Bernard-Henri Lévy

French film director and philosopher

Bernard-Henri Lévy (born 5 November 1948) is a French public intellectual, media personality, and author. Often referred to in France simply as BHL, he was one of the leaders of the "Nouveaux Philosophes" (New Philosophers) movement in 1976. He frequently writes on the subject of anti-Semitism.

Bernard-Henri Lévy en 2011

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  • The world was rightly horrified by America’s recent blunder in bombing the Médecins sans Frontières’ hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. But how many Syrian Kunduzes will result from Russian airstrikes if the Kremlin continues to favor bombs over guided missiles?
    • West should not appease Russia [1]

Barbarism with a Human Face (1977) edit

Harper & Row, 1980
  • I am the bastard child of an unholy union between fascism and Stalinism. I am the contemporary of a strange twilight when the clouds above are dissolving amid the clash of arms and the cries of the tortured. The only revolution I know, the one which may grant notoriety to this century, is the Nazi plague and red fascism. Hitler did not die in Berlin. Conqueror of his conquerors, he won the war in the stormy night into which he plunged Europe. Stalin did not die in Moscow nor at the Twentieth Congress. He is here among us, a stowaway in the history that he still haunts and bends to his mad will. You say the world is doing well? It's certain in any case that it keeps on going, since it isn't changing. But never before has the will to death become so nakedly and cynically unleashed. For the first time the gods have left us, no doubt weary of wandering on the plain of ashes where we have made our home. And I am writing in an age of Barbarism which is already, silently, remaking the world of men.
    • p. ix

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  • The French playboy philosopher, who toppled Gaddafi, ponders the big questions. And fervently supports Israel.
    • Why Does Everyone Hate Bernard-Henri Lévy, Jacques Hyzagi [2]
  • Few international figures today are as repulsive as Bernard Henri-Levy. The Franco-Jewish “philosopher”, writer, and all-around warmonger has never seen an opening that he couldn’t force himself into, especially when the chance that human blood would be spilled presents itself. The shitbag has been at the forefront of any and all ‘humanitarian interventions’, which, coincidentally enough, serve US foreign policy interests and liberal shibboleths of the Popperian variety.

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