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Beverly Hills Cop II

1987 American action comedy film

Beverly Hills Cop II is a 1987 sequel to the 1984 action-comedy film Beverly Hills Cop.

Directed by Tony Scott. Screenplay by Larry Ferguson and Warren Skaaren, story by Eddie Murphy and Robert D. Wachs, based on characters by Danilo Bach and Daniel Petrie, Jr.

Police Chief Harold Lutz: What the hell have you done here? Looks like a goddamn war zone. What in the hell have you done, Taggart? Tell Me.
Detective Billy Rosewood: We solved the Alphabet crimes.
Police Chief Harold Lutz: You shut up! Who the hell is talking to you? I personally solved the Alphabet case up in a body bag over an hour ago. And you, I don't give a goddamn what agency you say you're working for, You're in jail, buddy.
Detective Billy Rosewood: Chief, wait a...
Police Chief Harold Lutz: SHUT UP! What the hell do you think you're doing, bringing a fire fight in the middle of my city? You're out of the cop business for good, forever!
Detective Billy Rosewood: Will you just listen a minute?
Police Chief Harold Lutz: Shut up! You shut your mouth once and for all!
Detective Billy Rosewood: NO GODDAMN IT, YOU SHUT UP!! This is what the Alphabet crimes are all about... guns!
Police Chief Harold Lutz: Guns?
Detective Billy Rosewood: [points to Nikos Thomopolis, who is being arrested] That guy sold them, and Dent bought 'em with stolen money from Adriano's at his own racetrack. He was on his way to Central America. And if you'd bothered to take your head out of your ass, YOU'D SEE WE SOLVED THE WHOLE GODDAMN THING! [Another officer Simultaneously hands Mayor Egan Thomopolis' note book and the Mayor looks at them]
Police Chief Harold Lutz: You watch yourself. [Mayor Egan looks at the notes]
Mayor Ted Egan: Just a Minute Lutz. [Looks at the notes again] Why didn't I know about this?
Detective Sergeant John Taggart: Because Chief Lutz doesn't have the guts to hear the truth from real cops. That's why we had to go undercover with Detective Foley to solve this case.
Police Chief Harold Lutz: That cuts it Taggart, You're fired!
Detective Sergeant John Taggart: Yeah? Kiss my ass!
Police Chief Harold Lutz: Kiss mine! You're fired, too!
Mayor Ted Egan: Lutz...
Police Chief Harold Lutz: Isn't that right?
Mayor Ted Egan: I think I've just about had it with your abusive attitude.
Police Chief Harold Lutz: I'm sorry, I get carried away, I'm sorry.
Mayor Ted Egan: You're fired. Do you understand that?
Harold Lutz: Don't overreact Ted, Please.
Mayor Ted Egan: You're fired. I want you out of here now. Get out of here! Fired!
Harold Lutz: You'll regret this, Ted!
Mayor Ted Egan: I regret it. Now I've regretted it for the last two months. [Turns to Lutz's Assitant]
Harold Lutz: You'll regret this! [Simultaneously]
Mayor Ted Egan: You're fired too, You're out of here, get out of here. [Simultaneously]
Henry Biddle: Aw I didn't do anything. I didn't... I didn't do anything. [Simultaneously]
Mayor Ted Egan: Will you get out? Get out! [Simultaneously]
Axel Foley: Are they civilians now?
Mayor Ted Egan: You bet.
Axel Foley: I'm gonna kick your ass later!
Mayor Ted Egan: Axel, thank you so much, really. I've gotta go to a charity meeting, food for the homeless for Beverly Hills. But Tomorrow...
Axel Foley: Oh. Food for the Homeless Wait a second, I'd like to make a donation sir. Here's $200 in the name of Sidney Bernstein. That's my alias. I don't like a lot of publicity.
Mayor Ted Egan: Thank you, Axel... I mean, Sidney Bernstein. Thank you, gentlemen very much.
Detective Billy Rosewood: Thank you, sir.
Mayor Ted Egan: Thank you.
Axel Foley: "If you get your head out of your ass long enough"? "Kiss my ass"? You're getting more and more like me every day. Next thing you know, you're gonna have afros... Big dicks and all.