Beverly White

American politician (1928-2021)

Beverly White (September 2, 1928 – May 24, 2021) was an American politician who served in the Utah House of Representatives from the 57th and 64th districts from 1971 to 1990. She is the longest serving woman member of the Utah State Legislature.

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  • In 1976 a legislator made a point of telling me women didn't belong in the legislature. I couldn't believe it.
  • This year, I've had about half a dozen legislators tell me women really don't belong in the legislature, and they just can't vote for a bill with a woman's name on it.
  • I think it's wrong, particularly for clergymen, to protect a child molester. This is a step backwards.
    • As quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune (February 26, 1988)
      • Stated in response to legislation which would allow confessions from child abusers to the clergy to remain confidential
  • I am liberal in that I believe we have a responsibility to care for the elderly, the poor, the handicapped and the mentally retarded. I support programs aiding these citizens. I am conservative in that when it comes to giving away taxpayers money on such things as the Heber Creeper.
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