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author, director, screenwriter, editor

William Alfred "Bill" Whittle (born April 7, 1959) is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot, and author. He is best known for his PJ Media internet videos and short films, one of which, "Three and a Half Days", has been viewed more than 2.6 million times on YouTube (as of February 2018).


  • Being the champion of the working man against the corporations is the reason for the Democrat Party's existence. For them to lose working class Americans to Donald Trump is not that the Democrats have a problem in terms of election, but in terms of identity. [citation needed]
  • Soldiers out here have kept us safe for so long, that there is essentially no real danger in this society. [citation needed]
  • Intellectualism is the result of over-educating someone who was not that smart to begin with. [citation needed]
  • Joe Biden would probably be running a Denny's if he wasn't Vice President. [citation needed]
  • Bernie Sanders is an aged, dimwitted thief who's never worked a day in his life where he wasn't taking money from people at gunpoint. [citation needed]
  • If you vilify someone for what they are, rather than what they do, you're no different and no better than anyone wearing an armband or a white sheet over their head. [citation needed]
  • You're not black, white, yellow or brown. You're an American. [citation needed]
  • We are the party of big guns, fast cars, and hot women. If you can't sell freedom to the American people then you're in the wrong line of work. [citation needed]
  • Treat your past as a book that you learn from instead of a hammer that you beat yourself up about. [citation needed]
  • Liberals want Conservatives to shut up. Conservatives want Liberals to keep talking. Because our arguments make sense and theirs don't.[citation needed]
  • The reason the first three Star Wars movies were so terrific, and the second three sucked so bad, is actually very simple. The first three were about rebels, shooting guns and driving fast, and speaking with American accents. The second three were about politicians, discussing treaties and holding court, and speaking with British accents. [citation needed]


  • We fight wars not to have peace, but to have a peace worth having. Slavery is peace. Tyranny is peace. For that matter, genocide is peace when you get right down to it. The historical consequences of a philosophy predicated on the notion of no war at any cost are families flying to the Super Bowl accompanied by three or four trusted slaves and a Europe devoid of a single living Jew.
  • You tell the big lie by carefully selecting only the small, isolated truths, linking them in such a way that that advance the bigger lie by painting a picture inside the viewer's head. The Ascended High Master of this Dark Art is Noam Chomsky.
  • Any idiot can build bombs. Our Trinity sits not on some desert sand seared into glass at an abandoned, sad pillar of stones. It's in our heads and our hearts, it's in our genes, this beautiful, gorgeous marriage of money, freedom and ingenuity.
  • People are telling you that Tuesday will be the most important election of your lives. That is not true. The most important election of your lives was held on Tuesday, November 7th, 2000. You just didn't know it. Neither did I. What happened on that day led to one man being in the White House these past four years, rather than the other one. Whether he has done enough to keep us safe, even if he should lose on Tuesday, remains to be seen. But the fact remains that George W. Bush was Commander in Chief and President when we needed him the most.
  • Civilizations fall because the people inside the Sanctuary throw open the gates.
  • And why do soldiers wear uniforms? It certainly is not to protect the soldier. As a matter of fact, a soldier’s uniform is actually a big flashing neon arrow pointing to some kid that says to the enemy, SHOOT ME!
  • It's always such a pleasure to have Germans enlighten us on the best way to move large groups of sick, downtrodden people by rail. The only motivation I can ascribe to such behavior is that same one that propels young dim boys to tear the wings off flies.
  • There was a time when intellectual meant someone who uses reason and intellect. Today, people who call themselves intellectuals are in a form of mental death spiral: they search for, and find, those index cards that support their world view, and clutch little red books like rosaries in the face of all external evidence. They are ruled by appeals to authority. Their self-image and sense of emotional well-being trumps any and all objective evidence to the contrary.
  • It may not be factually true that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but the saying has passed into common usage because the image has the ring of truth to it. Time and time again, the good and decent common people have manned the walls of the city, and have been ready to give their lives in its defense, only to discover too late that some silk-robed (expletive) has snuck out of the palace at midnight and thrown open the gates to the barbarians outside."
  • You may think that Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and BigGovernment-dot-com were fighting against an enemy, and the enemy was ACORN, but I do not think that's the case at all. I think the enemy they were fighting against are the media. By not covering the story, not at all ... Breitbart showed that the media is no longer merely biased. They're no longer even ignoring the news. The mainstream media is now in the news suppression business.


  • There is a word for people who are kept safe, fed, clothed, housed and sustained fully by others, and that word is SLAVES.
  • There's no way I could be president of the United States, I have no; military experience, I've never run a business, for God's sakes I mean - who could possibly clear that bar? The great thing about President Obama is he's actually left the presidential bar on the floor, anyone can walk over that bar now. If Barack Obama can be President of the United States literally anybody in the planet can be President of the United States.
    • Bill Whittle's speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 2012 Restoration Weekend on Nov. 15-18, 2012.
  • People can live without a giant state. We've proven that already. But a giant state cannot live without dependent people. We feed the beast that puts us in shackles of our own creation. They are dependent on us. We think of revolutions as gunfire in the streets. But a soft and creeping tyranny can be beaten with a soft and creeping revolution. Think about it. Think about all the ways the totalitarian state is dependent on your personal actions. Think about what you do every day to help feed this beast and then stop doing that!
  • We've gone from looking up at the moon to looking down at Instagram.
  • [The Democratic Party] is a criminal enterprise that would rather rule over the ruins than be part of governing a happy and successful Republic.
  • Why are Republicans older than Democrats? Because it takes awhile for life to beat the stupid out of you, that's why.
  • George, if you deport the police from America, you get Mexico.
    • responding to George Lopez' "Deport the Police" comments (10 July 2017)
  • Antifa are white, upper middle class spoiled children looking for a sense of badness they're not allowed to have in their snowflake world.
  • Celebrities are people who spend more time in the plastic surgery clinic than they do outside trying to maintain an image of youth, glamour, and relevance, all while calling President Trump a narcissist.
  • The idea that industry is important and therefore must be run by government is one of the ugliest and least American concepts out there.
  • “Progressivism” is the belief that anything a Progressive wants is a fundamental Human Right which others are obligated to tolerate and pay for without complaint, because if you do complain it might create an issue and hurt someone's feelings.
  • The fact that the term fake news is now in the regular vocabulary of the American people is evidence enough Americans know the news is fake.
  • When somebody takes a stand for principles, no matter what side they are on, they have my admiration. And when they take a stand for principles of freedom and refusing o give up your constitutional rights, then I think the guy is kind of a modern American hero.
  • Donald Trump is treating the press corps like it's a puppy that you whack on the nose with a newspaper when it pees on the floor.

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