Billy Bragg

English singer-songwriter and left-wing political activist

Stephen William Bragg, known as Billy Bragg (born 20 December 1957) is an English musician known for his blend of folk, punk-rock, and protest music, and his poetic lyrics dealing with political as well as romantic themes.

Our enemy really isn't capitalism, it's cynicism.


  • Our enemy really isn't capitalism, it's cynicism. That's one the things I learned from Woody … Not to be cynical … That cynicism … It destroys you, it rots you away from the inside. So that sense of optimism and humanity … which 20 years ago I would have called socialism but now I'll call compassion … You know, that idea is still out there and alive and if you can plug into that and encourage that it makes it all worth while.
    • As quoted in MTIV : Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer (2002) by Hillman Curtis, p. 221
  • A patriot is someone who cares what happens in their country.
    • Interview on CBC Radio One (17 November 2006)