Ben Bradley (politician)

British politician (born 1989)

Benjamin David Bradley (born 11 December 1989) is a British Conservative Party politician. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Mansfield since the 2017 general election.


Political philosophyEdit

  • if you're willing to do the right thing and work hard, you should be rewarded.[1]

Ben Bradley under fire for urging jobless to have vasectomies, The Guardian (2018)Edit

Asthana, Anushka (2018-01-16). Ben Bradley under fire for urging jobless to have vasectomies. the Guardian.

  • There are hundreds of families in the UK who earn over £60,000 in benefits without lifting a finger because they have so many kids (and for the rest of us that’s a wage of over £90,000 before tax!).
  • People have to take responsibility for their own lives, and if they are struggling but working hard to help themselves then they should get help. But if they choose to have 10 kids they should take responsibility for that choice and look after them, not expect everyone else to foot the bill!
  • Families who have never worked a day in their lives having 4 or 5 kids and the rest of us having 1 or 2 means it’s not long before we’re drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters that we pay to keep! Iain Duncan Smith’s cap proposal is spot on!

Tory MP deletes tweet accusing Jeremy Corbyn of 'selling British secrets to Communist spies'Edit

  • Corbyn sold British secrets to communist spies. [2]

On BrexitEdit

  • Interviewer: The Conservative MP Ben Bradley is in the House of Commons, he voted to remain, then became a Brexiteer, then voted against the deal, then voted for the deal, then said he'd struggle to back the deal again, but now says he will back the deal. Ben Bradley, why do you get to change your mind?
    Bradley: I haven't changed my mind.

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