Benji: Off the Leash!

2004 film by Joe Camp

Benji: Off the Leash! (in 108 minutes release in June 14, 2022 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) is a 2004 American comedy-drama film.

Directed, written, and produced by Joe Camp.

Terrance Muncy HatchettEdit

  • No, everything is not okay!
  • WHAT?!
  • [to Oozie] Get your hands off me, now!


  • Would you calm down, or they rest of this day in a jail cell!?
  • Leave the animals alone!


  • Terrance Muncy Hatchett: Find out you stupid won't we!
  • Ozzie: Nancy, is everyone okay?
  • Finch: What happened, Ozzie?


Terrance Muncy Hatchett: WHAT'S THIS!?! [kicks and smashes bottle] You stole this dog from me?!
Colby: No I didn't. She got loose on her own.
Terrance Muncy Hatchett: Well don't give me that! This is the most rare, most expensive breeder I've got this! Now look what's happened. It's gotten tied up with some mongrel and had mixed-breed puppies, I will never getting prison. [throws puppy across the room]
Superhero: (gasps) It is not nice to THROWN THE PUPPIES!
Terrance Muncy Hatchett: Probably not these, too. Leastwise they look like their mamma, so I can probably still sell them for pure. I'm 'bout inclined to sell you too, or something worse and you gonna be killing me. Now pick up these puppies and get your but in the truck. [Colby approaches the light puppy] Did you hear what I said boy? Pick up these puppies!
Superhero: Leave the animals alone, or I'll call the police!
Terrance Muncy Hattchett: NO!
Grouchy Smurf: ''YES!!!!'' [kicks Mr. Hatchett in the nuts]
Colby: Did you forget that you slung one clear across the room?
Terrance Muncy Hatchett: Not that one, I can't get nothing for no mutts, so it ain't going on the payroll. Get the black ones.
Colby: What about this one?
Terrance Muncy Hatchett: Not my concern, now move it!
Colby: If you leave him here, he'll die!

Officer Ozzie: *Why*, it's no used for?!

Terrance Muncy Hatchett: What you mean missing you're dog. You telling missed you dog. Do you hear me?! ([to Colby's Mom] You're fired!) [grabs Colby and Animal Control Officer shocked] TELL HIM THIS IS A DOG RIGHT NOW!!! IT'S--
Officer Ozzie: [grabs Mt. Hatchett] Calm yourself down Mr. Hatchett?!
Terrance Muncy Hatchett: Get you hands off me, (or I will kill myself!)
Officer Ozzie: Either would you calm down, or rest in day a *jail* cell!

Home mediaEdit

Release date Studio
*November 1, 2005 (VHS/DVD)
*September 30, 2008 (DVD)
*June 24, 2014 (Blu-ray; The Lego Movie trailer)
Warner Home Video
TBA Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (under Studio Distribution Services)

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