Before the Rain

1994 film by Milcho Manchevski

Before the Rain (Macedonian: Пред дождот, Pred doždot) is a 1994 film about a mysterious incident in the fabled Macedonian mountains that blows out of proportion, threatening to start a civil war, and bringing together a silent young monk, a London picture editor, and a disillusioned war photographer in a tragic tale of fated lovers.

Written and directed by Milcho Manchevski.
Once You Know The Faces You Will Begin To Understand The Story


  • With a shriek, birds flee across the black sky, people are silent, my blood aches from waiting.

Father Marko

  • Time never dies, the circle is not round.
  • I wanted to take a vow of silence, like you. But this heavenly beauty merits words.


  • Katrin Cartlidge - Anne
  • Rade Serbedzija - Aleksander
  • Grégoire Colin - Kiril
  • Labina Mitevska - Zamira
  • Jay Villiers - Nick
  • Silvija Stojanovska - Hana
  • Phyllida Law - Anne's Mother
  • Josif Josifovski - Father Marko
  • Kiro Ristevski - Father Damjan
  • Petar Mirčevski - Zdrave
  • Ljupčo Bresliski - Mitre
  • Igor Madžirov - Stojan
  • Ilko Stefanovski - Bojan
  • Suzana Kirandžiska - Neda
  • Katerina Kočevska - Kate
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