Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui

2004 animated film

Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui is a 2004 movie and the second of the four Bionicle films, acting as a prequel to Bionicle: Mask of Light.


  • [Giving Nokama a Toa Stone] Guide the others with your wisdom!
  • [Giving Onewa a Toa Stone] Builder, I'm counting on your courage!
  • [Giving Whenua a Toa Stone] Don't archive it!
  • [Giving Mauat a Toa Stone] Don't break it!
  • [Giving Nuju a Toa Stone] Follow the map, thinker!
  • [In a dream-like meeting with Vakakma] Save the heart of Metru Nui! The great spirit depends on you! Time is short - hurry Vakama!
  • Follow the light!
  • [Last words] I am proud to have called you...[Begins to present his mask to Vakama as a goodbye gift] ..."Brother"...Toa Vakama.


  • [To Toa Lhikan] This time, your farewell will be forever, "brother"!
  • [To Vakama] Where do you think you're going?
  • Compassion...was always your weakness, "brother".
  • [About the Toa Metru] They are mere Matoran in Toa armor! As is our duty, we shall not fail.
  • [Last words] Toa or Turaga, your fate shall be the same, Lhikan!


  • [To Lhikan] This is the end of the line, Toa!


  • [As a Turaga, narrating the opening scene - throughout this movie, Turaga Vakama narrates the story] Gathered friends, listen again to our legend of the Bionicle. In the time before time, in the glorious city of Metru Nui, we believed our noble Toa would protect us. But they fell, one by one, as an unrelenting shadow sought to enforce endless sleep, so that he could create a time of dark order...then awaken the their conqueror.
  • [After Toa Lhikan is captured] NOOOOO! It's all my fault!
  • I'll never be a real Toa. I can't even make a decent mask. I'm just a cross-wired freak who has weird dreams. Toa Lhikan, you've got it wrong.
  • Time - of course - that's what the false Turaga wanted!
  • [About to awaken the Matoran] Toa Lhikan sacrificed his power for us.... Now, we shall do the same for them. [Sacrifices his Toa power and becomes a Turaga]
  • [After becoming a Turaga to awaken the Matoran who were capsuled] Let the heart of Metru Nui live forever, for this is the island of Mata Nui, named in honor of the Great Spirit.
  • [As a Turaga, narrating the ending scene] And so it was, as it is. Matoran into Toa, Toa into Turaga, Turaga into legend... Remembering deeds past... [Gives Lhikan's mask to Jaller] ...and bringing hope to the future. [The other Turaga and Matoran cheer] United in Duty. Bound in Destiny. This is the way...of the Bionicle.


  • [To Matau] Need I remind you? This is about honoring our responsibility to the Great Spirit.
  • It says here the Great Disks will be found by seeking the unfamiliar within the familiar...
  • [Sees a statue shaped like Toa Lhikan and comes up with an idea] Vakama, the statue - bring it down!
  • Vakama, your destiny no longer lies in sculpting masks. You are a Toa.


  • If we appear to be Toa-Heroes, then we are Toa-Heroes!
  • [To the crowd] Hello, Metru Nui! [To his teammates] I always wanted to loud-shout that.
  • [To Nokama and Vakama, while hanging from a chute high above the ground] Sure, fine. Just enjoying the view!
  • How about less vision-seeing and more Toa-saving?!
  • Hey, Kikanalo, who's your mas- [His Kikanalo growls] I mean...who's your partner?
  • [Being attacked by Krekka] Trying to drive here! Get off!
  • [Driving a Vahki transport off a bridge into the sea] Let's hope this thing floats! [It sinks, then comes back up] does float! Kinda.

False Turaga Dume/MakutaEdit

  • [Disguised as Turaga Dume] Vakama... [Chuckles] Matoran one day, Toa the next! No wonder you have not yet completed the Mask of Time.
  • [Contemplating his next move] ...But when the great shadow falls...the Vahki will ensure every Matoran's fate.
  • The future will be mine, even without the Mask of Time.
  • Matoran of Metru Nui, you are required to gather at the Coliseum. Rejoice, for today will be a momentous your history.
  • [Not disguised as Turaga Dume] [To the Dark Hunters as he absorbs them] Come - join me - be part of my power!
  • [To Vakama, after losing the Mask of Time] Without the Mask of Time, it will take a lifetime's journey to find both our destinies! ...Only yours...will be brief! [Attacks Vakama in rage]


  • [Seeing Matau hit a pillar while showing off] Nice move, Matau.
  • [After Vakama has a vision] All that smelting must've cooked his head.
  • [To Whenua, after they escape from prison] Hey, glow-head! [Whenua turns angered again and prepares to advance in rage] Good job, brother. [Whenua calms down]


  • We use the mask powers the Great Spirit gave us!
  • [Walking around blindfolded] Hey, I'm not a Rahi bat, okay? I can't see in the dark!
  • [Upon discovering his night-vision mask power] Follow me, guys! Our future just got a whole lot brighter.


  • [Imprisoned along with Onewa and Whenua] We will never escape. Our freedom is gone. Our future is hopeless.
  • [Hauling stones around under Lhikan's instruction] I can toil at this task forever, and still learn nothing for the future!
  • [Seeing six Toa "spirit stars" appear] The Great Spirit proclaims it - we are Toa!


Toa Lhikan: Making Great Masks, Vakama?
Matoran Vakama: Toa Lhikan! Not yet, but with the right disk...
Toa Lhikan: [Hands out a Toa Stone] But first, the city needs your help!
Matoran Vakama: My help?
Toa Lhikan: Matoran are vanishing. Deceit lurks in the shadows of Metru Nui. [Hears the Dark Hunters approaching] Keep it safe.
[Nidhiki explodes out of hiding from a pile of masks]
Nidhiki: This time, your farewell will be forever, "brother"!
Toa Lhikan: You lost the right to call me "brother" long ago!

[Vakama enters the Great Temple and bumps into Matau]
Matoran Matau: Fire-Spitter...did you wrong-turn?
Matoran Vakama: You tell me. [Their Toa Stones mysteriously glow as the other Matoran arrive] It appears we are not alone.
Matoran Nokama: Well, Toa Lhikan summoned me.
Matoran Onewa: Me too.
Matoran Nokama: It appears we have all received these curious stones - all similar, yet each unique.
Matoran Matau: Like us - all Matoran... yet some just more handsome then the rest.
Matoran Whenua: Who's heard of Matoran being summoned to the Great Temple like this?
Matoran Nuju: What will be asked of us? We are all just strangers.
Matoran Onewa: Ha ha! Some more stranger than others. [Teasingly nudges Vakama]
Matoran Nokama: [Indignant] Your negativity pollutes this sanctuary, builder!
Matoran Onewa: [Apathetic] Save the lesson for your class, teacher.
Matoran Vakama: Look, we're here for a reason.
[Nokama notices that one of the Toa Suva's Toa Stone slots is glowing blue in color - she inserts her stone into that slot and a hologram of Lhikan's mask starts to form - the other Matoran chosen to be Toa follow straight after]
Matoran Nokama: [Amazed] Toa Lhikan!
Hologram of Lhikan: Faithful Matoran, Metru Nui needs you - a shadow threatens its heart. Prove yourselves worthy Toa! And fear not - the Great Spirit shall guide you in ways you could not imagine.
[The Matoran are infused with the power that rested in the Toa Stones, forever transformed instantly into Toa Metru]

Kongu: [Being held by Krekka] But the entire system could explode if I reverse the flow!
Nidhiki: Do it. [snaps his pincers]
Kongu: [Stammering] Then again, it-it might work.

[The mysterious Turaga is training Onewa, Whenua, and Nuju in prison; Whenua bumps into Onewa while blindfolded and loses patience]
Toa Whenua: [Frustrated] That was a complete waste of time!
Mysterious Turaga: Without self-discovery you will never find your destiny. This is every Toa's duty to the Great Spirit.
Toa Whenua: This whole thing is a load of "duty" if you ask me.
Toa Onewa: Sit down, Whenua.
Toa Whenua: [Turns to Onewa] Taking orders from a Turaga was one thing, but from an overgrown hammer-swinger...!
Toa Onewa: [His mask power, mind control, activates] Sit down. Sit...down... Sit down, NOW! [Whenua is magically forced to sit down]
Toa Whenua: [Growls angrily] That's it! You're history, builder, even if I don't know how you did that! [Gets up and advances on Onewa]
Toa Nuju: Stop! [His mask power, telekinesis, activates and he destroys a wall, then drags the debris over to them]
Toa Whenua: Whoa! How'd you do that?!
[Onewa and Nuju look at each other and see their masks are glowing]
Toa Onewa: [In chorus with Nuju] Your mask! [By himself] Your mask is glowing!
Toa Nuju: It's amazing!
Mysterious Turaga: [Approaches the hole in the wall that Nuju made] I believe it is time to depart.

[Matau uses his shapeshifting mask power against the Dark Hunters]
Krekka: Nidhiki! Where'd the Toa go?
Toa Matau: [Disguised as Nidhiki] You must have let him slip past! Circle the other way back!
[Nidhiki approaches]
Nidhiki: [Growls] Where did the Toa go? [Matau shapeshifts into Krekka] You let him get by you?!
Toa Matau: [Disguised as Krekka] Maybe he sneaked past!
[Krekka sees Nidhiki and Matau, disguised as Nidhiki, emerge from opposite sides of a rock formation; he mistakes the real Nidhiki for the false duplicate and grabs him]
Nidhiki: Let go! Let go!
Krekka: Where's the Toa?
Nidhiki: How should I know?! I told you to go that way!
Krekka: You told me to go the other way!
[Nidhiki points after Matau as he escapes]
Toa Matau: Shapeshifting! Some mask powers are worth the wait! [Rides off on his Kikanalo] Yee-haw!

Toa Matau: Hey! Turn off the bright light!
Toa Whenua: Matau?
Toa Matau: "Toa Matau" to you, Whenua!

[After the Toa Metru reunite]
Toa Nuju: How did you know we would be here?
Toa Nokama: We didn't. We came for Toa Lhikan.
Toa Onewa: [Shrugs] He's not here.
Mysterious Turaga: Well... [Chuckles] Not exactly. [Removes his helmet, revealing his identity]
Toa Vakama: Toa Lhikan?!
Turaga Lhikan: No, Vakama. You are Toa. I am Turaga Lhikan.
Toa Whenua: Why didn't you tell us who you were?
Turaga Lhikan: Your task was to discover who you are - only then would your powers reveal themselves.
Toa Matau: Quick-stop! Where did your power go?
Turaga Lhikan: It lives on in all of you! Tell me... The heart of Metru Nui - you have it safe?
Toa Vakama: Well... we're rescuing you now.
Turaga Lhikan: [Sighs] You are so misguided. I am not Metru Nui's heart - the Matoran are.
Toa Vakama: Then I failed you... [To the other Toa Metru] I told you... I'm a cross-wired freak chasing my dreams, wasting everyone's time... I'll never be a real Toa!

Toa Vakama: [sees the real Turaga Dume inside the Matoran container] Turaga Dume?
Turaga Lhikan: The true Turaga Dume, as I imposter is posing as a mask we all trust.
[Vakama hears Makuta's voice in his head]
Makuta: [Whispers menacingly] [Begins his sentence with the voice of Turaga Dume] Bring me...the Mask...of... [Returns to his original voice] ...Time!
Toa Onewa: If this is Turaga Dume...
Toa Vakama: You don't want to know who's really in control of Metru Nui.
[A swarm of Vahki approaches]
Toa Matau: Vahki! Run now, talk later!

Makuta: [As Turaga Dume] Too late, Toa. [Lets out an evil laugh and takes off his mask, revealing his identity] The shadow has arrived!
Turaga Lhikan: Makuta! You had sworn to protect the Matoran!
Makuta: I shall. And when they awake... I shall be their great leader.
Toa Vakama: Deceit and self-interest will never be the virtues that the Matoran honor!
Makuta: [Chuckles] How very bold. Now even the Great Spirit will soon sleep!

[Vakama confronts Makuta with the Mask of Time]
Makuta: Ah, the Mask of Time. You are a great mask-maker. You could have many destinies. [Hypnotically] Come...join my brothers and me!
Toa Vakama: I desire just one noble destiny, more than any power you can offer me!
Makuta: Then accept...your...doom. [Attacks]

[Lhikan is mortally wounded by Makuta]
Toa Vakama: Lhikan! [Runs over to the seriously harmed Turaga] That was meant for me!
Turaga Lhikan: No. This is my lifetime's journey - yours lies beyond. Trust your visions. I am proud to have called you..."brother"... [Smiles and gives Vakama his mask] Toa...Vakama.

Makuta: You cannot hide from me.
Toa Vakama: I don't need to! I'm a Toa!

[After Makuta is crushed by a pillar]
Makuta: [To Vakama] If Toa Lhikan could not defeat me alone, how could you?
Toa Nokama: [The other Toa appear] Because he's not alone!
Toa Vakama: You tell him sister!
Toa Whenua: That's right!
Toa Onewa: Yeah!
Toa Matau: Yeah!
All Toa: Unity! [They seal Makuta in a crystalline protodermis prison with their powers]


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