano: Oh my. Hahaha. This is a gruesome board game, isn't it? Is there no way for me to restore my leg then?

Ciel: I'm afraid once something is truly lost Sir, that one could never get it back again.

Damiano: gasp

Ciel: Your body is burnt by raging flames.

Daminao: gasp

Sebastian: How's it going?

Bardroy: I'm doing it like you said to. This really what you want?

Sebastian: Yes. That looks excellent.

Mey Rin: Sebastian! Found 'em! Hahaha! Whaa!! *Mey Rin trips, losing her grip on the boxes*

(Sebastian catches all the boxes and Mey Rin)

Sebastian: Oh, honestly.

Mey Rin: *blush*

Sebastian: How many times have I told you not to run inside the manor Mey Rin?

Mey Rin: backs away Oh! I'm so sorry Sir! My glasses cracked and I can't see a thing!

Sebastian: These are the last items we needed for dinner. Splendid work everyone. But now I believe you can leave the rest of it to me and relax for a bit. But I need you to do well, VERY WELL, during dinner tonight.

Bardroy: He said it twice.

Finny: Ooh, that's serious.

Sebastian: Pardon the interruption, but dinner is served.

Damiano: Oh. Dining out in the exquisite stone garden. Shall we go my Lord?

Ciel: Very well. We'll finish the game later.

Daminao: Oh. Is there any real need to finish it? It's-a obvious I'm-a going to lose.

Ciel: I'm not in the habit of abandoning a game half-way through.

Daminao: mumbles How childish.

Ciel looks at him.

Damiano: I-I-I mean sometimes it takes a child's eyes to see what's really important. It's a true gift. Maybe that's what made the Phantomhive's dinations for most toy makers. It's certainly impresses me.

Sebastian: On tonight's menu is a dish of finely sliced raw beef Danbury courtesy of our chef Bardroy.

Damiano: A pile of raw beef. And this is dinner?

Sebastian: Yes. But surely you have heard of it. This good Sir is a traditional Japanese delicacy. A dish offered as a sign of gratitude to someone who has accomplished important work. That is the wonder of Dongpoi!

Damiano: Oh Dongpoi!

Sebastian: This is a token from our Master. To show his thanks for all your hard work on the company's behalf. He wanted you to know that its much appreciated.

Finny (whispers): Now that's our Sebastian for you.

Bardroy (whispers): He saved the day.

Tanaka (whispers): Hohoho.

Damiano: Excellent! What an inspired idea! The legendary Phantomhive hospitality in action.

Sebastian: The vintage we are pouring tonight was specially selected to compliment the flavor of Soy Sauce. Mey Rin.

Mey Rin:

Sebastian: Now Mey Rin.

Mey Rin: Oh. Yes Sir.

Sebastian: (whispers moves in, close to Mey Rin's ear) Why are you just standing there? Pour the man a glass of wine.

Mey Rin: (blush) O-of course. Yes Sir.

Bardroy (whispers): Ey.

Finny (whispers): What?

Bardroy (whispers): Is it just me, or is Mey Rin acting a little strange?

Mey Rin: Sebastian's watching me. I can't take it. Don't look at me that way.

  • Mey Rin spills the wine on the tablecloth. *

Finny (whispers): Mey Rin, stop it! Can't you see your spilling the wine!?

  • Sebastian pulls the tablecloth, not letting a single drop spill onto the ground*

Damiano: Oh. Huh? Where did the table-a cloth go?

Ciel: A speck of dirt. Most unsightly. I had the cloth removed so it wouldn't distract us. Think nothing of it.

Sebastian: Please except my apology Sir. Do continue. Enjoy the meal at your leisure.

Daminao: Oh. Oh my. Hahaha! Lord Phantomhive, once again you have truly impressed me. What an able butler you have acquired.

Ciel: Pay him no mind. He merely acted as befits one of my servants. Sebastian: My Master is quite correct about that. Naturally, you see I am simply one hell of a butler.

Damiano: That was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, my Lord. Now then, about the contract.

Ciel: Before we discuss that, we must finish the game.

Damiano: Uh... yes of course. I do have a pressing appointment. Perhaps another ti-

Ciel: Children can be very demanding about their games. Surely you wouldn't want to be to get upset.

Damiano: No. No of course not. Perhaps you would permit me to use your telephone?

(Sebastian bumps into Damiano as he steps out of the room.)

Sebastian: I've brought some tea for you and my Lord.

Damiano: I'll be right back.

(Ciel gives his tea an angry look.)

Ciel: What is this? It smells terribly weak.

Sebastian: Out of our consideration for our guest, I brought some Italian tea.

Ciel: Italian?

Sebastian: Italians drink more coffee than tea, Sir. So, finding high quality Italian tea can be difficult. This particular selection is not to your liking Master?

Ciel: No. It is not. I don't like it at all.

Sebastian: I'll see to the dessert preparations.

Ciel: Good. We must show him every available hospitality. The Phantomhive family is known for its courtesy.

Sebastian: Yes, my young Lord.

Daminao: I'm-a tired of babysitting this child Earl. Yes. I already sold off the factory. Now all that's left is to pocket the extra cash. I'm trying to squeeze more out of the brat right now. Employees? Who cares about them. *he gasp* Ah, never mind. The rest of the formalities are for you to deal with. No. It'll be easy. Please, he's only a child.

(As Damiano walks up the stairs, he stops and looks at the picture of Ciel's mother and Father. He sees a freaky ghost thing that scares him on Vincent's face (Vincent is Ciel's dad.) The ghost thing looks at him, and he wipes the sweat off his face. He looks at the picture again, and the ghost thing is not there.)

Damiano: Impossible. I'm-a seeing things.

(Ciel's voice echoes in his mind saying, Bewitched by the eyes of the dead.)

Damiano: gasp No. That's ridiculous.

Damiano searches through the mansion trying to find the room where he was before.

Damiano: Oh. Not here either. Or here. This manor is like a giant maze. I can't even find the drawing room.

Ciel's voice echoes once again. Bewitched by the eyes of the dead.

Damiano hears a floorboard creak. He sees a ghostly figure walking towards him. He runs away as fast as he can.

Damiano: S-stay away from me!

Finny: That's odd. Was that our guest I heard just now?

Bardroy: Ey! We need to move this! Or Sebastian will start yelling again!

Finny: Right!

Mey Rin: Oooh! How embarrassing! I really messed up this time! Oh, at least I was able to get close to Sebastian. Oh, what a shameful day throe! What kind of lecherous maid am I!?

  • Damiano is running as fast as he can when he hears Ciel's voice echo once again saying, You lose one turn. He falls and injured his right leg.*

Mey Rin: Oh! Sir! Are you alright!? *gasp* His right leg. It's twisted round! What happened to it!?

Bardroy: Hey! What's wrong?

Mey Rin: Our guest! Somethings happened!

  • Damiano sees the ghostly figure once again, and he hears Ciel's voice say, And now you lose one leg in the enchanted forest. *

Damiano: *gasp*

  • He crawls away. *

Mey Rin: Sir? Um, Sir? Come back?

  • As he is crawling, he bumps into Sebastian*

Sebastian: Surely you aren't leaving the manor yet, Sir?

Damiano: Ah!

Sebastian: We haven't given you the full Phantomhive treatment yet. We still have to serve dessert.

  • Damiano crawls away from Sebastian*

Sebastian: You've lost a leg, remember? Now you can only move half the number of spaces. So why not just relax a bit and make yourself at home?

  • Damiano hides in a room and closes the door*

Damiano: Damn. It's too dark.

  • He hears Sebastian's footsteps*

Damiano: Is this a cupboard?

  • He crawls inside. Sebastian comes through the door. *

Damiano: Damn. These are really tight quarters. *squish* What's this? *sniff* Smells like sugar.

Sebastian: What an impatient guest we have. You couldn't even restrain yourself until dessert was out of the oven.

Damiano: The-the oven!? Open up! Please, open-a the door!

Sebastian: Hm. Italians aren't familiar with our customs. There is plum pudding. Mincemeat pie. There are many traditional desserts in England that make use of meat. I find them all quite tasty.

  • Ciel's voice echoes again saying, Your body is burnt by raging flames.*


Bardroy: What was that? Someone screamed.

Finny: Don't know. Oh. Hi Sebastian.

Sebastian: Thank you for your hard work today. As a reward, how would you like some Lemon Meringue Pie? The sugar will give you energy.

Finny and Bardroy: Huh? God bless you Sebastian! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!

Sebastian: Oh, yes. And Bard. A workman will be coming by in the morning. When he arrives, kindly let him know that we need our oven thoroughly cleaned.

Bardroy: Huh? The oven?

Sebastian: Mr. Damiano. I hope you enjoyed your stay. And the Phantomhive family's hospitality. All the way down to your bones.

Damiano: MAMA MIA!!!!!

Ciel: *evil chuckle* What an unattractive scream. He sounds almost like a pig taken off to slaughter. Hm. What presumption. First, he sells the East Indian factory without telling me. And then he dares to ask for more money. Did he think to retain my trust...I'm afraid once something is truly lost, one can never get it back again.

Sebastian: It would appear we'll be needing to hang new wallpaper as well.

  • Mirage of young Ciel and his family appear*

Young Ciel: *laughter* Mama. Papa.

  • Mirage disappears as Sebastian snaps his fingers*

Sebastian: The new head of the Phantomhive Estate. Huh.

S1 E2 His Butler, Strongest [1.2] edit

Baldroy: Bloody hell, this wire is done for.
Mey-Rin: Oh. Not the rats again
Baldroy: This is getting ridiculous. I mean I heard they'd been plagued in London lately, but I never expected them to be such a problem this far out the city
Rat: [Squeaks]
All: Scream.
Finnian grabs statue and swings*
Finnian: Now I've got you.
All: Scream
Finnian: Looks like it got away
Baldroy: What are you laughing for? Are you trying to kill us too you idiot
Finnian: Looks there's another one.
Baldroy: That's it.
Arthur Randall: Quite the commotion going on out there. It seems you are experiencing a rat problem as well.
Man 2: Speaking of which how long will you let the vermin run wild? Filthy monsters. Someone really ought to take care of them. Don't you think?
Lau: And someone will. He's just waiting for the opportune moment
Madam Red: Indeed. He prefers to settle things with one blow. Will you pass on this turn too?
Ciel: I'll pass. It's my policy not to shoot if I know that I'll miss.
Arthur Randall: That's all very well but when will you handle the problem?
Ciel: Any time you like. The rats will soon come looking for their forbidden cheese and I hold the key to the store house...Even so locating the nest and eliminating the vermin promises to be a tedious task. You should concentrate on preparing me a suitable reward
Arthur Randall: You're a vulture.
Ciel: Sir Randall! I'd be careful how you smear my family name.
Azzurro Vanel: Ha! You're in trouble now Randall. What next Lord Phantomhive?
Ciel: It's time to put an end to this worthless game. Don't you think? soon can you secure the payment?
Arthur': Tonight. I'll have it by then.
Ciel: Then I'll send a carriage for you later. When can even prepare some light entertainment for you. Does that sound good?
Man 2: You pass your turn twice and now you are after them all in one go?
Ciel: Naturally
Arthur: Careful you're greed will undo you
Ciel: Am I undone?

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