Big Night

1996 film by Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott

Big Night is a 1996 American motion picture drama with comedic overtones. The film tells the story of two immigrant brothers from Italy who own and operate a restaurant called "Paradise." One brother, Primo (Tony Shalhoub), is a brilliant, perfectionist chef who chafes under their few customers' expectations of "Americanized" Italian food. The other brother, Secondo (Tucci), is the restaurant's manager, who is enamored with the possibilities presented by their new endeavor and life in America. Despite Secondo's efforts and Primo's magnificent food, their restaurant is failing.

Directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci. Written by Joseph Tropiano and Stanley Tucci.
In love and life, one big night can change everything.taglines


  • Is what the customer wants, is what the customer ask for, make it, make it, make it!
  • You have to kill yourself after you eat it because you can't live! To eat good food is to be close to God."
  • I'm a businessman. I'm anything I need to be at any time.
  • No. She’s a Philistine. I’m not gonna talk to her. She no understand anyway.


  • In love and life, one big night can change everything.


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