Bequeathed Teachings Sutra

Mahayana sutra purporting to describe the final teachings of Gautama Buddha before his death

Bequeathed Teachings Sutra is a brief Mahayana sutra containing instructions left by the Gautama Buddha.


  • Those who maintain pure discipline must not engage in commerce and trade. They must not own fields and houses, or keep slaves or domestic animals. They must stay far away from all forms of wealth and property, as if avoiding a fiery pit. They must not cut down plants or till the soil. They must not engage in compounding medicines or doing prognostication and augury. They must not engage in gazing at the constellations or plotting the movements [of the stars] through the sky.
    • as translated by J. C. Cleary, in Apocryphal Scriptures (BDK: 2005)

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