Big Time Movie

2012 film from the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush directed by Savage Steve Holland

Big Time Movie (also known as Big Time Rush: The Movie) is a television film adaptation based on the Nickelodeon television series, Big Time Rush and the songs of The Beatles, which aired March 10, 2012 in the United States. It features the members of Big Time Rush (Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell) visiting London for their world tour, where they also have to save the world.


James: Found our luggage cart! In case you want put, oh, I don't know...your backpack on it so nobody see you wearing that backpack like that.
(Katie comes in)
Kendall: Katie?
James: (As Katie step on his foot.) OW!

Carlos: That's two dreams that have come true in London! Mine's next.
Logan: For the last time! Your dream is a manifestation of your fears. You're afraid the world tour might fail, so you've dreamt of saving the world...and the evil bald villain represents Gustavo!

Number Two: Get the Royal Air Force on the line and scramble jets immediately.
Agent: (Types on the keyboard; system crashes) All communications are totally jammed!
Moon: (In his castle, pressing button repeatedly) Jam button, jam button, I love my jam button!

Carlos: (As Kendall opens his backpack to reveal the device) 'What's that?
Kendall: Not my backpack.
James: What is that?
Kendall: (Studying the device) I...I don't know.. (He reaches out to activate it.)
Logan: Don't open it!
Carlos:...Open it.
James: Open it!
Kendall: Guys. guys?
James: Guys, guys, guys, guys! I fear the heights
Carlos: It's Starting!

Kendall: We can get out of this!
Logan: (Nervously) Really?
Kendall: Nooo!

Moon: The problem with the world, princess, is that it's run by many different people with different ideas. What it to be run by one person...(Points dramatically at himself)...Sir Atticus Moon. Cat me!
(He thrusts out his hand. A cat flies by him and lands offscreen.)
Moon: What, do you call that a throw?
(He again thrusts out his hand. Another cat is thrown and misses.)
Moon: Oh, somebody just hand me a cat.

Penny: (Looking down at Moon) Jump.
James: Easy for you to say!
Penny: Look, just close your eyes and fall!
James: Easy for you to say!
(They kiss and James falls, deactivating the forcefield and narrowly missing Moon)
James: (Dazed, but happily) Did I get him?


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