Ben Hur (miniseries)

2010 television miniseries

Ben Hur is a 2010 miniseries about a Jewish prince who must regain his freedom.

Directed by Steve Shill. Written by Alan Sharp, based on the novel by Lew Wallace.


Judah Ben-Hur: He shows his regard for you as his son.
Messala: No, no it shows his regard for his own future, he wants a strongman on his side, someone with military renown to his name.
Judah Ben-Hur: Yes, and he's chosen you Messala.
Messala: No, not quite, he still hasn’t given me his name, I’m still his unacknowledged bastard, begotten of a mistress he abandoned when he found someone younger, no, my father the senator is a cruel, cunning, capricious man and those are some of his better qualities. He’s given me this chance, which I’m determined to take. Trouble is, the enmity of Pontius Pilate, so I must tread carefully, you could be of help to me Judah.
Judah Ben-Hur: Of course, in whatever way I can.
Messala: This festival of the Passover, should you know of any elements that plan to disrupt Pilate’s arrival, I want to know of them. It would reflect badly on me, understand?
Judah Ben-Hur: Are you asking me to become an informer Messala?
Messala: I’m asking you to help preserve the order of the Roman Province.


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