Beverly Jenkins

American author of historical and contemporary romance novels

Beverly Jenkins (born 1951) is an American author of historical and romance novels.


  • A lot of times, as I like to say, I was the only chip in the cookie…I chose to embrace who I am and what I do, and keep my head down and keep writing, and hoped that things would change. But it was lonely in the sense that I was the only.
  • I’m still learning, I’m still finding stuff that fascinates me. I’m still putting people out front who I call the “unsung” — those who once had places in history and made a difference, but who have now been forgotten. Because, you know, you bring them back to life [when you write about them], and they live again.
  • I enjoy all the different levels of engagement. Whether it’s going to be a slow burn or an instant, raging forest fire depends on the story…
  • There were never any characters that looked like me or my sisters or my girlfriends…Our stories needed to be told.

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