Beiwen Zhang

American badminton player

Beiwen Zhang (Chinese: 张蓓雯) (born 12 July 1990) is a Chinese born American badminton player who is a singles specialist.

Beiwen Zhang in 2017


  • Like sometimes when a coach is behind you, they don’t really know how you feel. It’s hard for me to tell him, because I’m also thinking. If the coach and I think the same thing, that’s good, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Then do you listen to the coach, or do you listen to yourself?
  • If I had stayed in Singapore, I don’t think I would have what I have now. I’m too straightforward and ask questions, and some people don’t like that. When I had a problem, I didn’t get to talk to the SBA, only the coach. Now I can do whatever I want, I control my own life.
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