Behind Enemy Lines (2001 film)

2001 film by John Moore

Behind Enemy Lines a 2001 film is about a Navy navigator who is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops. Meanwhile his commanding officer goes against orders in an attempt to rescue him.

Directed by John Moore. Written by Zak Penn and David Veloz.
In War There Are Some Lines You Should Never Cross. taglines

Admiral Reigart

  • [on the radio] Burnett!! [Pauses due to no names over the airwaves] Zero-six, you’re a combat naval aviator, start acting like one. You've been shot down. Life is tough. I am very sorry. You pull yourself together. You do whatever it takes. Create some angles between you and your pursuers. Use your training, use your head. Evade and survive, and we will bring you home. Do you understand? We will bring you home.
  • [addressing Marines he will lead in his own rescue mission for Burnett] Gentlemen, I want to make one thing clear before we leave - I intend to put you in harm's way. Any man who doesn't wish to join this mission, step away right now. [the men are silent] All right, then, lets go get our boy back.


[Admiral Reigart receives Chris Burnett's resignation letter, with reservations]
Admiral Reigart: Are you gonna fly commercial jets? Troll the friendly skies in a bus? You've had an interesting career, Lieutenant. I remember when you came on board. Smart as a whip, tons of potential.
Chris Burnett: Thank you, sir.
Reigart: And then, on September 23rd, you received a non-punitive letter of caution for disorderly behavior at the China Fleet Club in Hong Kong. Another letter a month later for something involving Chinese New Year at Pattaya Beach in Thailand. One can only imagine what that was. Just out of curiosity, Lieutenant, what happened to you?
Burnett: Sir, I signed up to be a fighter pilot. I didn't wanna be a cop. I certainly didn't wanna be a cop walkin' the beat in a neighborhood no one cares about. That and the routine on the ship kinda wore me out.
Reigart: The routine?
Burnett: The routine.
Reigart: What you don't know from experience is that the routine, the systems checks, the drills, the maintaining of discipline, that's what you do to prepare for war.
Burnett: We're not at war, sir.
Reigart: Yes, we are. Unless we're parked in San Diego Bay, you're at war every time you step on this boat. You understand that?
Burnett: No, sir, I do not understand. If we're at war, why don't we act like it? 'Cos as far as I can tell, we go out, we fly around and we come back. Maybe we're pretending we're in the middle of the fight, but we're not fighting, we're watching.
Reigart: You should be glad you're not in a fight, Lieutenant. Because with your attitude, you wouldn't last long.
Burnett: Sir, with all due respect, I've given the Navy seven good years. I think I've served my country.
Reigart: You wouldn't know the FIRST thing about serving your country!!! You have two weeks remaining on this tour. You will serve them in a manner befitting a naval officer. I'll keep your letter in my pocket. At the end of those two weeks, you be on your way. [shuffles papers and stashes them away. looks back at Burnett] You're dismissed, mister.

Burnett: Son of a bitch! Did you see this? He puts us on a holiday mission, god damn it!
Stackhouse: Yeah, but look at the bright side, at least we get to fly, right?
Burnett: Yeah, during the one good meal of the year, it's almost as if he doesn't like us.
Stackhouse: No, no. You! Not me. You!

Rodway: Don't you forget what you are doing.
Burnett: What are we doing here? Are you kidding me? Well, I am eating Jello, and he is wiping his hands.
Rodway: You don't get to pick a fight. It comes to you.
Burnett: Yeah, I get it. But at least give me a fight that I can understand.

Babic: It's not safe here. We keep moving.
Burnett: No, you go. They killed my pilot because we took pictures of the graves, and I know where they are. And I am gonna get them, so he didn't die for no reason. Don't follow me, it's safer here.

Admiral Reigart: Our man is down behind enemy lines, now what the fuck is the problem?
Admiral Piquet: Do you have any idea how much damage this incident may cause to the peace process??!?
Admiral Reigart: All I know, Admiral, is that the American people want their pilot back.
Admiral Piquet: Exactly! Americans, all you care about is your own damn pilots! What happens when the fighting starts again? Will America recommit its forces to stop a major war? No, you don't have any control over that little detail, do you? You might have helped save your man today, Reigart, and I emphasize 'might', but you risk the lives of thousands tomorrow.

O'Malley: You will lose your command for this.
Admiral Reigart: So be it! I'm not gonna let that kid die out there while we sit around on this ship!


  • In War There Are Some Lines You Should Never Cross.
  • Prepare to cross the line.
  • Mission: to evade and survive.
  • His only weapon is his will to survive.