Big Sky (American TV series)

American television series

Big Sky (2020–2023) is an American police procedural drama that aired on ABC. The series stars Reba McEntire as Sunny Barnes.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Cody: Hi.
Cassie: I'm off to pick up Kai.
Cody: Cass.
Cassie: I'm running late.
Cody: Let's cut the wounded heart crap. Can we please?
Cassie: Really?
Cody: I never misled you. You were the one who said don't get attached, that you keep your feelings in a jar inside a locked drawer. Your words. Seems I'm not the only one who lies to themselves.
Cassie: I'm off to pick up Kai.

Nowhere to Run [1.02]

Jenny: How did you two leave things last night?
Cassie: I told him we were over.
Jenny: And how did he take that?
Cassie: I'm not sure. Not great I think.
Jenny: Is he in love with you?
Cassie: I don't know.

The Big Rick [1.03]

Jenny: I'm not looking for a fight. Just two missing girls. And my husband.
William: Your husband?
Jenny: He's missing, too. So, I'm a bit of a wreck. With a gun. An armed wreck.

Unfinished Business [1.04]

Cassie: Then we do things my way. Stick together, have each others backs. Nothing impulsive.
Jenny: Says the girl who told me to punch her in the face.
Cassie: Not our finest moment.

A Good Day to Die [1.05]

Ronald: How's the leg?
Danielle: Still puss-y. Maybe you can suck on it.
Ronald: You have an evil mouth. I realize that's cool -- to be disrespectful, to be unkind. Have you stopped to consider that is was your unkindness that got you here?

The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood [1.06]

Jenny: You need something?
Cassie: Jenny, I don't know how to be with you.
Jenny: Can't you just Google it? How to be with the widow of the dead guy you slept with.
Cassie: Ouch.
Jenny: I'm kidding. I don't think there's a script for either one of us.

I Fall to Pieces [1.07]

Merilee: What's the point of all this? Really?
Penelope: What's the point?
Merilee: He's clearly guilty.
Penelope: Best efforts, Merilee. Best efforts.

The End is Near [1.08]

Cassie: If you know anything at all about this guy...
Merilee: I don't. Obviously I don't know anything. Except that I'm the world's biggest dope.

Season 3


Do You Love An Apple [3.01]

Sunny Barnes: Welcome to Montana.