BioShock 2

2010 first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Marin

BioShock 2 is the 2010 sequel to the 2007 video game BioShock. Set eight years after the events of the first game, BioShock 2 chronicles Subject Delta, a prototype Big Daddy, as he searches for his pair-bonded Little Sister Eleanor Lamb in the underwater dystopian city of Rapture, now under control of her mother, fanatical collectivist Dr. Sofia Lamb.

For every choice, there is an echo. With each act, we change the world. One man chose a city free of law and god — but others chose corruption; and so, the city fell. If the world were reborn in your image, would it be paradise or perdition?
Love is just a chemical. We give it meaning by choice.

The game received a DLC, Minerva’s Den, dealing with the quest of another Alpha Series, Subject Sigma, to recover the machine code of Rapture’s central supercomputer, The Thinker.

BioShock 2


Sofia Lamb

  • [from the launch trailer] For every choice, there is an echo. With each act, we change the world. One man chose a city free of law and god — but others chose corruption; and so, the city fell. If the world were reborn in your image, would it be paradise or perdition?
  • This is not your daughter. Do you understand? Her name is Eleanor, and she is mine.
  • This is Doctor Sofia Lamb, with a message for the people: Remember, you are not alone. Think of me not as leader, but as a mother to the Rapture Family.
  • I know you. That symbol on your hand marks you a dead man. Ten years, Subject Delta, since I watched you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. But take heart: Out of your pain, paradise was born. I don't know how you survived, but your suffering is over now. These men will ease your burden. Please understand that like all I have done, this... Is an act of love.
  • I know of your bond with Eleanor. To save yourself, you will come for her. But Eleanor has a destiny, one you cannot share. There is no place for you in paradise.
  • Citizens of Rapture, this is Subject Delta. Behind that mask hides an enemy of the People, without soul or sympathy. It is a beast apart, and as Family, we must tear off its jaw and drive it back into the sea.
  • Ryan was wrong. To hand sufficient power to any individual is to create a Tyrant. We must therefore eradicate tyranny at the genetic level. To end sin itself. That is the Family. That is our cause.
  • I do not hate you, Delta… Indeed, I care for you in equal measure to any other sentient creature. But I cannot sacrifice a thousand of my children for one rebellious son.
  • So... you would drain the people of their life’s blood. Rapture is a body, Delta. I am the voice... And Big Sister is the hand. When Rapture speaks of you — it says only this: Sleep now. Your day is done.
  • Ryan saw the individual as a hero... A noble survivor. And Rapture was his Paradise... A shrine, to the supremacy of the self. The result? Slavery. Genocide. Chaos. Now that the Tyrant is dead, we are a true collective... A single family.
  • I had thought you some golem of Sinclair's, brought here to hold Rapture's arms as he rifles through her pockets. But no... You are aware of your plight. Who, I wonder, would be so cruel? To force a mirror on a man with no face...
  • For Grace, the paradise of Andrew Ryan was most unkind... She spoke against him in song, and he had her blacklisted... It left her penniless. But in the Family, she has found hope — a reason to draw breath. Ask yourself, Delta... do you deserve to take it from her?
  • [If the player chooses to kill Grace Holloway] Grace failed to protect Eleanor from the fall of Rapture, Delta... And my human daughter was lost forever. But I forgave Grace for that. And you murdered her... Ratifying her bigotry. She was right about your nature... And you have made her so.
  • [If the player chooses to spare Grace Holloway] By sparing Grace, do you seek to gain my trust? A feeble ruse. Your crocodile tears may poison her with doubt, but I am not so easy a mark.
  • I see Father Wales has parted you from your craft, and yet you cling to life. Congratulations. Today, Delta, you meet a man who has no fear of death, and for Eleanor... He would burn with a smile.
  • Faith, Delta... it lives within us, yet beyond us. Daniel Wales lacked it; Father Simon Wales does not. The faithful do not die in fear, as you did... we achieve martyrdom.
  • Father Simon Wales, I have trapped a devil at your doorstep. And Simon? Daniel is dead. Murdered. Can you hear him crying out for justice?
  • Ask yourself, Delta... You who have suffered beyond measure at the hands of men like Ryan... What is the cost of paradise? To end pain... To end sin... What must we pay? Eleanor is my answer.
  • Do you think me a Tyrant, Delta, vying for control of a dead man's dream? The city is nothing. Rapture must die, so that Eleanor may rise from its body. Allow me to demonstrate...
  • Subject Delta, I want you to commit this moment to memory for me — this... Howling, brutish slog through the dark. This is who we are.
  • Look, Delta, it is the world for which you strive. You... Alone... Among the dead.
  • Attention! Attention: Subject Delta has drained and infiltrated Dionysus Park. His death is our rebirth — the life of the People's Daughter is in your hands!
  • Dionysus Park was my home, Delta... An experiment in social unity, cut short by human folly. You dishonor its memory with every step.
  • You mistake my nature, Delta. I wish no ADAM for myself. Eleanor is the dream... And she needs neither weapons nor parlor tricks.
  • ADAM is Rapture, Delta! The finest minds of Paradise in a single, sublime mosaic. Eleanor. Consider the genius you deny her with every stolen drop.
  • Through ADAM, Eleanor will become the daughter of the people — a true Utopian... Brilliant beyond measure, but utterly selfless. As she ascends, Delta, you and I will seem as dogs, circling and snarling amid the afterbirth.
  • [after saving or harvesting the last Little Sister in Dionysus Park] Delta... Our conflict of interest seems to be upsetting Eleanor. For her sake, I have made it clear to these men that you are not to suffer. I accept full responsibility for any anger you may experience before you die...
  • Subject Delta, I have known for years of Stanley's betrayal here, and had forgiven him. But in compromising Eleanor now... He seals his fate. You see, it was Stanley who turned you in to Ryan. He is responsible for what you have become. The security booth is open now; You may have your revenge.
  • The Tyrant looks upon the world, saying: “All of this is mine.” And by force or guile, he makes it so. To the Tyrant, the whole of creation is held in the relative — sun and moon revolve for him alone. For the Tyrant, even Justice is whimsy — he alone is fit to weigh, to measure... And to cut.
  • Each new Tyrant ventured here in search of conquest, Delta; Fontaine. Ryan. And now you. But every aspiring Caesar must learn to fear the knives of his fellows. Ask yourself... What does Sinclair stand to gain in guiding you here?
  • The Tyrant has no family, no friends, no country — only slaves, chained in his wake. To his fellows, he ask: “Of what use are you to me?” Those who love him are his subjects — for the Tyrant accepts only worship… or fear.
  • Your body begins to tear itself apart; the compulsion to find Eleanor will drive you to madness or coma. You have no claim on her — your design was among Rapture’s greatest sins — and yet you persist. Why?
  • Poor Gilbert. It was his will to die, Delta, to serve the majority by protecting them from his lunacy. Your entire journey here is based on your refusal to do the same. Will you grant his request, knowing that he served the Family?
  • She was not meant to have a father, Delta. She was to be an heir to my life’s work. And this is where they changed her, bonding her to you. The child she was... Died in this room.
  • I wonder, Delta, do you know why you are here? Have you any idea what my daughter has given you? As I watch you now, I envy your ignorance. You still believe...
  • How will she remember us, after this moment? I have placed my pieces on the board, as expected — as have you. Is this what she hoped for? Mother and Father, locking eyes... Yet still we are blind. Goodbye, Subject Delta — and take heart, for you at least, have escaped your legacy...
  • Look at her, Delta. Ten years, and still she dreams of you. Do you know why Eleanor brought you here? She wanted a father. So she found a way to restore you in body and mind. And she has been watching you ever since, exalting your every act as gospel. The girl lying on that bed is no longer my child, nor my life’s work — She is a monster, shaped by you alone. Just as she has always wanted. But there is one detail of your mutual bond she failed to account for; Your body was designed to lapse into a coma when her heart ceases to beat. [Lamb removes Eleanor’s pillow from her bed] Eleanor... forgive me. [smothers Eleanor, and Delta spasms and loses consciousness]
  • Watch him. His body is shutting down now, naturally... But if he dies of trauma, he will return elsewhere. Full restraints at all times. No one enters this until he expires.
  • Attention! Augustus Sinclair has been sighted within the facility. He will attempt to reach Subject Delta. All Family duties are hereby suspended until he is found!
  • Subject Delta... I know you can hear me. You have stolen my life's work, and with it — my only daughter. But Rapture is the house of monsters. The surface will not have us. Tonight, we shall be buried as a family. Side by side.
  • This is an emergency: Subject Delta has escaped; Eleanor Lamb has turned her back on her own People. Stand and fight, or the Rapture Family falls together.
  • [after Eleanor questions Sinclair’s absence] Yes, Delta, and what of Sinclair? The man who would sell paradise... And where is he now?
  • This facility hangs over an ocean trench, Delta. The Family has activated timed charges within its foundations. Surrender before detonation, or we shall fall and be crushed in the abyss below.
  • Don't you recognize Sinclair, Delta? Now, he is what you should have been: one final Alpha Series, ready to die for the Family. As Persephone's former owner, he is the ideal man to put you back in your cage.
  • Eleanor, I know you can hear me. I am inside Sinclair's lifeboat now. Delta cannot reach me here — but you can. You need not die with him. We... We shall return to the surface together, if you will only step inside and accept your duty. Remember, Eleanor... Mummy loves you.
  • Free will, Delta — Eleanor's gift to you, and with each decision, you twisted her into your own image. Sinclair has no such choice — yet in its absence, he serves the world unerringly. He is now the better man.
  • Do you not see, Delta: you were a thing of beauty when first we met — non-conscious, yet utterly vital to your city. The flaw was only in your masters' intent. It is an error we have corrected in Sinclair. He is bonded to the entire Family.
  • Sinclair died a hero of the Rapture Family, Delta. Was he a friend to you, or just a tool? Can you even grasp the difference? And Eleanor... You have chosen Subject Delta over your mother, your people, and the duty of your birth. So be it. You believe this craft will carry Delta to safety, like a spoiled child with a new toy. I have no choice but to take it away...
  • Every moment tears Eleanor further from me, Delta. Soon, this father obsession will end her. You have left me without want... Before you die, I will take all that you hold dear. Sinclair is just another body in your wake.
  • Eleanor was to be a composite of all Rapture's genius. The first living Utopian, serving the world at large with no regard to herself... To force consciousness on such a being... Is to tear its wings away. That was your gift to her, Delta... Just as she hoped... You must be very proud.
  • [If the player harvested Little Sisters] In restoring your will, Eleanor was asking you how to behave... And how did you use it? To prey upon the innocent. Now look at her. You have fathered a killer.
  • [If the player saved all Little Sisters] You granted Eleanor the will to choose. And now, like a plague, she spreads it to those innocents. To be self-aware is a curse, Delta... You are damning them.
  • You would rip my only daughter from her home and family and feed her to a world without hope. Though Utopia may die with her, I would sooner see us fall. Goodbye, Eleanor. Mother will be waiting for you.

Eleanor Lamb

  • Love is just a chemical. We give it meaning by choice.
  • [first lines, showing Subject Delta a doll in his image] Look, Daddy — it’s you!
  • Father... It's me, Eleanor. I know you're awake in there — I can feel it. Mother won't be able to... To toy with you like that, ever again. This Plasmid is for you... If I’m right, you can use it now! Please... find me.
  • Until you arrive, Father, I’m trapped here — smuggling these gifts out is the most I can do to help...
  • [when the player finds the Hypnotise Plasmid] Here, Father. It’s yours. You are evolving fast, but your heart is getting weaker. I can keep you alive, but you must find me!
  • [when the player finds the Security Command Plasmid] I think Mother knows I’m helping you like this... She’s accelerating my treatments. Don’t give up on me!
  • [when the player finds the Launcher] Take this, Father, and hurry.. Mother can’t hear this but she’s... She’s looking right at me. And her face...
  • [after the player either saves or harvests the first Little Sister in Dionysus Park] Father, this ADAM you’ve found contains memories from all of the bodies here. Normally, only a Little Sister can see them... But I can show you what Stanley’s trying to hide... When Mother was taken away, Stanley was left in charge of Dionysus Park... He spent all her money, threw these mad parties — it was like he was trying to ruin her...
  • [after saving or harvesting the second Little Sister in Dionysus Park] That’s me, there... I confronted Stanley — said I’d tell Mother what he’d done. He panicked — took me away and sold me to an orphanage. I tried to fight back... I remember biting his hand, but... Father... He’s the reason I was turned into a Little Sister..
  • [after saving or harvesting the last Little Sister in Dionysus Park] With me gone, Father... Stanley just let Mother’s followers turn into animals. When word came that she was returning, he knew they would blame him — so he found a way to silence them all... And now, he’s trying to cover it up...
  • Mother’s not lying this time, Father... He really did it... To both of us.
  • [Delta experiences flashbacks to when he was turned into a Big Daddy] This is where they bound us together, Father... Playing God... You were the only good thing that Rapture ever gave me...
  • Father... it's me, Eleanor. I'm so sorry... Mother stopped my heart, long enough to sever our bond. Staying near me won't stop you from dying now... Or worse... [a Little Sister clambers out of a vent] But I can still help you escape! This Little Sister's brought you something that will allow you to take control of her. [the Little Sister presses a finger to her lips, then uses her syringe on Delta. The player suddenly sees through the Little Sister’s point of view] I know this feels a bit strange, Father, but now you can see through her eyes and tell her where to go. This is how I brought you back without Mother catching on. Now... first, let's get you out of here.
  • What Mother did to me left me very weak, or I would do this part myself. To save your life, I'm going to have to change... To be like you. From here, you should be able to locate the pieces of a Big Sister suit... Please, bring them to me.
  • [while the player is possessing a Little Sister and viewing the world through their brainwashed vision] Ten years, Father, stuck in this... This fever dream. Mother kept me sedated in order to "perfect" my mind with ADAM. To her, the ideal child is a genius, serving the common good without questioning it. You have saved me from that.
  • The other Sisters are made from me, in part. As they grow up in Rapture, I feel it all. When you were with the little ones, they trusted you as their father, because of me.
  • Mother was right about one thing. I have been watching you, Father, studying the way you have treated others. And now I know who I am...
    • [If the player harvested Little Sisters] I survive, no matter the cost. Just as you have. My new sisters trusted you, but you took what you needed and disposed of them. It wasn't personal... it was the law of nature. [The player gives Eleanor the Big Sister suit] So this... What I'm about to do... Is perfectly natural. [harvests the Little Sister] Ah... That is much better. Ready now... [breaks into the room Delta is imprisoned and frees him] These suits always did remind me of you, Father — the skin of a born survivor. And now I'm ready to fight at your side. Mother doesn't stand a chance.
    • [If the player saved all Little Sisters] I am free — after everything Mother has done to me — I am alive and sane enough to be curious about the sun. When you rescued my new Sisters, I felt every one. And it gave me hope for the first time in years... [The player gives Eleanor the Big Sister suit] Now, I will do the same for all the others — starting with this one. [cures the Little Sister] We've done it, Father. I'll be there soon... [breaks into the room Delta is imprisoned and frees him] These suits always did make me think of you, Father — I guess I still remember you in shining armour. But now it's my turn to fight for you.
  • Oh god! She's going to drop this building into the trench... It's miles deep! We have to find Sinclair!
  • This is Sinclair's lifeboat, out the window here. It's our only chance of escape. From what I know of Sinclair, he wouldn't just abandon it...
  • [after Lamb "pleads" with Eleanor to come back to her] Ah, yes... Mother's testing me. One last game. Fortunately, by now I'm the world's foremost expert at breaking her rules... I've made my choice, Father... and if needs be — I'll die for it.
  • I was afraid of this. Mother has bombed out the ballast compressors, Father. The lifeboat will be too heavy to launch. Unless... Let me think...
    • [if the player harvested Little Sisters] I... Could boil away the water myself and get the lifeboat to rise, but I will need a great deal of ADAM to generate that much heat. The rest of the Little Sisters will have to be sacrificed. Head to the Pediatric Wards.
    • [if the player saved Little Sisters] I think I can boil away the water and get the lifeboat to rise, but I can't generate that much heat alone. It's time to recruit the rest of Mother's Little Sisters. We're taking them with us. Head to the Pediatric Wards.
  • Look, Father, I know you may not have wanted a daughter. But love is just a chemical. We give it meaning by choice.
    • [if the player harvested Little Sisters] And I choose to honor you over her.
    • [if the player saved Little Sisters] I will be damned if I let Mother take you away from me again.
  • ...We... We've done it, Father — we're launching! Get to the elevator!
For you, mercy was victory. You sacrificed, you endured, and when given the chance, you forgave. Always.
  • And then Father, the Rapture dream was over.
    • [If player harvested all or at least one Little Sister and killed all or at least one NPC] You taught me that innocence is chrysalis, a phase designed to end. Only when we are free from it, do we know ourselves. You showed me that my survival, my joy, are all that matter. I Indulge, nothing else exists."
    • [If player harvested all or at least one Little Sister but spared all NPCs] You taught me that right and wrong were tidal forces, ever shifting. To survive in Rapture, Father, you took what you needed from the innocent. But... When the guilty posed no further threat, you simply walked away. I wanted Mother dead, but broken as she was, how could she hurt me? Now, she will grow old and die, knowing that I rejected her.
    • [If player has saved all of the Little Sisters but killed all or at least one NPC] You taught me that Justice is a contract. Once broken, it can never be mended. You sacrificed so much to preserve the innocent, but to the guilty, you offered no mercy. I loved my mother, and I never wanted to hurt her. But with what she did to us, she gave up the right to exist. My hands were shaking when I did it, but you were there to steady them.
    • [If player has saved all of the Little Sisters and spared all NPCs] You taught me that 'evil' is just a word. Under the skin, it's simple pain. For you, mercy was victory. You sacrificed, you endured, and when given the chance, you forgave. Always. Mother believed this world was irredeemable, but she was wrong, Father. We are Utopia, you and I, and in forgiving, we left the door open for her.
  • [If the player harvested all the Little Sisters] The Rapture dream is over, and in waking I am reborn. You may not have wanted me Father, but you defined me. You chose to survive, no matter the cost, and I will not let your instincts go to waste. You'll always be with me father, your memories, your drives; when I need you, you'll be there whispering from my shoulder. There is no name for what I am, but the world is about to change. And with your help, they will never see me coming.
  • [if the player harvested at least one Little Sister] You made a monster of me, Father, but I wondered why you saved the others. You left me in doubt. Didn't you want me to be like you? I knew I could save you; but if you felt regret, if you wanted me to choose for myself I would have to let you go, to let you die.
    • [if the player chooses to live] You may not have wanted me Father, but you defined me. You chose to survive, no matter the cost, and I will not let your instincts go to waste. The Rapture dream is over, and in waking I am reborn. You'll always be with me Father, your memories, your drives. When I need you, you'll be there; whispering over my shoulder. There is no name for what I am, but the world is about to change. And with your help, they will never see me coming.
    • [if the player chooses to die] The Rapture dream is over, and in waking I'm alone. Mother, I left behind and you chose to die rather than have me follow you. But you gave me the greatest gift of all, something I have never had. My freedom. There is no name for what I am, but the world is about to change. I thought we would seize it together, yet as I sat there with you I wondered if even I could be redeemed. Your sacrifice gave me hope. But Father, wherever you are...I miss you.
  • [if the player rescues all of the Little Sisters] The Rapture dream is over, but in waking I am reborn. This world is not ready for me, yet here I am. It would be so easy to misjudge them. You are my conscience Father, and I need you to guide me. You will always be with me now, Father, your memories, your drives. And when I need you, you'll be there on my shoulder whispering. If Utopia is not a place, but a people, then we must choose carefully; for the world is about to change — and in our story, Rapture was just the beginning.

Brigid Tenenbaum

  • [into and out of static] Hello? Hello — can you hear me? Your-your signal, it is very faint... [back into static]
  • Ah! At last, a signal! You, who are bringing this dead city to life, listen. My name, it is Tenenbaum. I know who you are. And I am in much need of your help. Please, find me in the Atlantic Express train station.
  • In that suit, even the ocean cannot harm you. This is good. But Rapture is the death of many great men. Alone, you will not last long. You can still reach the train station. Find me there.
  • Ah, Herr Delta... You arrive, as the Little Ones said you would. Come upstairs to the ticket booth, and I will offer what I know of you.
  • Now you know of the enemy we share: Sofia Lamb. The camera in your helmet allows me to watch through your eyes — and help you to fight her.
  • Ach, Sofia Lamb is using the Splicers against you. Most Big Daddies are like her slaves, guarding the Little Ones. But someone has awakened you.
  • Now: Here is what the children tell me. You are a very old Big Daddy, bonded for life to a single Little One. When you are apart for too long, your body begins to shut down, like a coma. As long as the girl is in Rapture, you are trapped here as well. The name of your Little One is Eleanor Lamb, daughter of Sofia. She is kept at Fontaine Futuristics, on the other side of the city. You must go there and save her... before it is too late.
  • Here. In the ticket booth. Press the button so we can speak face to face. [when the player does so, revealing Tenenbaum with the rescued Little Sisters] You see? This is why I must fight Lamb. She is using the new Little Ones for something... So, I have returned to rescue them. If I do not, more children will die for my sins... And the Rapture nightmare will repeat forever.
  • Lamb will take this place apart to find you — Please hold back the Splicers until we escape!
  • Thank you. Now... I must leave you, and I am sorry for this. But there are others I must help before the city drowns. This man — Sinclair... He is an ally, and will guide you to Eleanor. Goodbye, Herr Delta... And good luck.

Augustus Sinclair

  • Well, look at you... A bona fide knight in armor — complete with iron horse. The name's Augustus Sinclair, sport. Esquire. Ol' Tenenbaum an' I share an interest in the ol' Fontaine buildin', the very same place you'll find Eleanor Lamb. I think you an' I can do business. Take the train to Ryan Amusements... I'll see you shortly.
  • As you can see, chief, the station here's iced over. To reach Eleanor Lamb at Fontaine Headquarters, we'll have to clear the way. Now, in order to melt that ice, you'll need a Plasmid like a handfull a' hellfire. We used to sell a fine ol' product called "Incinerate" in the amusement park up yonder. Go on and find a way in — I've already been on all the rides.
  • You're a rare old model, son — "Alpha Series", I believe. Now, Rapture's full o' scientific wonderments just like you — an' if we can sell 'em to the world at my price, well — curin' your condition oughta be a cakewalk. Once we find Eleanor... The sky's the limit.
  • Buyin' Incinerate's gonna cost ADAM — It's a sorta genetic goo that lets you rewrite whatever God gave you. The Little Sisters carry the stuff, as you may recall — so you'll need to locate one. I heard whisperin' near the El Dorado Lounge. Have a look.
  • Now, Tenenbaum would have ya turn that Sister human again. You'll get just enough ADAM for our purposes, an' the girls'll likely try to repay ya somehow. But Rapture's a high-stakes town, son — an' she is a jackpot. You just have to be willin' to take it all. You'll harvest more ADAM than the price of one Plasmid... So the rest is gravy. Think about it... Down here, it's your survival or hers.
    • [If the player harvests the Little Sister] Euthanasia, son. That's all it was. You have more than enough ADAM now. Head to the Hall of the Future an' splice up with Incinerate.
    • [If the player saves the Little Sister] Well, our tin man had a heart all along. Personally, I call that a liability — but you have enough ADAM now... Barely. Head to the Hall of the Future an' splice up with Incinerate.
  • [after the player melts the ice blocking the train] Outstandin’, sport. You’re provin’ to be quite a windfall. Now just open the train tunnel from the security booth there, and I’ll come out an’ jump on.
  • I like to look a man in the eyes when I give him my word. You and me, kid — we’re goin' places!
  • Lamb's trying to box us in, kid — this is a god-damned city-wide lockdown! To keep the train movin' you need the security override key from the local "governor..." Grace Holloway. She kicked me out of my own hotel down here — the Sinclair Deluxe. Find her, an' get that key.
  • Well, sport, I guess Gracie's home... But that big lug just dropped half my damn hotel in your way. Now, to break through that mess, I expect you're gonna have to work out how he got so burly.
  • Gracie's got the wrong idea... You're not responsible for turnin' Eleanor into a Little Sister. Big Daddies are just slaves... and you only recently broke free.
  • Gracie's room is just up ahead. Now, she's been sendin' all manner o' unkindness your way, so I'm not particular as to ‘’how’’ you take that key away from her... But she's old, an' this grudge against you was based on a misunderstandin'.
  • [after the player is offered a choice to either kill or spare Grace] Your call, friend. Gracie's unarmed, for what it's worth.
    • [if the player chooses to kill Grace] [whistles] Swan Song. Well, I back your survival instinct, chief. In Rapture, a bleedin' heart tends to bring in the sharks. Now head back, an' free up this train station. Eleanor's waitin'.
    • [If the player chooses to spare Grace] You're a bigger man than I am, chief. Maybe next time, she'll think twice about pointin' fingers before all the facts are in. Now, let's be on our way. Eleanor's waitin'.
  • Kid? Come on, wake up now... There you are — I thought you rode that torpedo into the great hereafter! I'm in Dionysus Park now... train car's a shambles, leakin' air. Whole damn place is flooded and sealed. But there's a pumpin' station back there in Siren Alley — an' I believe you could jerry-rig it to drain the park out. That'll letcha stroll right inside. Get to those pumps... and hurry.
  • Mother o' mercy, I think that was Simon Wales. What's he done to himself? He and his brother were Rapture's architects, but when Doc Lamb came along, Simon got religion. He's got a... Kinda church down in the pumping station. Expect a reckoning when you arrive.
  • The Pearl was among the ritziest lodgings in Rapture, but durin' the war the residents put themselves up for sale... Daniel's office is on the top floor, I believe.
  • Dionysus Park was owned by Sofia Lamb, chief. Sort of a private retreat for her social experiments. One night it flooded — killin' all her guests. Papers said it was "cult-related". Come on up to the train station, let's rendezvous.
  • Well, the good news is, I've located a new train car. But the Station's still locked down, an' we're not alone in here...
  • [about Stanley Poole] Well, I'd say "he's hidin' somethin'" — but he sort o' took the fun outta that one. He's locked in the security booth, however — so we'll have to play along. Find those Sisters.
  • When all this is over, an' we're divvyin' up Rapture's bounty, you an' I will be holdin' court on a private island, son. Think of it — each world power on bended knee, holding a bouquet made o' money!
  • This is it, chief... End of the line. If I'm right, Eleanor's momma's usin' ADAM to force all of Rapture's minds an' memories into the poor girl... Lamb reckons it'll make that child a saint. Now, Eleanor's in a deep dark place beneath Fontaine Headquarters... And to keep you alive, we need to sneak in an' find her.
  • Hmmm... Gil Alexander... As I recall he was involved in Big Daddy development from the beginning. Likely had something to do with you an' Eleanor, son.
  • Alex the Great?! Oh hell, that has to be Gil Alexander, same man who left that message we’re followin'. He sounds mad as a March hare now.
  • As I recall from my time doing business with the owners... That Oxy-Fill station out there’s just a front for a kinda hidden passage leadin' down below. If Lamb’s hidin' Eleanor from ya, that’s where she'll be.
  • [regarding the insane Alpha Series Big Daddies] Poor things — what a life. Marchin' around playin' Daddy until some Splicer manages to kill off their Sister... And then if the coma doesn't take 'em, they turn maniac... Nothin' left to do but scream. Uh, no offense intended son. We better get you to Eleanor on the double.
  • Rebirth, hunh? Sure, you live forever, but minus your body. I like my body, kid. I don't feature the idea of my memories an' personality bein' stored in the head of some saintly child... Like just one more dusty ol' book in the library...
  • Persephone... we're finally here. Find Eleanor, son — and fast. Her momma's got all Rapture dyin' to keep you two apart...
  • That's her, son! Eleanor Lamb. No matter what you may be feelin' right now — this is business. Get that cage open — she's comin' with us!
  • [after being turned into Subject Omega] Kid... Lamb's in my head... I can't help myself... Have to fight just to talk... Left me my goddamn tongue to torture the bomb codes out of me... She wants me to stop you leavin'... I... I'm sorry...
  • Kid... I'm sorry... I've... I've locked you in here... Lamb's makin' me dance on her goddamn strings... I can't stop... you're going to have to break in here an'... An' put me down. Wish there was... Another way... But I'd rather die a man than live like this...
  • Son... I built this place, an' I did rent you out to those Plasmid Trials at Fontaine... An' now now I'm paying for it. Wish I had time to make amends... I — take the lifeboat, it's all yours, just don't leave me like this...
  • When you... When you do me in, kid... Don't blame yourself... I won't be able to stop from tryin' to gun ya down... But it helps to know that you'll stick it to Lamb after... An'... An' let young Eleanor see the sun...
  • [last words] So long... Kid... [coughs] Thank you...

Grace Holloway

  • I remember you, Monster. You stole Eleanor from me... Twisted that baby girl into a thing so sick it can't even die... And now you come swanning into my neighborhood looking for me? Wrong turn, Tin Daddy. When we hang you from a streetlight, and you're choking out your last... I want you to remember my face.
  • Family! That Monster has taken another of our babies for its own. Tin Daddy's hollow like a jail-cell that needs filling, and he will never let her go unless you put him down!
  • The Monster has taken another of our children, Family! It would turn her from us, just as he did to Eleanor! Show this thing what befalls the boogeyman that would sneak into our garden!
  • Eleanor's grown now, Baby-snatcher, even after what you did to her. Dr. Lamb found a way to shape that girl into something perfect, somethin' holy, she's a daughter to us all. Nobody in Rapture will shelter you now.
  • The Tin Daddy is not a man — it is half dog and half devil, made by Ryan to condemn our children to walking death!
  • The Baby-snatcher's headin’ up into the hotel, Family. He wants me so that he can get to Eleanor. Tin Daddy feels no guilt, Tin Daddy feels no pain, but we are the family and we can teach him how!
  • Watch'n you hurt shouldn't give me such a lift. But I'm not as clean on the inside as the Doctor. I take my joy when I can.
  • Blood divides us, Monster. It's blood that makes us strangers. But thanks to Dr. Lamb, we're all family now. One people, one cause, you can stop this heart, bleed this old body, but you cannot end the Family. And as for you, Tin Daddy, you're dying alone.
  • We both die tonight, Monster. I, because your kind has killin' in its nature, and you, because there's no way the Family will let you stroll out alive with that key.
  • I know what you're here for. Go on take it... I won't have you touchin' me. Dr. Lamb trusted me to care of her child... And I tried... But Baby Eleanor disappeared. And then one day, I see her walking with you... Lookin' wrong... And when I tried to hold her, you knocked me down, broke my jaw. So I'm ready, baby-snatcher. Come on in and finish the job.
    • [if player stalls] What you doin’? C’mon, you goddamn Monster! Do what you always do! Come on!
  • [Note: the following quotes are spoken if the player chooses to spare her]
  • To hell with you then! Go on!
  • You had me under a gun... Yet you just walk away? No monster alive turns the other cheek. No monster does that. A thinkin’ man does that...
  • I know that Doctor Lamb is no liar, but she's got to be wrong about you. It doesn't seem right now, letting you walk into that bush whack waiting outside. I can't call off the Family, but I can whisper a bit and improve your odds.
  • Well, sir — I don't know what to call you now. You've done more than just spare my life, you've opened by eyes. I need to put a few questions to Doctor Lamb.
  • I've got the maddening notion that I owe you my life, stranger... Such as it is. I'm sending you a care package to the Pneumo along the way. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell Doctor Lamb.

Simon Wales

  • Hear me, O ye who would murder the Lamb of God! Ye shall never reach her garden! [blows up train with a torpedo]
  • The Beast of Ryan lives! Gather the Family!
  • Know this, Beast... Daniel's body may go cold... But his soul rests with the child of the Lamb. You shall roast and blacken in the pit, and it'll be a grieving brother sends you there...
  • Your sin itself marches to meet you, Beast — and its name is Legion!
  • Eleanor Lamb is our salvation, demon... You shall not rob us of our final reward!
  • But the Beast is upon us, children. It wears a hide of iron, and its hands are Death and Change. It would seize the Child from us, and with her, Paradise itself! Be ye soldier of the ground, or angel of the sky, ye must stand fast… and send it howling back to hell!

Stanley Poole

  • Well, hello, boys! The name's Stan Poole — Rapture Tribune. Quality paper... Before the locals stopped readin' and started findin' uh... Other uses for it... Anyways, I'm looking to cut a deal here, fellas. Come by the train station, I'm here in the booth.
  • Now that — see: Lamb knows you're here, but I'm incognito. Thing is, since you've drained out the Park, the Little Sisters are already startin' to, uh, nose around, lookin' for ADAM. And, uh, heh... I can't have that.
  • Okay. So, dead men tell no tales, right? Wrong. See, with ADAM involved, every stiff's got a story — and Lamb knows how to read it. If that stuff makes it back to her, I'm an obituary. So I want you to take the story of Dionysus Park... And bury it. Get rid of the Little Sisters for me... your way. Do that, and I'll unlock the station here. Scout's honor.
  • [after the player either saves or harvests the first Little Sister in Dionysus Park] "Subject Delta"'s just a serial number, amigo. I did a lot of diggin' on you for a feature once. They used to call you "Johnny Topside" — found the city all on your own in a divin' bell... real shame what they did to ya.
  • [after saving or harvesting the second Little Sister in Dionysus Park] Now, you were just a deep sea explorer with iron cojones, pal... the public gave ya the nickname. But Ryan was sure you were a spook. So his people locked you up... erased your damn name! Goodbye Johnny Topside – hello Subject Delta.
  • [after saving or harvesting the last Little Sister in the level] That's it! Now all that old dirt stays underground, and Lamb'll be none the wiser! Hey, come on back. I've unlocked the train for ya! But remember, if Lamb catches ya, mum's the word.
  • [upon discovering Lamb knew of his betrayal] Sweet Jesus... Lamb knew...? And she just let me hang myself out to... Oh god... Now-now-now c'mon pal, the train's ready, just... Just let me live!

Gil Alexander

  • October 9th, 1967. Hello. [clears throat] My name is Gilbert Alexander, and by the time you hear this, I will be clinically insane. I-I am recording these diaries in advance, as a... Last-ditch effort to assist anyone I might... Threaten... In, in dealing with me. My next message awaits you beyond the security checkpoint. The bio-scan will ensure that you're sane enough to need it.
  • Hello again. I... I have been exposed to a massive dose of substance ADAM. By the time you hear this, I will have armed this facility’s defenses en masse. You, my friend, must therefore penetrate them... And... Kill me. Please believe that if I could have done it myself... Ah... And on that cheery note, you may use the diary lying near this screen to bypass the vocal print locks ahead and enter the security office. The password is... “Agnus Dei.”
  • [presentation recording] Thanks to new Plasmid technologies being developed here at Fontaine Futuristics, anything is possible: the power of the Gods is yours. All of our procedures are quick, painless, and safe.
  • Hello again. I must assume by now that you’re willing to help end my life. In exchange, I have prepared a friendly security escort for you. Ah, now... There’s a switch in here which will allow you access to the real laboratories, where... Where what’s left of me awaits you. Please — use it.
  • I’m afraid the lights in here sting my eyes terribly now. Until you arrive to deal with me, they will remain off. Please, locate the breakers and flip them, and then return here to restore power.
  • Sofia and I knew that to create the first true Utopian would come at a high cost, my friend. We needed someone to be host to all that ADAM... Rapture’s finest minds. A willing subject. That is to say... Myself. [the lights turn on, a glimpse of a grotesque creature can be seen inside the tank as Alex the Great screams in pain] Whatever you may have seen inside the tank, that was indeed me. I fear the fate of Eleanor Lamb will be less physical, but no less grotesque. This tank for deep sea life is the ideal way to... to dispose of me. But first, you must retrieve enough ADAM-infused plant life to lure me out. The slugs feed on the stuff, and it’s... All I seem to want now. I have left a sample here so you know what to look for.
  • It is done. The sample disposal button on the panel in front of you will administer a massive jolt of electricity to the tank, more than enough to kill me. Whatever I may say to dissuade you, do not listen. The man whose voice you hear now is long gone. As my mind fades, I find my thoughts turn to the suffering that Eleanor will be made to endure, and I am overcome with pity. But I can only offer my feeble prayers. Perhaps after my death, you can do more. Now please... I ask that you grant me peace. Goodbye, my friend, and thank you.

Alex the Great

  • He’s STEALING office supplies, the cheeky little bugger! Company ADAM, from company stock — I saw him jab it into his arm! Search him!
  • mr A? IM YOUR IMPLOYER BOY what is my name
  • oh now it remembers too late my friend TOO LATE
  • i hope that is distrcutve of you
  • [spots the player] Oho! Come back to line your pockets with more Fontaine ingenuity, have you? Understand, sir, that I am the body corporate! Understand, sir, that I am Alex the Great! A company is an organism, my friend — and I can piss you right back out into the ocean, with just a little squeeze...
  • What’s this? My secretary vouches for you! Delta, eh... You’re one of our old Protectors, yes? You’re a fine product, Delta! Yes, fine product. Built to last. Say, don’t look now, but I believe one of your old colleagues wants to welcome you back to the office!
  • I heard that! My likeness is company property, Delta, just like you are. Don’t make me strip you for parts, me laddo!
  • [singing to jam voice lock] WHEN YOU’RE DOWN IN THE MOUTH AND LIFE’S A PAIN,
    THAT’S WHY THE FUTURE IS FONTAINE! [laughs manically]
  • Delta... you’re dawdling. The security office is well above your pay grade. If you’re so keen to help, the restrooms need a good scrub. Here’s a clerk or two to help you along!
  • Don’t you dare touch that signal relay, Delta... Its value is ten times your own!
  • I’m very disappointed in you, Delta... Destruction of a Fontaine asset is punishable by summary dismissal! Shall I simplify that for you? Fired! Fired! FIRED!
  • I know what you're up to. You're after my job, aren't you? With your background? Ha! Do you know what class of person we chose for the Alpha Series? Criminals, Delta. You'll be laughed out of the board room! Out of the city!
  • ADAM, Delta! One little jab in the arm, and even a hopeless under performer can be employee of the month! Why, you should know. Look around… Is any of this... Familiar? [a gate rolls up next to the player, revealing a stage and a row of seats] The Rapture consumer is indebted to you, my boy! We ironed kink after kink out of our domestic Plasmid line you, right here... Well, let’s see if you’re staying competitive. Step on up and take the spotlight!
  • Where is you initiative, Delta? Why, in the old days, your antics never failed to amuse! Admittedly, this audience is lacking in joie de vivre, but see if you can’t liven them up.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen... Fontaine Futuristics invites you to shed your scepticism, evolve your expectations and dissolve your doubt… As we unveil the revolutionary power of our Home Defense Plasmid Series!
  • A round of applause, please, for Subject Delta and the power of Plasmids! [an Alpha Series Big Daddy is heard roaring] Oh dear, Subject Delta! It looks like you’ve upstaged a fellow demonstrator, and he’s here to steal the show! What will Delta do now, folks?
  • [after defeating the Big Daddy] Still a winner, Delta! The tour was never the same without you! And to think, you were so spliced, you couldn’t stand when we stuffed you into that getup! The Fontaine Family Retirement Plan suits you to a tee, my boy!
  • [after the player destroys all the signal relays] Insubordination! Severance package cancelled! Benefits... Benefits rescinded...I...I... ‘’[bot is destroyed]’’
  • I see you out there, Delta! You want to be top man? You want to sit in the big chair? Well, come and take it!
  • We can’t have you running around the laboratories in you condition!
  • NOTICE TO ALL EMPLOYEES! Subject Delta is hereby dismissed!!! Escort him from the premises!
  • How dare you try to... Buy me out with this... This bribe... This... Pittance. This... Sublime... God damn you, Delta...!
  • You... You don’t have to kill me, Delta... I’m SORRY! Oh pleaase... I will go outside... I will live outside!




  • Don't need no one. I got the ADAM, now I got it all; brawn, brains, the whole bleedin' package!
  • Some thoughts are just wrong. Nasty thoughts. Gotta stomp them thoughts right out!
  • I'm an 'ard man, mate. That's how it is down here: survival of the 'ardest man. Huh…
  • Doctor Lamb says to embrace the man in the mirror. How bloody queer is that?
  • Sander Cohen. There was a man! Sharp suit, good mustache, took no guff!
  • A bleedin' golf club? Who'd have thought? I'm never havin' kids.

Minerva’s Den


Charles Milton Porter

  • [from trailer] I dreamed of a computer that could think for itself... And using Rapture's technology, I made that dream reality: A machine that can actually thinkreason — for itself!
  • Hello? Mister... Sigma? Can you hear me? The name's Porter, Charles Milton Porter. Doc Tenenbaum tells me you're here to help us get the Thinker out of Rapture. It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. You should be able to get inside through an airlock.
  • Minerva's Den has been cut off from the rest of Rapture for some time... But not cut off from splicing. Don't let your guard down. The Den's gone dark, but if you can reset the local power relay I'll be able to get the juice flowing from here.
  • Reed Wahl... He and I founded Rapture Central Computing together, but the greedy bastard pushed me out years ago. The Splicers, the security... He pulls the strings in Minerva's Den now.
  • Sorry I can't be there to meet you in person — you've seen the state of the Den these days. It's the Thinker that's important now, though. I need you to get to the Computer Core and print out a hard copy of The Thinker's machine code.
  • Wahl. He was a brilliant engineer — we saw eye-to-eye once, long ago. But the splicing made him paranoid, delusional. He'd murder us both to keep the Thinker here.
  • The Lancer is the most technologically advanced Big Daddy that Rapture ever produced. Now it stands between you and the Little Sisters... And if there's anywhere you'll need ADAM to get by, it's Minerva's Den.
  • Wahl's become obsessed with perfecting his "predictive equation." The Thinker can do plenty, but tell the future? No... The splicing drove him mad. Wahl can rot here in Rapture for all I care. We'll make a copy of the Thinker and return it to the land of the living.
  • I've got a bathysphere at my lab that should be able to get us the hell out of Rapture, but we can't leave just yet: first, we'll need to reprogram a signal beacon. That nutcase Lamb's got the city on lockdown, but a hacked beacon should keep her torpedoes at bay. See what you can find.
  • So far, so good. I can feel the sunlight already. Now we just print out the mainframe code from The Thinker's central processor so I can take it to the surface and start to rebuild. Computer Core access is at the end of Ops.
  • You're in The Thinker's Core. The code printer is upstairs, in the control booth. Top-level access only: You'll need to confirm your genetic identity to start the printing process.
  • [last lines, in a letter left on his wife’s grave] I lived through the Blitz, Pearl — and the fall of Rapture. They took my memory, my voice — everything that made me a man. But nothing ever scared me so much as saying goodbye. I wanted to save you. I couldn’t resist trying to bring you back the only way I knew how. But... You didn’t want that — I know it now. And I think I’m finally ready... To let you go your way. I stand here with sun on my face... And it’s almost like I can feel you smiling. Goodbye, Pearl. I love you more than I’ve got words for. —Milton

Reed Wahl

  • [first lines] Subject Sigma is approaching Minerva's Den. He must not reach The Thinker. Detonate the tunnel! [tunnel explodes]
  • What steps into Minerva's Den? Porter's newest toy? He wants The Thinker for himself... But you see, old friend... The machine has chosen me.
  • Look at you, Sigma. You think that Porter is your ally... But The Thinker knows better. The Thinker... knows!
  • Porter's time is done, friend, and now you collude with this traitor to steal The Thinker away from me? [to himself] "Sigma"... must be removed from the equation.
  • [after Sigma destroys the first Lancer Big Daddy] Subject Sigma rises above the pack, hmm? A futile gesture before the all-knowing Thinker.
  • Do what you will with the girls. Twist your body with ADAM... The Thinker's perfect equation accounts for all possibilities.
  • How does it feel to know that your grand purpose is foretold by a machine? The numbers know already what will happen. As I tell you this, will it affect the outcome...? Eh, I'm not so much holding my breath.
  • The machine's prediction accounts for your every act... Until you reach the Thinker's core. The equation... Simply ends! I will not let such an error come to pass!
  • Sigma! You show such loyalty to a proven traitor. What is Porter to you? A convenient excuse to disrupt my work? Or something... More? I am curious, I must admit... But not enough to let you live.
  • Make yourself at home, Sigma! Soon you also will be rusting here among the trash — used up by Porter, and tossed on the heap.
  • I read to you now from the machine's prediction. "Sigma enters Minerva's Den. Encounters hostility." "Sigma enters Wahl's chambers." You see? The Thinker has chosen me! It does not care what I once did!
  • Porter worries you with Sofia Lamb's torpedoes? Hah! He fills your head with foolish visions of freedom. I can provide you more immediate concerns.
  • The equation is nearing its conclusion, Sigma. The answers... Lie in the Core! The Thinker is waiting for you, Sigma! And so am I...
  • What is driving you into the Core, Sigma? What COMPELS you to defy The Thinker's equation?
  • Is it your deep love for Porter and for Tenenbaum? Huh! You hardly know them, Sigma! You have never... even... Met them!
  • Ryan's secret police came for Porter, long ago. And now he has... Reappeared in Minerva's Den? A man sent to Persephone does not just open his cell door and walk home...
  • I've tried to keep you from the heart of the machine! You did not listen! When the pangs of familiarity sting you, my friend... You will have only yourself to blame.
  • Porter! You have forced my hand! You see?! The Thinker is shut down! That leaves only two variables: You, and me. The equation... Ends... Here!
  • Your moment has come, old friend! I stand before you, the trusted partner who put a knife in your back. Do not disappoint me!

The Thinker

  • Mainframe reactivated. Confirming user's genetic identity. Genetic identity confirmed: Alpha Series Subject Sigma. Former identity: Charles... Milton... Porter. [in Porter’s voice] Welcome back, Milton. [abruptly changes to the Thinker’s voice] Ending personality duplication. Subject: Charles Milton Porter.

Brigid Tenenbaum

  • H... Herr Sigma! It is Dr. Tenenbaum! With the computer disabled, Minerva's Den is falling to pieces! No pressure regulation, no air supply! You must defeat Wahl and bring The Thinker back to full power.
  • [after defeating Wahl] Quickly, take the Administrator Punchcard from Wahl's body and reactivate The Thinker!
  • You see now why I let the machine speak for you, Mr. Porter. We needed a voice that would be familiar... Comforting. Your own. With that copy of The Thinker's programming, we may return to the surface... And use it to restore you to the man you once were. Please, collect the print-out and meet me at the bathysphere dock. Take your time, Mr. Porter. I'll be waiting.
  • The Thinker never gave up on you, Mr. Porter. It could not leave you behind. Please, step up to the console and begin the bathysphere launch sequence. We have much work ahead of us.
  • Come now, into the vessel. Our work together is only beginning.

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