Bionic Woman (2007 TV series)

2007 TV series

This page is for the 2007 TV series Bionic Woman. It premiered in the USA in September 2007.

Season 1Edit

Pilot [1.1]Edit

Jaime Sommers: Last time I left you alone, you started a fire.
Becca Sommers: The microwave was broken!
Jaime Sommers: We don't own a microwave.

Ruth: I'm Ruth.
Jaime Sommers: I'm pissed.

Ruth: Good, we're here to talk about our feelings.
Jaime Sommers: How do you feel about me being kept here against my will?
Ruth: I was speaking editorally. We're here to talk about your feelings.
Jaime Sommers: Something nobody here has any regard for.
Ruth: Curve balls will do that. You can have all the contingency plans and then someone goes and does something like this and we all has to stay after school and-
Jaime Sommers: And talk about our feelings.
Ruth: Your feelings.
Jaime Sommers: Right.


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