Bertie Ahern

Irish politician, 10th Taoiseach of Ireland

Bertie Ahern (born September 12, 1951) was the tenth Taoiseach of Ireland between 1997 and 2008.

Bertie Ahern


  • The reason it's on the rise is because probably the boom times are getting even more boomer.
    • commenting on rising inflation in the Irish economy. Economic growth shows little sign of letting up – The Irish Times newspaper article, 14 July, 2006.
  • "I don't know how people who engage in that don't commit suicide"
    • commenting on people "talking the economy down", just before the crash. Speech at Irish Congress of Trade Unions conference [1] 2007-07-3.
  • Time magazine reported him as speaking of "upsetting the apple tart".
  • I never condemn wrongdoing in any area
    • 22 February, 2006 in the Dáil (Ahern corrected his slip, above, TO "condone" during the same statement.) Leaders' Questions Oireachtas Debates 2006-02-22.
  • I have always found him to be a proud, honourable man, loyal, true, persevering, principled, caring and committed but tough and a person who lost friends easily. On behalf of the Government but in particular on behalf of the Fianna Fáil Party, I thank him for his distinguished years of service to his constituents and his country.
  • The public are entitled to have an absolute guarantee of the financial probity and integrity of their elected representatives, their officials and above all of Ministers. They need to know that they are under financial obligations to nobody.
  • It is quite unacceptable that a member of Dáil Éireann and in particular a Cabinet Minister and Taoiseach, should be supported in his personal lifestyle by gifts made to him personally.
  • I continued the arrangement, so whatever was on my mind, and the reason I probably can't give you a better reflection of what I was doing on the 19th of January is because I didn't do it. I am sure there are some mornings you get up and you think I might do this or I might do that and then you don't do them so, its hard to remember.
  • Some people dye their hair yellow or put rings in their noses
    • Explaining to the Mahon Tribunal on 20 December 2007 why he did not have a bank account in 1993. Planning Tribunal Transcript 2007-12-20.
  • It was a political donation for my personal use.
    • 21 February 2008 at the Mahon Tribunal, referring to a £5,000 donation. Irish Times report 2008-02-21. (Subscription required)
  • That decision will in history be written as the biggest mistake that American administration ever made, because Lehmans was a world investment bank. They had testicles everywhere.
  • It took Ireland thirty years to become an overnight success.


Quotes About AhernEdit

  • Did Ahern, in his 11 years of power, make the most of this unprecedented prosperity for the public benefit? The answer can hardly be positive, given the present state of health, education and infrastructure, generally.
  • We can spit on Bertie Ahern till our mouths run dry, but he didn’t invent the amorality of our public culture. He was never a large enough figure to be able to shape the way Irish society thinks and feels. He was just an artful dodger, a skilled exploiter of the opportunities created by widespread tolerance for ingratiating chancers.

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