Bert Blyleven

Major League Baseball player and broadcaster

The List of Inappropriate Comments by Bert Blyleven is a list of statements made by Minnesota Twins color commentator Bert Blyleven during Twins television broadcasts. Play-by-play announcer Dick Bremer frequently responds to these comments with stony silence or an awkward attempt to change the conversation.

  • In April 2002, Minneapolis City Council member Joe Biernat was indicted for accepting free plumbing work on his house in exchange for lucrative city contracts. The day after the indictment was made public, City Council President Paul Ostrow was a guest in the Twins' broadcast booth, explaining a plan for a new Twins stadium. At the end of the interview, Blyleven asked Ostrow "So do you know any good plumbers?" After an uncomfortable pause, Ostrow replied "I'm not going there."
Bert Blyleven
  • During a 2006 broadcast, a conversation with a guest morphed from George Brett to singing in the shower. Blyleven mentioned that he had showered with Brett, and the guest expressed surprise. Blyleven exclaimed "Well, there were other guys there! ... Although they did say not to bend over."[1]

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