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Berserk is a manga, anime and movie series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. Set in a medieval Europe-inspired fantasy world, the story centers on the characters of Guts, an orphaned mercenary, Griffith, and leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk. Themes of isolation, camaraderie, and the question of whether humanity is fundamentally good or evil pervade the story, as it explores both the best and worst of human nature. Both the manga and anime are noted for their heavy violence.


Quotes From MangaEdit


  • In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.
  • It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron.
Berserk, Volume 1, page 22 and 23
  • Dreams, ambition, love, hope; in this world, could the glories of a youthful heart be.. forbidden?
  • Dreams. Each man longs to pursue his dream. Each man is tortured by this dream, but the dream gives meaning to his life. Even if the dream ruins his life, man cannot allow himself to leave it behind. In this world, is man ever able to possess anything more solid, than a dream?
  • In this world, there is a time that one is forever unable to retrieve. In pursuit for forgiveness one is destined to atone by living through agony and letting time slip away. The sorrow in the furthest reaches of one's memory... The sorrow just beyond one's memory... Which is more heartbreaking?
  • Providence may guide a man to meet one specific person, even if such guidance eventually leads him to darkness. Man simply cannot forsake the beauty of his own chosen path. When will man learn a way to control his soul?
  • A man draws his sword in order to protect the small wound deep in his heart, it was inflicted in the days long past at the farthest reach of his memories, a man wields his sword in order to depart life with a smile....


  • Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, it doesn't mean things will ever go back to how they were
  • Look around you carefully. Strain your eyes at the darkness around us... At the darkness around me. You said anywhere but here. This is where, here, at the border. Gathered by the winds. Those who have met their final destiny hanging between jealousy and regret. Those who failed, swept together here. You say it doesn't matter where. If you follow me, this is where you'll go. This is your eden.
  • If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you... you won't be able to walk.
  • Do whatever you want now. But if you disturb me, I'll kill you.
  • My place really was here. I was too foolish and stubborn to notice. But, what I truly hoped for then was here... Why do I always realize it.. When I've already lost it...
  • You have the strongest armor, because you are the weakest!
  • When you meet your God tell him to leave me alone.
  • God shows himself on the ground. These are his miracles.
  • I don't have time for miracles. They make me puke.
  • He appeared right in front of me, and he wasn't a demon... but what looked like a human. As if he'd been yanked from before into the present unchanged. I gazed at him and for a second... I forgot to kill him
  • I'd rather fight for my life than live it.
  • Couldn't you settle for a smile, and a fond farewell?
  • I don't want what another man can give me. If he grants me anything, then it's his to give and not my own.
  • In the end the winner is still the last man standing.
  • FUCK YOU. I'm human, the real deal, right down to the fuckin' marrow of my bones. Don't lump me together with you faggot-ass monsters.
  • I can't compare to you... Sure I can kill a hundred enemies but... and not only you, but Griffith too. You both hold on to something, gambling with your very lives. It's amazing to me, I can't compare. I just kill for the sake of killing. Everyday, hundreds, thousands... There's nothing... honorable... about it.
  • Looking from up here, it's as if each flame were a small dream, for each person. They look like a bonfire of dreams, don't they? ...- But, there's not flame for me here. I'm just... a temporary visitor, taking comfort from the flame.
  • Monster's shouldn't call themselves warriors, you self-centered bastard.
  • Humans are weak... but we want to live... even if we're wounded... or tortured... we feel the pain...
  • (repeated line) GRIFFITH!
  • A beast, a monster? Heh... Don't make me laugh. I... am me. And nothing on earth. Can change me. No matter who chases me.
  • So I guess you're like a mad dog that bit his master's hand. Not bad. I can't say that I don't like stuff like that. But you know... I hate to say this... But I don't have the time for that shit right now, like i would care about pissing contests between monsters. Go find someone else.
  • Revenge... War... Maybe that's enough reason. I'm all alone, I think. For now. And within me is the black berserker rage... And only that... Will keep me on my feet. As I head toward you... Pressing on.
  • Why do you shrink back from these sights? If you were in a place of worship, you'd call them angels. Talk to "God."


  • A friend would not just follow another's dream... a friend would find his own reason to live...
  • A dream... It's something you do for yourself, not for others.
  • It is my perception that a true friend never relies on another’s dream. A person with the potential to be my true friend must be able to find his reason for life without my help. And, he would have to put his heart and soul into protecting his dream. He would never hesitate to fight for his dream, even against me. For me, a true friend is one who stands equal on those terms.


  • Whether it’s good or bad, it’s so unfortunate to wake up during a dream.
  • I realized that I could never be the best, so I decided to find the man that could and serve by his side.
  • I'm a jack of all trades... a little better than most at everything, but I don't shine at anything.
  • It's okay to cry...

Skull KnightEdit

  • God gave them this destiny. This encounter.
  • What you want....may not be what she wants.

Quotes From AnimeEdit

The Black SwordsmanEdit

Guts : (after defeating the Baron of Koda Castle) Didn't you say a human couldn't kill you? You're right, we are mortal and fragile. But even if we are tortured or wounded, we'll fight to survive. You should feel the pain we feel and understand. I am the messenger that will deliver you to that pain and understanding.
Baron of Koda Castle: Please...don't kill me!
Guts : And what did all those people say as you made them burn?

Band of the HawkEdit

(Guts agrees to serve Griffith if he can beat him in a sword fight)
Griffith: As you wish. (Draws his sword) I rather enjoy settling things by force.
Casca: Griffith!
Griffith: Leave us alone Casca.
Casca: But-
Griffith: Don't worry. I will get what I want.
Guts: (to himself) I've had enough of this bullshit. (charges) You make me SICK!

First BattleEdit

(while dueling Griffith, Guts brings his sword down onto him, only to find Griffith standing atop Guts blade)
Griffith: (points his sword at Gut's face) I enjoy fighting you, my friend. You'd go to any length to defeat me. But now, you can't wield your sword unless I move. I wouldn't mind if you'd rather postpone this.
Guts : You know, you talk too much. Let me tell you, in battle there is only one way you should be using your mouth! (bites down on the sword)

(After a fierce duel, Griffith manages to overpower Guts)
Griffith : Now, my friend, you have a choice: Admit defeat, or I will be forced to dislocate your shoulder. Either way makes no difference to me. Now choose.
Guts: (begrudgingly) You...bastard. (Griffith cripples Guts, defeating him. The other Hawks rush to congratulate Griffith)
Corkus: (to Guts) Hey, champ, how does it feel to lose two in a row? (Griffith brushes Corkus aside, and takes Guts face in his hands)
Griffith: And so, now you belong to me, Guts.
Rickert: Do you mean it?
Griffith: From now on, he is a member of the Hawks!

(Pippin hauls Guts down to the camp, to a celebration in his honor)
Guts : Put me down NOW, you thick-headed bastard!
Pippin: I am Pippin. (plops Guts on the ground)
Guts: Don't you ever- (Pippin hands Guts a mug)
Pippin: Come, drink.

The Hand of GodEdit

Judeau: Guts, I have a funny feeling you'll fit in just fine with the Band of the Hawk.

Guts: (after accidentally getting knocked into a moat twice) I want out of this damned moat!

A Wind of SwordsEdit

Casca: (criticizing Guts' reckless behavior in battle) All you care about is swinging your sword against others. You don't care at all about the lives of the men you lead; you're just a mad dog! (Guts grabs Casca's wrist)
Guts: Say it again! Say it again, if you dare!

Zodd The ImmortalEdit

Zodd : (To Guts) If you call this man (Griffith) your friend, know this: when you regard one another as brother, and this man's ambition comes crashing down, it is your destiny to face your death! You can not escape YOUR FFFAAATTTEEE!!!

The Sword's OwnerEdit

Griffith : Will you always be left doubting me when I lay down my life for you?


(Foss and Yurius are both displeased by Griffith's appointment to the King's honor guard for the Fall Hunt)
Foss: In the act of hunting, a little danger must always lie. You never know what beasts may lie in the woods...
Yurius: What are you trying to say to me?
Foss: Of course, not only are the beasts dangerous, but also the stray arrows that may have been launched at the beast...
Yurius: A stray arrow?
Foss: And a nastily poisoned stray arrow at that, Yurius...


Guts: (after Griffith explains how he discovered Yurius was behind the attempt on his life and tells Guts to kill him) This is unlike you; You should just order me to do your bidding, without saying all that other crap.

Noble ManEdit

Griffith : For me to call a man my friend, he must be equal to me in all respects.

Griffith : While many can pursue their dreams in solitude, other dreams are like great storms blowing hundreds, even thousands of dreams apart in their wake. Dreams breathe life into men and can cage them in suffering. Men live and die by their dreams. But long after they have been abandoned they still smolder deep in men's hearts. Some see nothing more than life and death. They are dead, for they have no dreams.

The BattleEdit

Corkus: Lost your nerve?
Rickert: I have not!
Judeau: I dunno, you look pretty nervous to me, Corkus.
Pippin: You're shaking.
Corkus: Shut up! It's because I'm excited, that's all.


(In a flashback, Casca finds Griffith mourning a dead squire)
Griffith: He so badly wanted to be a knight. I remember this boy well; whenever he looked at me, his eyes filled with wonder, as though I were a hero. Was he happy, I wonder; he died pursuing his dream, but I think it was my dream that killed him.

Griffith: Listen, Casca: I feel no responsibility to those comrades who've lost their lives in my service, because they chose to fight those battles, (grips his arms with his hands) just as you chose, just as I. Just as I have chosen this, but, if there is one thing I can do for them, for the dead, it is to win, and keep winning until I obtain my dream. (his fingers start to tear bloody gashes in his arms) A dream they clung to and risked their lives for. I can't just step over the bones of the dead to realize it; My dream, my dream is already smeared with blood! I don't regret, I don't feel guilty, but I would rather sacrifice myself than watch any more innocent children die in the name of my dream!

Casca: Griffith has a dream he refuses to abandon, while most people have forgotten about their own dreams long ago. It is grand and it is pure, but it is a heavy weight to carry, no matter how noble he is. And to make such dream a reality, one must endure terrible things. He wasn't born strong, but because of his dream he knows that he must be. I want to be by his side to every last moment. If he dedicates himself entirely to his dream, if he has to fight to forge his dream, then I, I want to be a sword for him. His strength in battle, I want to play that important role in the fulfillment of his dream. (to Guts) And once, I believed my wish would be granted. But then, you arrived. Do you even remember, what he told you that day on the hilltop he asked you to join us? The way he spoke, he had never given such high praises to anyone. I was overcome with envy that day; he barely knew you and yet he held you in such regard. I despised you. I tried to convince myself, that Griffith wanted you solely for the strength you would add to the Hawks, but I see the way Griffith treats you differently. He becomes unnerved if you're in danger, and acts impulsively, as if, as if-Griffith puts his faith in you, but you, you can't appreciate the implications it has. And I'll never forget that because of you, because of your recklessness and your selfishness, Griffith was nearly killed! I don't care if you drop dead in a field somewhere, but if you compromise Griffith's dream, if you ruin that, I will never forgive you! Do you hear me? (breaks down) I can't forgive you for making Griffith change the way he has. Why you? Why did he choose you of all people? Why you?

Prepared For DeathEdit

Guts: Women. You're entirely too weak, I mean just look at you; You have no endurance, you anger too easily, and you've got women troubles. Just more proof that women don't belong in a man's war.
Casca: You know nothing about women!
Guts: Of course not, I'm a man. How would I know? But what I do know is that we can't afford to be held up by your female problems, or anything else for that matter, understand? The enemy doesn't care what condition you're in, and they don't care that you're a woman. Actually, on second thought, they might be happy about that.

Guts : Do you really want to die in a place like this? Do you really want a meaningless place like this to be your grave? Is that dream in your head so dead? Every sword belongs in it's sheath. Go back to the sheath your master holds. Go back, back to Griffith.

Bonfire of DreamsEdit

Judeau: You're messing with our only woman...You'll pay for that.

(after finding the remains of the hundred men he's slain, Casca finds Guts apparently lifeless body, and starts shaking it)
Guts: Please stop shaking me. It really isn't helping the pain.

Guts: Some view, huh?
Casca: Huh?
Guts: Gaston doesn't think he's very suited for army life. His intention is to start a tailoring business with the money he's earned when this war is over. He's very good with his hands, though he may not look it. Nikol proposed to a woman once. Apparently, she didn't want to marry a common soldier, so he declared he'd get promoted. That's why he tends to be so reckless and overextends himself. It seems to me that everybody stakes their lives in a lost cause. Looking over them all from up here, I almost think can see their hopes and dreams.
Casca: Like a bonfire of dreams.
Guts: Well, that was beautiful. You sounded like the Princess.
Casca: Don't say that! But I understand; it's like each person has his own little light or small flame that he brings to the Band of the Hawk.
Guts: Yeah, and to make sure those, weaker flames don't go out, each one casts it's own into the strongest fire of them all: A raging fire, that is Griffith. But, my light isn't to be seen among them. Still, after all this time, it's seems I'm just someone who stopped to warm himself at the bonfire in passing. So long as I have my sword to fight with, I'm sure to survive. Year after year, I've proven it to be true. Before joining the Hawks, I've always survived, no matter the odds, no matter how hopeless a losing battle. This time was no different.. In truth, I believe that's no way to live one's life. I've been fighting in battles for as long as I can remember. The mercenary leader who raised me taught me nothing except how to wield a sword. I've never had anything, except my sword. I don't want to die; for me that is the only reason for me I keep fighting. This is nothing for me to give myself to or save myself for. I fight because I know nothing else. Once I was willing, to do just that, to commit myself to fighting, and let someone else find a reason for me.

Guts: Alright! Let's have a drink.
Hawk Raider 1: Are you sure you should drink in your condition?
Guts: Ah shut up. The alcohol will disinfect me from the inside!
Hawk Raider 2: Ha ha, that sounds like good medicine!

The Decisive BattleEdit

Sir Laban: (On Griffith) Beyond all others. Perhaps we have fought by a hero such as the like of which comes around once in a hundred years. A commander beyond all others.

Griffith: Stake your lives on this fight! Our survival demands that we stake our lives on this fight! And to survive, is to be victorious!

The ConquererEdit

Guts : (In response to the enemy's shock) What are you, idiots? Your head has been cut off, your leader is dead, your castle has fallen. Don't tell me you haven't figured it out yet!
Purple Rhino Knight : We lost?

Moment of GloryEdit

Casca: Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt, let alone a fancy gown. And look at all my muscle. The truth now; I look silly, don't I?
Guts: No, you look very lovely.

Tombstone of FlamesEdit

Queen: Griffith, if you think you can burn me, the Queen, you are mistaken! You can't kill me! You're common. I won't allow it!
Griffith: Death on the battlefield comes regardless of class, royal or common. The loser must die!

Griffith: Do you think me a dreadful man? I had you take such a part in my affairs, while never getting my own hands dirty. I left the most difficult and dangerous tasks to you alone. Do you then not, resent me?
Guts: You do realize you're talking to the man who slaughtered a hundred men. I think it makes your question kind of pointless. You're just following your path, you still believe that, don't you?


Guts : You're going to be all right. You just stumbled over a stone in the road. It means nothing. Your goal lies far beyond this. Doesn't it? I'm sure you'll overcome this. You'll walk again ... soon.


Guts : (On his sword) Is this reality? It has always been at my side, through pain I could hardly endure. Yes, this is part of me. Whenever I met death, my sword was with me as I moved past it. For all the places I have seen, and people I can never forget, I felt everything through the tip of my sword. This sword is the proof that I ever lived.

Guts : Sparks: The light born in the clash when two swords meet. They serve me well. Throughout my life...the moments, and people who have defined me...they have all been sparks.


Casca: That day you left, that's when I knew. The thing I could not stop gazing at and thinking about wasn't Griffith, kneeling in the snow defeated for the first time and devastated by it. It was you, watching you walk away from us and never look back. It gripped me, I couldn't accept what I was feeling, this woman unable to blink, unable to turn away as you disappeared. The life I had led the moment I met Griffith all at once felt betrayed. My life had been an honest one: I had only my pride, and I owe that to Griffith, but... I'm changing. There may be a place for me in this man's soul. Not because of what I may receive, but for something of worth I may have for him.

(after making love to Casca, Guts confesses he'll go his own way after restoring the Hawks to their former status)
Casca: (angrily) You're just like Griffith! Your dream is everything to you! You only think about yourself! You don't give a damn whether or not I'm around, do you?!
Guts: Casca...
Casca: Just GO! Do whatever the hell you want, don't look back! Wind up somewhere dead, alone, with your sword! (Guts embraces her)
Guts: Come, you can come with me.
Casca: Huh?
Guts: I don't know what will happen, I know only one thing; that I want to keep holding you, lie with you a hundred more-no a thousand more times. That's how I feel. (They kiss)


(While in prison, Griffith receives a vision from the God Hand)
Void: We shall meet again, in another world. We are kindred, your kinsmen...

Eve of the FeastEdit

Corkus: I AM IN HELL! This was supposed to be our new beginning! Weren't we going to make a fresh start after we rescued Griffith? Wasn't that it? For a goddamn year now, we've been living like rats; the lucky ones, of course. The other half are dead! "But have faith," they said, "Once Griffith is back, he'll lead us to glory." Bull-shit! (smashes his sword against a rock) You know, I had a feeling it would turn out like this, that something like this might happen. But even so, I did hope...

(While discussing plans for the future with Judeau, Guts is interrupted by Gaston and a large group of the Hawks raiders)
Gaston: Commander Guts! Say, you weren't thinking about leaving without saying goodbye again, now, were you? Because if that's the case, we've decided that we're coming with you, and there's nothing you can do about it. It was a unanimous decision.
Guts: All of you?
Gaston: As long as you're leading us, we know we can succeed. Please take us with you, Commander.
(The other Hawks join in, begging to come along with Guts)
Guts : (thinking) Perhaps, this is what I was looking for my whole life. I hadn't realized it until this very moment, but everything I ever wanted back is right here before me, right now. Why don't I realize what I have until it's lost to me?

The EclipseEdit

Old Woman: Listen here boy, this is the only path that leads to the castle. Those who really want to make it to the castle must either step over the ones who have fallen or stay here to pave the road for those who have the will to make it.

Griffith: (after receiving a vision pertaining to his childhood dream of ruling a castle) Was illusion?
Ubik: No illusion; we're merely holding a mirror to your own consciousness and allowing you to witness the reflection. You yourself stacked the cobblestones to reach the castle in the sky. That was and always has been your destiny.
Conrad: Without doubt, you stepped over the thousands of dead, whose bodies made up the stones to pave your way, and they, for you, have done the same to those before!

Griffith: You...Among thousands of comrades and tens of thousands of enemies, only one, only you, and you alone, obscured the vision of my dream. I Submit!

Time of EternityEdit

(Guts find himself in a lake of blood, along with the mangled remains of many of the Band of the Hawk)
Gaston: C-commander.
Guts: Gaston! You're alive! (rushes up to Gaston) Thank God.
Gaston: Well, I can't actually say I feel like I'm alive.
Guts: Where are the others? Is anyone else still alive?
Gaston: I don't know. All I can remember is running like hell. After a while my fatigue caught with me. I don't know what happened to the others. (starts weeping) Commander, what in God's name is happening? Is this real, or am I having nightmares? (starts violently coughing)
Guts: Gaston!
Gaston: WAAGH! (Gaston's head explodes)

Void: You are our prodigy, our newest kinsman, our wing of darkness; Arise, Femto.

Slan: How delightful. I feel it all over again. Love, hate, ultimate pleasure, ultimate pain, life, death, all here to enjoy, right before our very eyes! The true nature of man and the devil is here and now.

(last lines)
Godo: (to Guts) You leaving? (Guts walks out of the room) Don't get yourself killed.

Quotes From Golden Age TrilogyEdit

Egg of the KingEdit

(Guts agrees to serve Griffith if he can beat him in a sword fight)

Griffith: As you wish. (Draws his sword) I rather enjoy settling things by force.
Casca: Griffith!
Griffith: Leave us alone Casca.
Casca: But-
Griffith: One way or another, I'll get what I want.
Guts: (to himself) I've had enough of this bullshit. (charges) You make me SICK!
(while dueling Griffith, Guts brings his sword down onto him, only to find Griffith standing atop Guts blade)
Griffith: (points his sword at Gut's face) I enjoy fighting you, my friend. You'd go to any length to defeat me. But now, you can't wield your sword unless I move. I wouldn't mind if you'd rather postpone this.
Guts : You know, you talk too much. Let me tell you, in battle there is only one way you should be using your mouth! (bites down on the sword)

(After a fierce duel, Griffith manages to overpower Guts)

Griffith : Now, my friend, you have a choice: Admit defeat, or I will be forced to dislocate your shoulder. Either way makes no difference to me. Now choose.
Guts: (begrudgingly) You...bastard. (Griffith cripples Guts, defeating him. The other Hawks rush to congratulate Griffith.)

Griffith(to Guts after he relocated his arm): For now on, you belong to me.

Casca: (criticizing Guts' reckless behavior in battle) You haven't changed in the past three years. You're satisfied as long as you get to just cross swords with the enemy. You don't care at all about the lives of the men you lead; you're just a mad dog! (Guts grabs Casca's wrist)
Guts: You're wrong! I do think about my comrades. I'm not...who I used to be."

Zodd (over being harmed): I've encountered two men who are able to inflict wounds on my body. A shame I have to kill them both.
Zodd: First, I'll take care of this one.
[Advances on Griffith before seeing the behelit.]
'Zodd: T-This is the Egg of the King! T-That cannot be! A boy like him possesses the Crimson Behelit? I see! So this is their plan...
[Punches a wall while spouting wings.]
Zodd (to Guts): Boy, we'll suspend our duel for the time being. But I'll give you some advice. Or rather, I will foretell your doom. If this man is a true friend to you, be prepared! For when this man's dreams come crashing down, you shall meet your death! A death that you shall not escape!

Guts: (after Griffith asks him to assassinate Julius) This is unlike you; You should just order me to do your bidding, without saying all that other crap.

Griffith: With no relation to social status, class, background, whether it suits them or not, people yearn for a dream. Sustained by a dream, hurt by a dream, revived by a dream, killed by a dream. And even after being abandoned by a dream, it continues to smolder from the bottom of one's heart, probably until the verge of death. A man should envision such a lifetime once. A life spent as a the God named "Dream". Ultimately, to be born, and then to simply live for no better reason...I can't abide such a life. They are...excellent troops. Together we have faced death so many times. They are my valuable comrades, devoting themselves to the dream I envision. But to me, a friend is...something else. Someone who would never depend on another's dream. Someone who wouldn't be compelled by anyone, but would determine and pursue his own reason to live...And should anyone trample that dream, he would oppose him body and soul, even if that threat were me myself. For me to call a man my friend, he must be equal to me in all respects.

The Battle of DoldreyEdit

The DescentEdit

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