Bendy and the Ink Machine

2017 horror video game

Bendy and the Ink Machine is an episodic first-person survival horror video game. The Game's Story centers around a former animator named Henry Stein who is invited by his old friend, Joey Drew, to see something in the old animation studio, only to find himself trying to escape with his life from what appear to be the characters from the cartoons he and Joey used to make.

Henry Stein

  • Only two weeks into this company and already it's gotten interesting. Joey is a man of ideas... and only ideas. When I agreed to start this whole thing with him, I thought there would be a little more give and take. Instead, I give and he takes. I haven't seen Linda for days now. Still, someone has to make this happen. When in doubt, just keep drawing, Henry. On the plus side, I've got a new character I think people are going to love.
  • If anyone finds this, my name is Henry and I've been trapped far below Joey Drew Studios, a man I used to work for. There's crazy things happening down here. Monsters, demons, angels. And right now, two of them are holding me prisoner. I don't know how to get of here, but there's more. There's a secret hiding in the shadows. I just feel like I'm being watched. There's something at work here. If anyone finds this, you must not - Hold on. They're coming back...
  • It's me, it's Henry. It's been a while since I last recorded. Mostly been spending my days doodling, passing the time I can. I heard my captors arguing today. It seems they...still don't know what to do with me. I guess that makes sense because I don't know what to make of them either. Times like this I wish Boris was still with me. He didn't say much, Boris, but...he was a good friend to have. I miss him. I just couldn't save him. But I promise, I will get out of the studio, if it's the last thing I do.
  • This may be my last chance to record a message. I'm pretty sure he saw me talking into this thing. He probably won't let me keep it. There's not much else left to say except...Linda, I miss you and I love you so much. Coming back to this old place well...hell, it kind of reminds me of how much I gained. I feel like there's so many questions that need answering, so many things that don't make any sense. If anyone hears this, if you make it out, don't ever return, because the Ink Demon will find you.
  • [first and last lines] Alright Joey, I'm here. Let's see if we can find what you wanted me to see.
  • (repeats in chapter 5) Hey here's my old desk. I've wasted so much time in this chair.
  • Looks like they knocked out a wall or two after I left. Guess it took a few people to replace me.
  • This lift could use a few dry cells.
  • Let's see what you're hiding down there, old friend.
  • Alright! How do I get this to work?
  • Who put this here?!
  • Oh my God, Joey, what were you doing?
  • Ok! That's all of them!
  • Now I just need to get the ink flowing somehow. Should be a switch around here somewhere. Then I can start up the main power.
  • (Every time he finds TheMeatly cutout) What the heck is this?
  • This will definitely come in handy.
  • Ugh, oh my head. What happened?
  • Well, I guess there's only one thing to do: Press on. See if I can find a way out.
  • How did this place get so big?
  • Hello! Excuse me! Can you help me! Hello?
  • Where the hell did he go?
  • Need to get power to this gate somehow. Should be a couple of switches nearby. Then maybe I can open it.
  • It's really dark in here.
  • Looks like the stairwell is flooded. If I'm going to get out of here, I'll need to find a way to drain it.
  • Well there's the pump switch alright. But that's one hell of a leak blocking the door though. If I could just stop that ink from flowing, maybe I can get in.
  • I know there's something I've gotta do in here. But I feel like I am missing something.
  • One down.
  • Oh no, there's no valve. Where did it go?
  • Was that thing holding my valve?
  • Sorry I had to do that. Nice hat, though.
  • Ok, that should do it.
  • Hello? Someone there? I know you're in here. Come out and show yourself.
  • Boris?
  • I'm not getting out of here that easy. Need to open the door but the lever is missing. Boris probably has it.
  • Hey buddy. Have you seen that lever handle around? Or are you holding it hostage until I make you something to eat? I thought so. Let's see what we got.
  • That should be enough.
  • Here you go.
  • Let's see what's out there. Don't wander off.
  • Looks like it's really dark up ahead. Let's find some light.
  • Don't be scared, Boris. I'll keep the light near you so you don't get lost.
  • Did you hear that? Yeah. Me either.
  • Another dead end. I don't see any other way through. You got any ideas, Boris?
  • Wow. I don't remember any of this.
  • Why is there always something blocking the door? Gotta be a way through!
  • Boris! You scared me to death! Don't suppose you found anything we can use to protect ourselves with?
  • This will do.
  • Looks like to open this, we're going to need to throw two levers at once. You get this one. I'll find the other.
  • Definitely something missing here.
  • So that's how it works.
  • I can get across here if I can find a way to fix this.
  • This haunted house seems like the way to go. But it's going to need some power. Hang in there, Boris. I'm coming.
  • That's one.
  • Looks like I've got some company up ahead. Without some kind of weapon, I don't stand a chance.
  • That's two.
  • That makes three. One to go.
  • Boris!! No, no.. What has she done to you?!
  • I know that song.
  • I was invited by an old friend... and now I can't leave.
  • Are you going to let me out of here?
  • My name is Henry... I used to work here.
  • You're the one that writes on the walls.
  • Why do you call him "Tom"?
  • Well, I don't think he's very fond of me.
  • Where does it all lead to?
  • Alice... please let me out of here.
  • And what do you think?
  • What's going on?
  • Sounds like something's in the paddlewheel.
  • Was that "him"?
  • Now that's interesting.
  • Not these guys again. Better stay out of sight.
  • How did you get down here?]
  • Look, I know where we have to go.. but it's not going to be pleasant. The Ink Demon has something that we need... I'm going after him.
  • That's where the trail seems to lead.
  • We'll have to wade across.
  • Then i guess it's all up to me... and I don't even know what I'm doing here. I don't even know why this is all happening to me.
  • They could have at least given me a weapon.
  • The end

Joey Drew

  • There's nothing wrong with dreaming. Wishing for the impossible is just human nature. That's how I got it started. Just a pencil and a dream. We all want everything without even having to lift a finger. They say you just have to believe. Belief can make you succeed. Belief can make you rich. Belief can make you powerful. Why with enough belief, you can even cheat death itself. Now that... is a beautiful and positively silly thought.
  • I believe there's something special in all of us. With true inner strength, you can conquer even your biggest challenges. You just have to believe in yourself and remain honest, motivated, and above all, who you really are. Ok, let's stop it right there. I can only do so many takes of this trash a day. And tell the guys in writing I want more use of the word dreaming in every message. Keep railing on that, get it? Dreaming! Dreaming! Dreaming! People just eat up that kind of slop. Hmm, what? It's still on? Well, turn it off, damn it!
  • A small memo to all administration offices: Rumors have begun to fly that we simply can't tolerate any longer. The idea that the company is in some form of financial difficulty is untrue and a slanderous lie against us. It's also been known to me that some backroom incompetents are not trusting in my leadership. As a leader, I'm always steering the boat, guiding our destiny. Looking at the big picture. No need for you people to worry about such complicated things. Just do whatever it is you do and trust your leader... which is me.
  • Listen, Tommy, I know you boys over at Gent are doing your best, but I'm paying for living attractions, not weird abominations! Whatever that grinning thing was I saw wandering around your office, you better keep it locked up tight! I realize it was the first attempt but imagine if the press caught sight of it! Might scare off investors! And in response to your previous memo: If you claim your failures are because these things are soulless, then, damn it, we'll get them a soul! After all, I own thousands of 'em!
  • I know how much this part means to ya, Susie. Alice means a lot to me too. Gosh, all of my characters do! In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret. I too really believe my characters are more than just drawings. They're alive. They're part of us. And I want people to know them as well as I do. I want people to be able to shake their hands, spend an afternoon with 'em. Love them. Susie, I'll be straight with you. I'm putting together a small project... a little ceremony if you will. If it works, a lot of dreams will come true. And I want you to be a part of it. ...I want you to bring Alice to life once again. What do ya say?
  • It's simply awe-inspiring what one can accomplish with their own hands! A lump of clay can turn to meaning!... if you strangle it with enough enthusiasm. Look what we've built! We created life itself, Henry! Not just on the silver screen, but in the hearts of those we've entertained with our fancy moving pictures! But... when the tickets stopped selling, when the next big thing came along, only the monsters remained. Shadows of the past. But you can save them, Henry! You can peel it all away! You see, there's only one thing Bendy has never known: He was there for his beginning, but he's never seen... The End.
  • Henry? So soon? I didn't expect you for another hour yet. Now you're just trying to impress me. But I know, I know. You have questions. You always do! The only important question is this: who are we, Henry? I thought I knew what I was but the... success-starved me. Nothing left but lines on-page. In the end, we follow two different roads of our own making. You, a lovely family, me, a crooked empire. And my road burned. I let my creations became my life. The truth is you were always so good at pushing, old friend, pushing me to do the right thing. You should have pushed a little harder. Henry. Come visit the old workshop, there's something I need to show you.

Wally Franks

  • At this point, I don't get what Joey's plan is for this company. The animations sure aren't being finished on time anymore, and I certainly don't see why we need this...machine. It's noisy, it's messy, and who needs that much ink anyway? Also, get this: Joey had each one of us "donate" something from our work stations. We put them on these little pedestals in the break room. "To help appease the gods", Joey says. "Keep things going". I think he's lost his mind, but, hey, he writes the checks. But I tell you what, if one more of these pipes burst, I'm outta here.
  • So I go to get my dustpan from the hall closet the other day and guess what? I can't find my stupid keys. It's like they disappeared into thin air or something. All I can think of is that they must have fallen in one of the garbage cans as I was making my rounds last week. I just hope nobody tells Sammy. Because if he finds out I lost my keys again, I'm outta here.
  • I don't get it. Everyone's walking around here like grandma just died. Nothing but angry faces everywhere. These people gotta lighten up. I mean, hello! You make cartoons! Your job is to make people laugh. I'm tellin' ya. If these people don't start crackin' a smile every now and then, I'm outta here.
  • These guys down at the warehouse get to play games all day while I'm stuck cleaning up after 'em. They keep locking themselves out of their own backroom. So I say to 'em, "look guys," I say, "you're smart, right? Here's an idea! Why not rig these games to knock open the door if ya win? It'll be fun for you guys, and it saves me the trip down here every day." They went for it like a dog to pot roast. I tell ya! If these guys don't start realizing who the real genius is, I'm outta here.
  • So turns out it's my lucky day! I got to cleaning some of the offices around 2 AM last night. And what do ya think I find on one of the chairs? A big freaking chocolate cake. Just sitting there! Practically yelling my name! You know, I work hard! I earn my pay. Every darn dollar. But you know what this company's missing? Little, benefiting perks. And this here cake? It's a perk! Hopefully, no one finds out what I have done. Cause if they did, I can tell ya what would happen. I'm outta here.

Thomas Connor

  • It's dark and it's cold and it's stuck in behind every single wall now. In some places, I swear this godforsaken ink is clear up to my knees! Whoever thought that these crummy pipes could hold up under this kind of strain either knows something about the pressure I don't, or he's some kind of idiot. But the real worst part about all this.. are them noises the system makes. Like a dying dog on its last legs. Make no mistake, this place... this... machine... heck, this whole darn thing... it just isn't natural. You can bet, I won't be doing any more repair jobs for Mister Joey Drew.
  • These blasted elevators... sometimes they open... sometimes they don't... sometimes they come... sometimes they keep on going to Hell and back. I keep telling these people, if Mister Joey Drew keeps cutting corners like this, someone's sure to end up falling to their death. And it sure ain't gonna be me. I'm taking the stairs.
  • Progress report to Gent Home Office. Client: Joey Drew Studios. Although we're making progress, the client's expectations keep changing. What started as a machine to simply mold life-size figures, now seems to be teetering on the edge of magic more than engineering. Although Mr. Drew remains convinced they're the same thing. The process of running the cartoon film through the machine for the figures to imprint upon themselves is going well. We've had several near successes. One weird note: the first figure ever created was a failed attempt in the likeness of the character called "Bendy". Since that time, no other attempts of this particular figure have emerged. And the one that did... I don't know, there's just something unworldly about him.

Bertrum Piedmont

  • For forty years, I've built attractions that stagger the imagination! Colossal wonders such as the world have never seen! I have earned my legacy with sweat. But right in front of everyone... high-level investors, Wall Street tycoons, the ever-tactless Joey Drew introduces me, the great Bertrum Piedmont, as Bertie. Like I was his child. You may pay me, Mister Drew! But you don't own me! I'll build you a park bigger than anything YOU could ever possibly conceive! But before you go taking any bows, Mister Drew, know this grand achievement will belong to me... and to me alone.
  • The biggest park ever built, a centerfold of attractions. Each one is grander than the one before it. It makes my eyes come to tears at the thought. And then, oh Mister Drew. For all your talk of dreams, you are the true architect behind so many nightmares. I built this park, It was to be a masterpiece! My masterpiece! And now you think you can just throw me out? Trample me to the dust and forget me? No! This is my park! My glory! You may think that I'm gone, but I'm still here

Lacie Benton

  • The only thing that works here is my ulcer. Half these people don't know a wrench from a dang steamroller. Bunch of morons are what they are. Spend their day in the warehouse arguin' over who's supposed to be doin' what or playing these silly games. Still, I'm not complainin'. I get most of my time to myself. Suits me just fine. The only thing that bothers me is that mechanical demon in the corner. Bertrum's been working on it for a month now. Says it will walk someday and maybe dance. All it does now is give me the creeps. I swear, when my back's turned... that thing is movin'.

Norman Polk

  • Every day the same strange thing happens. I'll be up here in my booth, the band will be swinging and suddenly Sammy Lawrence just comes marching in and shuts the whole thing down. Tells us all to wait in the hall. Then I hear him. He starts up my projector, and he dashes from the projector booth and down to the recording studio like the little devil himself was chasing behind. A few seconds later, the projector turns off. But Sammy, oh no he don't come out for a long time. This man is weird. Crazy weird. I have half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this. But then again I have to admit that Mr. Drew has his own peculiarities.
  • Now I'm not lookin' for trouble. It's just the nature of us projectionist to seek out the dark places. You see, I've learned the ins and outs of this here studio. I know how to avoid being bothered by the likes of this... company. That projectionist, they always say, creeping around, he's just lookin' for trouble. Well, trouble or not, I see's everything. They don't even know when I'm watchin'. Even when I'm right behind' em

Shawn Flynn

  • I don't be seeing what the big deal is. So what if I went and painted some of those Bendy dolls with a crooked smile? That's sure no reason for Mr. Drew to be flyin' off the handle at me. And if he really wants to be so helpful, he could be tellin' me what I am to be doing with that warehouse I got full of that angel whatchamacallit! Not a scrap of that mess be sellin'! Probably have to melt it all down to be rid of it all.

Grant Cohen

  • They say that the real problem with Mr. Drew's is that he never actually tells us little people anything. Oh, sure, according to him there's always big stuff coming, adventure and fame and the like. But I'm the guy, see, who has to make sure that our budget doesn't go all out of whack just cause genius upstairs went out and got himself another idea. Speaking of which, and this is top secret, apparently, Mr. Drew has another large project in mind now... and it ain't gonna be cheap.

Jack Fain

  • I love the quiet, and that's hard to come found by these busy times. And yeah, sure, it may stink to high heaven down here. But it's just perfect for an old lyricist like me. Sammy's songs always got some bounce, but if I didn't get away once in a while, they'd never any words to go with them. So I'll keep my mind a-singin' and my nose closed.

Sammy Lawrence

  • He appears from the shadows to rain his sweet blessings upon me. The figure of ink that shines in the darkness. I see you, my savior. I pray you to hear me. Those old songs, yes, I still sing them. For I know you are coming to save me. And I will be swept into your final loving embrace. But, love requires sacrifice. Can I get an amen?
  • I said, can I get an amen?
  • So first, Joey installs this Ink Machine over our heads. Then it begins to leak. Three times last month, we couldn't even get out of our department because the ink has flooded the stairwell. Joey's solution? An ink pump to drain it periodically. Now I have this ugly pump switch right in my office. People in and out all day. Thanks, Joey. Just what I need. More distractions. These stupid cartoon's songs don't write themselves, you know.
  • Every artistic person needs a sanctuary. Joey Drew has his and I got mine. To enter you need only know my favorite song:

The drum thunders in triumph.

The drum echoes out once more.

The piano delicately calls.

The piano returns in graceful harmony.

The banjo playfully plucks.

The banjo, once again, strums its melody.

The bass fiddle sings with deep articulation.

The bass fiddle returns and sings aloud.

The violin shudders with a piercing voice.

The violin again screams.

Sing my song and my sanctuary will open to you.

  • There we go now. Nice and tight. We wouldn't want our sheep roaming away now, would we? No, we wouldn't. I must admit I am honored you came all the way down here to visit me. It almost makes what I'm about to do seem cruel. But the believers must honor their savior. I must have him notice me. Wait. You look familiar to me... that face... Not now. For our lord is calling to us, my little sheep. The time of sacrifice is at hand! And then, I will finally be freed from this... prison. This inky... dark... abyss I call a body. Shhhhh... Quiet! Listen! I can hear him. Crawling above... Crawling! Let us begin. The ritual must be completed! Soon he will hear me... he will set us free.
  • Sheep, sheep, sheep, It's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead. Hear me, Bendy! Arise from the darkness! Arise and claim my offering! Free me! I beg you! I summon you, ink demon! Show your face and take this tender sheep! No! My lord! Stay back! I am your prophet! I am your- AAAHHH!!
  • We've all been waiting, but now... He will set... us... free.
  • BETRAYED!!! ABANDONED!!! I trusted you! I gave you everything....and you left me to rot! ...Why? WHY!?
  • Come here and put your face in my axe!
  • I'm going to cut that smile right off your face!
  • He lies! HE ALWAYS LIES!!!
  • He said he'd save me. He said he'd set me free! Now, I have nothing. NOTHING!!!
  • My lord! Why have you forsaken me?!
  • No! Don't look at me. Stay away!
  • HA! You lied to me. You said I'd be free. Well, I'm going to free you now. Free your head right off your shoulders! Sheep, sheep sheep... it's time for... sleep.

Susie Campbell

  • It may only be my second month working for Joey Drew, but I can already tell I'm gonna love it here! People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel voice. Sammy says she may be as popular as Bendy someday. These past few weeks I've voiced everything from talking chairs to dancing chickens. But this is the first character I really felt a connection with. Like she's a part of me. Alice and I, we are going places.
  • Everything feels like it's coming apart. When I walked into the recording booth today, Sammy was there with that... Allison. Apparently, I didn't get the memo. Alice Angel will now be voiced by Miss Allison Pendle. A part of me died when he said that. There's gotta be a way to fix this!
  • Who would've thought? Me having lunch with Joey Drew! Apparently times are tougher than I thought. For a moment there, I thought I'd be stuck with the check. But I gotta say, he wasn't at all what I expected. Quite the charmer. He even called me Alice. I liked it.
  • They told me I was perfect for the role. Absolutely perfect. Now Joey's going around saying things behind closed doors. I can always tell. Now he wants to meet again tomorrow, says he has an "opportunity" for me. I'll hear him out. But if that smooth talker thinks he can double-cross an angel and get away with it, well, oh he's got another thing coming. Alice, oooh, she doesn't like liars.

Twisted Alice


Also another version of Susie.

  • I see you there. A new fly in my endless web. Come along now. Let's see if you're worthy to walk with angels.
  • You're so interesting... so different. I have to say, I'm an instant fan. Looks like you've got a date with an angel! Come to me now. Level Nine. Just follow the screams.
  • Come on, step out of your cage. There's a whole twisted world out there.
  • Look around. It so many of them to make me so beautiful. Anything less than perfect was left behind. I had to do it. She made me.
  • Hm. Now we come to the question... Do I kill you? ...Do I tear you apart to my heart's delight? The choices of the beautiful are unbearable. How's a girl to choose? Take this little freak for instance! He crawled in here... Trailing his tainted ink to my door! It could have touched me! It could have pulled me back!! Do you know what it's like? Living in the dark puddles? It's a buzzing, screaming well of voices! Bits of your mind, swimming... like... like fish in a bowl! The first time I was born from its' inky womb, I was a wriggling, pussing, shapeless slug. The second time... well... It made me an angel! I will not let the demon touch me again. I'm so close now. So... almost perfect. Yes. I will spare you. For now. Better yet... I'll even let you ascend and leave this place. If you will do a few eensy, weensy little favors for me first. Return to the lift, my little errand boy. We have work to do!
  • My machines are hungry. Gather me some spare parts!
  • There are so few rules to our world now. So little truths. But there is one rule that we all know and respect down here. Beware the Ink Demon. Stay out in the open for too long and he will find you. For if you see him, you'd better hide. If you don't, well, I enjoyed our date.
  • Have you met him? The Ink Demon? They say he hears everything. Every creak of the floor. Every rustle of paper. I wouldn't run so fast if I were you, you never know what will draw him in.
  • Ah, that should be plenty. Return them to me. And try not to die on the way back.
  • Sammy said I always had talent. He was always a good liar. Still, he was once a very handsome man.
  • Have you seen them? The swollen ones! They're just stuffed full of extra thick ink. It makes me sick. And yet... it's the perfect thing for keeping myself together. If you're going to catch them, you're going to have to learn to move quietly. Come back to my door. I have something that you'll need.
  • How sickening! It makes my skin crawl! But the task is done. Bring me back my equipment, please.
  • Once upon a time, there was an angel. And she was beautiful. And loved by all. She was perfect. No matter what Joey says.
  • I'll make this simple. Look for valve panels. Turn the little wheels. Then bring me their power cores. Please don't make me regret sparing you. I can always change my mind.
  • There was a time when people knew my name. "It's Alice Angel!" They'd say. Feels like so long ago. But those days can come back. Dreams come true, Susie. Dreams come true.
  • You see those grinning demons? Let's remove them, shall we? I've got just the tool to make this even more enjoyable.
  • Ah, now that was fun! Oh! But I forgot to mention. ...he hates it when I do that. I would hide if I were you.
  • These disgusting wretches that wandered my halls, have gone unchecked! They're trying to drag me back to the darkness! Don't let them take your angel! Purge them one by one! Smash them into puddles! Kill them!
  • So quiet. Like a welcoming grave. I like the silence, don't you?
  • I hate leaving work unfinished! Fortunately, I have you to pick up the pieces. But you'll have to go even deeper. Down, down, down into the abyss. Take the lift down. Say hello to an old friend.
  • Sending you a little present. A little firepower. Take good care of it. It belonged to someone very special
  • Oops. I forgot. It's a little hard to get a hold of. Oh well, better luck next time.
  • Shhhh... there he is. The Projectionist. Skulking in the darkness. You be sure to stay out of his light, if you don't want trouble. Just bring me back the pieces I need.
  • Tell me. Were they still writhing in your hands? Bring them to me now! I don't like to wait.
  • It seems we've reached the end of my todo list, my little errand boy. I hope you enjoyed our time together. I'll always treasure it. Return to the lift. It's time to go home.
  • Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like? I like to dream that it's quite beautiful. A soft valley of green grass, blanketed by a warm sun. I don't think I'll ever get to see it. Are you ready to ascend, my little errand boy? The heavens are waiting. [crying turning into maniacal laugher] Did you really think I'd let you steal from me?! Did you really think I'd just let you go?! No, Henry! I know who you are! And I know why you're here! And you will not stop what needs to be done! Now come down and BRING ME BACK MY BORIS! It's the most perfect Boris I've ever seen, and I want it! I need it. I need its insides so that I can be beautiful again! Don't you understand? Don't you get it?! Give him to me!! Or better yet, I'll take him! Once... you're... DEAD!
  • I see you there, my little errand boy. Your angel is always watching. What is it that keeps you going? Is it the thrill of the hunt? The thirst for your freedom? Or perhaps... You're just looking for a little, friendly, wolf... Better hurry errand boy. Boris is having trouble staying in one piece.
  • Tell me, are you having fun? I'm sure Boris doesn't mind waiting for his rescue party.
  • Now the ride truly begins Henry, come in and pretend it's all just a bad dream.
  • It's a funny thing, how so much can fall apart so fast. We never really had control at the studio, either you were in someone's pocket or you were putting someone into yours. I just wanted what was promised to me, I just wanted to be beautiful! Surely you can understand that. Henry..Why are you here? We're all dying to find out! Do you just enjoy the terror of the drop into hell? because if that's the case...Hang on tight..I've got a surprise..
  • Hahaha! Meet the new and improved Boris! I took what I wanted, and in return, I gave him so much more! And this time, there's no Ink Demon, no escape. Boris, tear him apart! Leave nothing!
  • No!!! No! No! No!... Why can't you ever just die?!


  • Wally Franks: Alright let's go over this again. If the pressure goes over 45, I screw the safety bolt in tighter, right?
Thomas Connor: No! For the last time, you do that, you'll blow every pipe in this place! If it reaches 45, you unhook the safety switch.
Wally Franks: You sure? You know, this sounds harder than comparing ear wax to bee's wax!
Thomas Connor: Look, it's not that difficult! Just keep an eye on the gauge!
Wally Franks: Look, pal, if you think I'm doing my job AND yours, I'm outta here!
  • Allison: [Humming]
Henry Stein: I know that song.
Allison: Everyone knows that song. Who are you? Why are you here?
Henry Stein: I was invited by an old friend... and now I can't leave.
Allison: Then you know more than we do. One minute, we don't even exist. Just... thoughts... And the next minute... this place.
Henry Stein: Are you gunna let me out of here?
Allison: Down here, strangers aren't good things. How can we trust you? We don't even know what you are.
Henry Stein: My name is Henry. I used to work here.
Allison: I... I honestly don't know my name... so they call me Alice. But I'm no angel. You go back and rest. We'll talk again later.
  • Allison: I know you're watching me, it's just... a little creepy
Henry: You're the one that writes on the walls.
Allison: We all do. For some little souls down here is the only way they can be heard. But you don't want to touch the ink for too long! It can claim you... pull you back. That's how I met Tom. I was messing with things I shouldn't have been and he... he was here.
Henry: Why do you call him Tom?
Allison: He just seems to respond to it.
Henry: Well, I don't think he's very fond of me.
Allison: Let me show you something. Awhile back, I was mapping out one of the upper levels when I noticed something reflecting off a piece of glass. I held up the glass, looked through and the wall behind me was a hidden message! Right there in plain sight! So I kept looking... and I found more hidden messages everywhere in the studio! But you can't see them with your eyes. Only through this! I don't know who's leaving them, but I think they know how To get out of here.
Henry: What does it all lead to?
Allison: Nowhere. I followed them for a long time... just leads me in circles. I don't think I am meant to leave this place, Henry. But maybe, you are.
  • Henry: Alice, please let me out of here.
Allison: Tom thinks you're dangerous.
Henry: And what do you think?
Allison:I-I think you are the hope we are waiting for. Go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
  • Allison: That was really stupid Tom! You shouldn't gone out there! Now he's seen you it's only a matter of time, before he finds us here!
  • Allison: We can't leave him here! Not with the Ink Demon right outside the door!
Henry: What's going on?
Allison: He's coming. We have to move on! Tom, we have to let him out! I'm sorry. [She escape with Tom leaving Henry alone]
  • Allison: That was close! You're lucky we were in the neighborhood.
[ground rumbles]
Henry: Was that "him"?
Allison: I don't think so. The Searchers and the Lost Ones built this place. Sammy must have been keeping them at bay. Now, that he's gone...
[Hostile Searchers and Lost Ones appear]
Allison: Looks like we're in for a fight. Get ready!
  • Allison: Looks like whatever was here was taken long ago...
Henry: How did you get down here?
Allison: It pays to carry a rope... you should try it.
Henry: Look, I know where we have to go... but it's not going to be pleasant. The Ink Demon has something that we need... I'm going after him.
Allison: You want to go to his lair? Are you crazy? That's death!
Henry: That's where the trail seems to lead.
Allison: Well, it's probably close by... probably through that door. But it won't be easy to open. I'll need three gears, a crowbar... hmm, some kind of counterbalance.
[Tom punches the door open]
Allison: Huh. Well, that works too... I guess.
  • Allison: Wow! I've never seen this before! I don't see anyway around, nothing to build a raft with.
Henry: We'll have to wade across.
Allison: We can't. We're not like you, Henry. If we go in there, well, a drop of water in the ocean is rarely seen again.
Henry: Then I guess it's all up to me and I don't even know what I'm doing here. I don't even know why this is all happening to me.
Allison: You're here for a reason, Henry. There's always a reason! Even when you can't understand it. It's time...set us free!


  • theMeatly - Henry Stein, Wally Franks, Norman Polk
  • Aaron Landon - Sammy Lawrence
  • Lauren Synger - Alice Angel, Twisted Alice, Allison Angel
  • Alanna Linayre - Susie Campbell
  • Mike Mood - Thomas Connor
  • Joe J. Thomas - Bertrum Piedmont, Lost Ones
  • Bookpast - Jack Fain
  • Lani Minella - Lacie Benton
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