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Beethoven (film)

1992 film by Brian Levant

Beethoven is a 1992 American family film, directed by Brian Levant and starring Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt. The film is the first in the Beethoven film series.


Harvey: I'm so excited. That was my very first felony. I've commited a lot of misdemeanors but I do believe that was my very first felony!

Harvey: I really don't like it when you tease the dogs.
Vernon: What are you, some kind of animal lover?

George: No matter how many showers I take, I still smell Beethoven all over me.

Dr. Varnick: Here for his shots?
George: Yes.
Dr. Varnick: Well, he'll be a little groggy this evening.
George: That'll be nice.

Ted: Do you have any kids?
Brie: We have a career.

Alice: George, come on. Beethoven isn't even remotely dangerous. He'd never hurt the kids. He might take a bite out of you, though.
George: First snarl, first, any kind of weirdness and he's gone.
Alice: Weirdness? What should I watch for, hon? Wearing my clothes around the house?

Alice: I don't think words for parts of the body make very good names.
Emily: He's got one of those, I looked.
Alice: I'm sure he does. But I don't think Daddy would want to stand on the porch at night yelling that out.
Emily: But that's what you call Uncle Richard.

George: This is ridiculous! It's a dog. He doesn't have preferences! You could call him Ding-Dong Head and he wouldn't know the difference.

Brad: We want to get in bed with Newton Auto Air Freshners!

Devonia: [whilst playing the organ] You kids might be interested to know that I'm a featured performer Saturday nights at the Padded Zebra. [laughs]
[Ryce and Ted look out the window and notice Emily in the backyard pool]
Ryce: Oh, my gosh! Emily's in the pool!
Devonia: The POOL?!!

[after Emily's pool accident at Devonia's, Alice takes the kids home]
Devonia: She must've snuck out while I was watching Ted and Ryce. It was hot out, so I guess she wanted to take a little swim!
Alice: And where were you while all this was happening?
Devonia: I was where I was supposed to be: Inside, watching the other two. If Emily had stayed where I put her, none of this would've happened. If you ask me, what these children need is a little discipline.
Alice: What these children need is their mother. You're fired.


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