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Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui

Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui is a 2004 movie and the second of the four Bionicle films released. It is the prequel to Bionicle: Mask of Light. The objective of the toa was to defeat the Makuta.



  • [to Nidhiki] You lost the right to call me brother long ago!
  • Save the heart of Metru Nui the great spirit depends on you! Time is short, hurry Vakama!
  • Save the heart of Metru Nui, find the Great Kanoka Disk!
  • No Vakama. You are all Toa. I am Turaga Lhikan.
  • Follow the light!
  • I am proud to have called you brother... Toa Vakama.


  • Do it. [snaps his pincers]
  • [after Krekka climbs a collapsing pillar] No... you fool!
  • They are nothing but mere Matoran in Toa Armor.
  • [after Matau shapeshifts into Krekka] I told you to go that way!
  • Why do I bother?


  • [climbs up a pillar] Nidhiki! This way!
  • You told me to go the other way!
  • [when Onewa controlling Krekka] Get Nidhiki, Get Nidhiki... Nidhiki!


  • Time! That's exactly what the fake Turaga Dume said.
  • [to Lhikan] Toa Lhikan?
  • The Matoran! They're in danger. [tried to open the container, but it was empty]
  • [after transforming into Turaga] This is the way of the Bionicle.
  • [after Toa Lhikan is captured] NO... It's all my fault!
  • United in Duty, Bound in Destiny. This is the way, of the Bionicle


  • Vakama? Vakama?? VAKAMA?!? [Vakama wakes up] Another vision?
  • [after Matau slams into a wall] Maybe not.
  • [sees a Kikanalo stampede] Kikanalo!
  • [saw a statue shaped like Toa Lhikan] Vakama! The statue! Take it down!


  • [as Nidhiki, confusing Krekka] You just let him slip passed you! Circle the other way back!
  • How about less vision-seeing and more Toa-saving?!
  • [in the Land of Unending Whispers] Hello? Hello, hello? This place seems to be deserted.
  • Hello, Metru Nui! I always wanted to loud-shout that.
  • Hey, Kikanalo, who's your mas- [his Kikanalo growls] I mean... who's your partner?


Toa Vakama:Amazing!
Toa Onewa: Am I... a Toa?

Nidhiki: Do it. [snaps his pincers]
Kongu: Then again, maybe it might work.

Onewa: [laughs] Soon you'll be ready to play "Pin the Tail on the Ash Bear", record keeper!
Lhikan: Careful with your words, Onewa.

Nidhiki: You didn't let him get by you? [Matau shapeshifts into Nidhiki]
Matau: [as Krekka] Maybe he sneak-passed! [follows Matau]

Toa Vakama: [sees the real Turaga Dume inside the Matoran container] Turaga Dume?
Turaga Lhikan: The true Turaga Dume, as I feared!

Makuta: [as Turaga Dume] Too late Toa! [lets out an evil laugh and takes off his mask] The shadow has arrived!
Turaga Lhikan: Makuta! You had sworn to protect the Matoran!
Makuta: I shall. And when they awake... I shall be their great leader!
Toa Vakama: Deceit and self interest will never be the virtues that the Matoran honor!
Makuta: [chuckles] How very bold. Now even the Great Spirit will soon sleep!

Toa Vakama: We must find the Matoran! Whenua, what can you see?
Toa Whenua: [uses his x-ray vision to find the Matoran] Matoran capsules... thousands of them. They're down below!
[Cue the Toa riding on the vehicle quickly to get them]

[After Makuta is crushed by a pillar]
Makuta: If Toa Lhikan cannot defeat me alone, how could you?
Toa Nokama: [the five other Toa appear] Because he's not alone!
Toa Vakama: You tell him sister! [other Toa said the same thing]
All Toa : Unity! [using their powers at Makuta]


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