Bella Rwigamba is a Rwandan woman who is a Chief Digital Officer at the Ministry of Education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Development from HAN University in the Netherlands and a BBA in Information Management from the Adventist University of Central Africa.

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  • Parents will be able to see what is taught in class and use it to assist children during revision and homework. Users will just need to grab their smartphones, log in to the e-learning platform and enter the audio-visual section
  • The internet connectivity has reached 54% in schools, we still have a long way to go
  • The policy we have dates from 2016 and it is under review. To review it, we consult public and private partners. We need ideas that can be put in the new policy. Technology changes very fast, thus the need  to insert new things,
  • In 2016, we didn’t think that some things could happen, some were not considered. Further, Covid-19 changed many things at a very fast pace. The new policy will be shaped by the government, in partnership with development private partners. Everyone will have a role to play,
  • Internet prices are still a challenge, but not the biggest. All students don’t have computers. They are costly. The biggest challenge is that e-learning gadgets are not affordable for all households
  • Unaffordable e-learning gadgets are still an obstacle. Though, some parents and students have not yet also perceived the efficiency of technology in teaching and learning. The awareness is also much needed. This resistance of adjusting to technology has been indicated by parents who hire teachers to coach children in homes
  • Apart from challenges related to prices, people should understand that they can teach themselves using technology without necessarily hiring teachers.
  • Icyo na)vuga ni urugendo turimo dushyiramo ingufu rwo kugeza ikoranabuhanga mu mashuri yose mu gihugu,
  • Audio-visual content makes learning simple, effective, and entertaining. It will be a solution most especially for students who don’t know how to read,

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