Birutė Galdikas

Lithuanian-Canadian primatologist, conservationist

Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas, OC (born 10 May 1946), is a Lithuanian-Canadian anthropologist, primatologist, conservationist, ethologist, and author. She is a Professor at Simon Fraser University. In the field of primatology, Galdikas is recognized as a leading authority on orangutans.

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  • I had never seen Gundul threaten or assault a woman, although he frequently charged male assistants. The cook was screaming hysterically. I thought, 'He's trying to kill her.' I began to realize that Gundul did not intend to harm the cook, but had something else in mind. The cook stopped struggling. 'It's all right,' she murmured. She lay back in my arms, with Gundul on top of her. Gundul was very calm and deliberate. He raped the cook. As he moved rhythmically back and forth, his eyes rolled upward to the heavens. I was in shock. Gundul let the cook go, stood up, and soundlessly, moved off the feeding platform into the trees. It was over just like that.
    • 1995 in Reflections of Eden: My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo as quoted on page 137 of "Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence" and page 71 of "Ecofeminism and Rhetoric: Critical Perspectives on Sex, Technology, and Discourse"

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