Beauty and the Beast (1987 TV series)

American drama series

Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990) was an urban fantasy series staring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. After a brutal attack in Central Park, ADA Catherine Chandler is brought into an underground society that lives in caves and tunnels deep under New York, where she meets and forms an empathetic bond with Vincent, a benevolent beast-like figure.

[Opening credits narration from Seasons 1 and 2]
Vincent: This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule. It is her world...a world apart from mine. Her Catherine. From the moment I saw her, she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth, and her courage. I knew then, as I know now, she would change my life...forever.
Catherine Chandler: He comes from a secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers, safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life...and now, wherever I go, he is with me, in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart.

[Opening credits narration from Season 3]
Vincent: In this city of night, in this city of millions, there are countless stories. This is one of two lovers who shared a bond that changed their lives forever. It is my story. Her compassion opened my heart to a world where goodness and truth were stronger than hate or fear. Then, one day, she was taken from me by the forces of evil she had battled so bravely. And now, alone with her memory, yet armed with her courage, I have sworn to fight those who would kill or harm or destroy in the hope that one day, I will find what all men seek to destiny.

Season 1


Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Father: Is she awake?
Vincent: Yes. She's very frightened.
Father: How could you bring a stranger down here? To where we live! You ignored our most important rule.
Vincent: I know that. But there was no other way.
Father: Do you know what they'd do if they caught you up there? Or found you down here? They'd kill you. Or put you behind bars and make you wish you were dead. How could you?
Vincent: How could I have turned my back on her, and left her there?

Father: [To Vincent] You know, you have the soul of a doctor. When I studied medicine, they wouldn't admit minorities. Wonder what they would have done with you? Let's not even think about it.
[Gives Vincent a kiss on the cheek.]

Vincent: We're below the city, below the subways. There's a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don't even know exists. There are no maps to where we are. It's a forgotten place. But it's warm, and it's safe, and we have all the room we need. So we live here and we try to live as well as we can. And we try to take care of each other. It's our city down here.

Catherine Chandler: I don't know what to believe.
Vincent: It's all true.

Catherine: I owe you everything.
Vincent: You owe me nothing. I am a part of you, Catherine, just as you are a part of me. Wherever you go, wherever I am, I'm with you.

Vincent: I've seen your world. There is no place for me in it. I know what I am. Your world is filled with frightened people, and I remind them of what they are most afraid of.
Catherine: Their own ignorance.
Vincent: Their aloneness.
Catherine: Yes.

Vincent: Catherine, I feel the things you are feeling when you do.
Catherine: How do you mean?
Vincent: Just know that it's true and that your pain is my pain. Sometimes it is almost as if we're one.

Father: She can only bring you unhappiness.
Vincent: Then I'll be unhappy. But I cannot forget her. We are still connected.
Father: Vincent, your senses, your empathic powers, are quite extraordinary. It's your gift. And these powers have been heightened by the concern, by the love that you feel, but don't let your act of kindness destroy you.
Vincent: Maybe I have no choice.

Vincent: Catherine, you survived. And what you endured will make you stronger and better.
Catherine: I don't have your strength. I don't know how to do it.
Vincent: You have the strength, Catherine, you do. I know you.

Vincent: I have never regretted what I am. Until now...I was born and I survived.

Vincent: You're safe. You're safe now. Don't be afraid. Please, don't be afraid.

Catherine: When I think of corporate law, stimulating is not a word that immediately pops into my mind.
Catherine's father: You know, when you put your mind to it, you're a fine corporate lawyer.
Catherine: No, Dad, I'm the daughter of a fine corporate lawyer.

Catherine: So sue me.
Catherine's father: It's a little late for that, I should have sued you when you were five.

Terrible Savior

Catherine: How can one man have so much courage and empathy and passion, and so little mercy?
Vincent: Perhaps he lost it somewhere, but he found it again in the end.

Vincent: They hunt for this man as they might hunt for me, if they dreamed of my existence.... By what right do I condemn him? Am I so very different?
Catherine: Yes, Vincent, you are.

Vincent: There is enough fear in your world. I could never bring you more.
Catherine: Forgive me for doubting you.
Vincent: Catherine, you have a right to be afraid.
Catherine: My heart knows how gentle you are.
Vincent: Even the gentlest man has a demon locked inside of him.
Catherine: Not you; not a demon.

Jason: [to Catherine] The city had its own myths. We are so rational, so sophisticated, so cynical that we still need our gods and demons, our heroes and villains... Some terrible fierce creature who haunts the dark places: something with a face of a demon, the soul of an angel.

Father: It's Catherine, isn't it?
Vincent: I can hear her fears whispering to me no matter where I stand.
Father: She cannot help being afraid, Vincent. Her world is built on fear. It is all they know. The lives they are forced to lead, if they weren't afraid, they would be insane. We have something that they only dream of: a safe place, a secret place, beyond their madness and their fear.
Vincent: Sometimes, I would run down here when we played hide and seek. But... before the game was over, Father, they always found me... even here.

Catherine: I had to come. I had to see you. I was afraid—
Vincent: I know.
Catherine: You didn't come. I called. I banged on the pipes. You never came.
Vincent: I could feel your fear, Catherine. Even now, I frighten you.
Catherine: You taught me to face my fears, always, Vincent. Tell me—
Vincent: What shall I tell you? That I am not this shadow, this man-monster that you hunt? Must you hear the words before you trust? Hear them then, it is not me. Catherine, I would never hurt you. [Catherine takes an involuntary step backwards]
Catherine: No, Vincent, no.... I did not mean to—
Vincent: To pull away? I know. I know your heart, Catherine, but sometimes the words that are not spoken are the truest words of all. [barely audible]... they hurt.
Catherine: What are you saying?
Vincent: We both know what these hands can do, have done. Catherine, if your heart does not trust, then no words I could speak could help.

Vincent: The ways change, Catherine. For every safe road, there are hundreds of paths that lead only to darkness.

Cleaning Lady: His face. His hands. He did not have hands, just claws. And his face. I will never forget that face. He was not a man. He wasn't a human man at all. He was like an angel.... a terrible angel come to save me.

Catherine: Issac, if you thought... if you even suspected, that this vigilante was someone you knew, a friend. What would you do?

Issac: Talk to him. Ask him. Go where the man lives and look him dead in the eye. But first you better be really sure about one thing... be real sure I wanted to know.

Jason: [to Catherine] We have ourselves, our courage, our strength, our compassion. We have each other. And... now we have him... Whoever the hell he is.


Elliot: I do love this city. The thing is, you can't walk a block without seeing somebody - something that absolutely knocks you out, stuns you.
Catherine: The good, the bad and the utterly absurd.
Elliot: Yeah. Yeah, and it's constantly changing, constantly transforming itself, reinventing itself. It's unbelievable- it's always expanding.

Father: Vincent, what weighs so heavy? Please? Tell me.
Vincent: She met a man. She's falling in love.
Father: Let her... Let her fall in love, Vincent.
Vincent: My mind tells me to rejoice for her, that she deserves the happiness. But my heart... is dying. I'm poisoned by feelings I've never felt before...Father, it hurts.
Father: I've always dreaded this moment for you and I suppose I've always known it would come. The day when your heart would lead you to long for a life that can never be, Vincent.
Vincent: Yes, a life that can never be...

Vincent: You have a generous heart, Catherine.
Catherine: Something I learned from you.
Vincent: No. It can't be taught. It's from the soul. And you have so much to give.
Catherine: It's all still very new... Sometimes, I wonder, how all those little pieces will ever fit together again.
Vincent: Follow your heart, Catherine. Follow your heart. You must.

Elliot: I'm Elliot Birch.
Catherine: Of course, you are.

Elliot: [to reporter] Can you put a price tag on magic? The true value of great art lies in its ability to influence and enhance the quality of humanity. And contrary to popular opinion, I believe New Yorkers still qualify.

No Way Down

Vincent: I knew you were close by...
Catherine: I was never giving up.

Catherine: [to Isaac] He's not dead... I would feel it if he were.

Lucy: [to Vincent] You've got to trust somebody... sometimes...

Father: Your relationship with my son... is a tragic mistake... for both of you.

Vincent: [to Catherine] Sometimes your fear can keep you alive. You should listen to it more often.


Vincent: Every year they ask for the same stories. By now they must know them better than you do.
Father: Well, you know, old stories are rather like old friends. Every once in a while, you have to drop in on them, just to see how they're doing.

Bridget: The night has a special magic to it, don't you think? This night, especially.
Vincent: Halloween.
Bridget: In the Old Religion they call it Samhain. It's a night when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the Earth. A night of masks and balefires, when anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems. Your city has its own magic as well.

Vincent: I've lived here all my life, and yet it's as though I've never seen the city... until tonight.
Catherine: You've seen so much of the violence and the hatred of my world. I wanted you to know that there's beauty as well.
Vincent: Oh... I know that. Ever since the night I found you, Catherine.

Catherine: Don't leave! She told me that this was a special night, Samhain. When the walls...
Vincent: When the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth.
Catherine: Vincent, we can't waste it.

Brigit: We must take what we're given. Three hundred days, a few months...
Catherine: Or a single night.

Brigit: Will you be tellin' me of her, then?
Vincent: Who?
Brigit: Your lady, the one who's breaking your heart... Ah, you didn't come to me just to say you like me books. Something about Ian and me struck close to home.
Vincent: She brings me... such joy... and such pain. As I have never known. I have no place in her world, she has none in mine. Our bond endangers... everything. People I love, secrets I am sworn to keep, beliefs that I have lived by.

Brigit: I'm sick to death of safety! Oh, I look at the city and...I want to touch it, to walk its streets, meet its people, and listen to its music. I want to see all of the things my father told me of, and I can't. Can you imagine how that feels?
Vincent: Yes.
Brigit: Sometimes, Vincent, we must leave our safe places and walk empty-handed among our enemies.

Brigit: Oh it hurts... it hurts... but... it is such a sweet pain.

Vincent: Father, surely, on this of all nights I walk among them in safety.
Father: Safety! Vincent, there is no safety up there...for you or anyone else.
Vincent: Sometimes we must leave our safe places, Father, and walk empty-handed among our enemies.
Father: Those are Brigit O'Donald's words.
Vincent: Those are true words, words that have opened doors for me. Let some light in on the dark places. You know what she means to me.
Father: I do. I also know the danger of confusing the magic with the magician. Sometimes the person is smaller than the work, weaker, more frightened... more human. And I don't want to see you hurt, disappointed.
Vincent: She will not disappoint me. Our lives are very different, but I am sure we will understand each other... I will not miss this opportunity. I must see her, talk to her.

The Beast Within

Mitch Denton: I can't forget. And only God forgives.

Vincent: [to Mitch] What I remember is our friendship as children... Those times I remember.

Frank:: [talking about the docks] They say this place breaks the backs of its workers and harbors the scum of the world. And that's all true. But I love it, stink and all.

Sam: Don't care so much, Vincent, not about people. People always let you down.
Vincent: You never let us down, Sam. When we needed supplies, or food, you were always there for us. We'll be here for you.

Sam: Mitch is poison... Nothing is going to change that.

Catherine: Vincent?
Vincent: Shh...
Catherine: You're here?
Vincent: I'm here.
Catherine: I dreamed about you.
Vincent: About me?
Catherine: Yes...We were walking down Fifth Avenue... the sky was blue...
Vincent: And then?
Catherine: You bought me ice cream...and no one looked twice.

Vincent: [to Mitch] There is nothing left of you... nothing.

Mitch: You idiot! You don't know what we unleashed... When he comes, you will know who he is!

Vincent: Don't die, Catherine. If you die... so do I.

Vincent: Catherine?
Catherine: Vincent, a good man was murdered tonight.
Vincent: Death almost took you. I felt it.
Catherine: It came close.
Vincent: Catherine, you are in grave danger.
Catherine: I know.
Vincent: Go no further with this.
Catherine: What? What are you saying?
Vincent: Stop. You must.
Catherine: I can't. I have to see this through.
Vincent: If I ever lost you...
Catherine: Vincent, you're the one that taught me to face my fear, and to find courage. I can't pull back now-it would compromise everything-me, the case, even what you think of me. I have a chance to bring down the men responsible for all of this. I have to.
Vincent: A life without you...would be unbearable...Take great care.

Catherine: A chance to help honest men keep their jobs. A chance to make a difference. It's everything I wanted... but I'm afraid.
Vincent: Of what, Catherine?
Catherine: Failure...The danger.
Vincent: You can't fail.
Catherine: I hope not.
Vincent: You have the strength. You have the courage. We both know that. So you must use them... I only wish I could be there for you. Keep you safe... Always.
Catherine: You are.

Catherine: It's so peaceful and quiet out there tonight.
Vincent: But there's a storm raging within you.
Catherine: You felt it?
Vincent: I can almost hear it. What you're feeling is...alive...thundering.
Catherine: I've been given the chance to do something important at work. It's a great challenge, a risk.
Vincent: Is it a risk worth taking?

Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Catherine: Professor Hughes, I don't know how to explain this to you, I don't even pretend to understand it, but Vincent and I are connected. I know him. And I know that... whatever he is, he's also the best part of what it means to be human. And if you take away his freedom, you take away that very part that makes him most human!

Vincent: ...I'm dying.

Vincent: I am only what I am. If you cut me, I will bleed. If you strike me, I will strike back. And if you keep me in chains, I will die.

Hughes: You spoke the name Catherine. Who is Catherine?

Vincent: There is only me...

Professor Hughes: He's a miracle. Like nothing I even dreamed of.
Anna Lausch: [at her telescope] It's better than the movies. You would be surprised the things you see... if you sit here long enough!

Catherine: Why did you come to tell me he is missing?
Father: Because I know you care.

Father: Vincent was not himself after he spoke with you.
Catherine: About my going away?
Father: Mmm-hmm.
Catherine: I'm only doing what we both thought best.
Father: Once I thought I knew the answer. No longer.

Father: Vincent, the pain you feel now will lessen in time and finally pass. That I promise you.
Vincent: So, the best that I can hope for is to forget her. Forget everything? Mine was another life before Catherine! I'm changed… forever!
Father: Alright, then accept the change. Learn from it, but you must let the woman follow her own path. Vincent... for your sake.
Vincent: These are only words, Father... shades of feelings... they offer no consolation.
Father: Vincent...

Vincent: You look like an angel standing there.

Song of Orpheus

Catherine: It's so sad... to have a beginning and an end... and all the time in the middle empty.
Vincent: They had seven days, Catherine... seven days.

Vincent: Margaret said the last seven days were the happiest of her life.
Catherine: And how is Father?
Vincent: Healing... alone... grateful.
Catherine: They truly loved each other.
Vincent: Yes.

Father: All is forgiven... I let go of all that anger years ago. Oh yes, there was a time when i gorged myself in bitterness and self-pity. But then I came to know someone who had every reason to curse fate and feel punished and yet he accepted all that life had to offer with gratitude and love.
Margaret: Vincent?
[Father nods]

Catherine: Father...I just want you to know I would never hurt him...I love him.
Father: I know... and I also know that it can only bring him unhappiness.
Catherine: Why do you say that?
Father: Because, part of him... is a man.

Catherine: [at the subway] Well, goodbye.
Father: Catherine, you have been more than a good friend to me. I know what you have risked and, believe me, I am grateful. Goodbye.

Father: What about Vincent?
Catherine: He knows.
Father: I didn't want to keep things hidden from him. I wanted to...forget. Does he understand that?
Catherine: Yes.

Catherine: Are you all right?
Father: No. Please, stay out of it. You must. Anything you do to draw attention to me...
Catherine: You are being charged with murder! You must tell me everything that happened. Don't you know by now that you can trust me?
Father: It's not that. I may be a stranger to your world, but I am no stranger to the betrayals of your judicial system.
Catherine: I am the only one who can help you.
Father: If you really want to help me...please, go away!
Catherine: I can't do that...Jacob, I know who you were, what you went through.

Catherine: ...He was blacklisted! ...his name is Dr. Jacob Wells...

Vincent: I should never have let him go alone.
Catherine: Where was he going?
Vincent: It has something to do with his life before.
Catherine: When he lived Above? What has he told you about his life then?
Vincent: Only that it was another life, lived by another person, and that the memory of it is best forgotten... I know he was a doctor.
Catherine: Do you know his full name?
Vincent: I've always called him Father.

Vincent: It's Father.
Catherine: What's happened?
Vincent: He went Above today for the first time that I can remember. He should have been back hours ago. He is somewhere in this city... I need your help, Catherine.
Catherine: Of course, I'll help.

Margaret: A day hasn't passed that I haven't thought about him...seeing him again... especially now.
Taft: He dropped off the face of the Earth thirty-five years ago. We don't even know...
Margaret: I know he is alive...

Vincent: Father, you...
Father: Please, Vincent, don't ask me anything.

Father: I have kept certain things from you about my life before...
Vincent: Father, what are you trying to tell me?
Father: I have to return... I have to go above.
Vincent: When will you go?
Father: As soon as I prepare myself. I will be back by this evening... When I return, we'll talk.

Father: I have always wondered when it would happen...Now it has. Vincent, I've never lied to you. The things I taught you about the world Above… so much was to protect you… and it was to also to help me to forget... Forget a world that I once loved.
Vincent: I've always sensed that...

Father: Hum, hum... Fisher-Vasky's fourth game.
Vincent: Seventh game.

Dark Spirit


A Children's Story

Vincent: [to Kipper] What is Father teaching you now?
Kipper: Chess.
Vincent: [to Father] Teaching another student to beat you?
Father: No, to beat you!

Vincent: When I see you, Catherine, I'm filled with a happiness sweeter than anything I've ever known. At the same time I'm reminded of a life that can never be... and I feel great pain.
Catherine: I know... So do I. Vincent, what will we do?
Vincent: The only thing we can do... We will endure the pain, and savor... every moment of the joy.

Joe: Radcliffe, do I hear your biological clock running?

Marie: Where are all the really great guys? What happened… they all go underground?

Vincent: Don't lose heart, Catherine...Ones who prey on children steal everyone's hope. Don't give up, Catherine.
Catherine: I won't.

Ellie: Its all like a dream, isn't it?
Eric: No, better!

Catherine: I've been all over the world-met people, done things. I've lived in luxury most people could never imagine. But I can't remember a time that I felt as good, or complete, as I do right now.
Vincent: Um... I feel it in you, through you.
Catherine: You really can?
Vincent: It's very beautiful.
Catherine: Sort of like a dream?
Vincent: Better.

Father: Hum, hum... of course. But you know, Eric, there are promises you have to make and keep.
Eric: What kind of promises?
Father: To give help and support to those who need it and to accept help and support to those who offer it to you.
Eric: I promise that.

Father: It is a very important promise. It is how we exist.
Eric: How about not telling anyone about this. Keep it a secret.
Father: Well, you know, Eric, suppose you were to tell this secret to anyone. Do you think they are going to believe you? And even if they did believe you, do you think anyone is going to find their way down here?
Eric: I'll keep it a secret anyways.

An Impossible Silence

Vincent: Don't you ever get tired, Pascal?
Pascal: Only when I stop...

Vincent: She speaks with her hands-a beautiful language ..... trying to hear stolen sounds.

Vincent: I know Laura's pain. When she first came here, her soul was broken, and our love helped to mend it. But the time will come when she will need to grow beyond all of this. Beyond us.

Father: I understand the problem enough to know it isn't ours.
Vincent: Does our world exempt its people from moral responsibility.
Father: No, it offers them sanctuary, from an impossible mess...especially those who most need to be protected, like the girl.

Catherine: Vincent...don't go. I need you close.
Vincent: I'll watch over you. Don't worry. Sleep now.

Father: This place, our world, means different things to different people. For some, its a place of healing and safety. To others, it's our home. But all of us reach a point when we have to decide for ourselves what this place means to us.

Vincent: Sometimes, events in our lives can show us what we've known all along.

Vincent: Laura is a remarkable person. She feels...everything, deeply. She embraces life. That's how she survives.
Catherine: You're worried about her coming up into the world.
Vincent: Her her vulnerability.
Catherine: I think she'll be fine, Vincent, I really do...she had a great teacher.

Shades of Grey

Mouse: Not stealing...taking. Just stuff. Needed it, found it, took it.

Mouse: Everyone takes things from Uptop...that is what Uptop is there for.

Mouse: Okay good, Ok fine.

Elliot: [to Catherine] Maybe in your life, your choices have always been black and white...but in mine they are always gray.

Father: All right...if the head injury were very severe, I wouldn't be lucid. And I am lucid...aren't I?
Vincent: So far.
Father: So far? Well, in this case, I will recite from Virgil on the hour...just to make sure.
Vincent: Then I'll be asleep.

Mouse: [to Catherine] Catherine? Vincent's Catherine?

Vincent: Our bond is stronger and deeper than either of us can begin to imagine.
Father: As if both your...destinies were inextricably linked.
Vincent: Yes.
Father: As if your hearts in their search for union could transcend time and space, circumvent the laws of physics and probability.
Vincent: Yes.

Father: Vincent, I understand more than you think about your Catherine...about your bond.

Father: Our world must continue. A lot of good and trusting people depend on this place. It's all they have.

Vincent: Mine is not the only voice.
Father: It's the truest, and the strongest.

Father: Promise me you will keep our dream alive.
Vincent: I promise.
Father: It won't be without sacrifice...

Father: The colors. I think I miss colors most of all. They've even begun to fade from my mind's eye...I wish you could have seen the blue of the Pacific under a summer sun...the green of the grass at Ebbott's field. The fall leaves blazing orange and yellow in Vermont.
Vincent: But I have seen them all, Father. No child ever had a better guide. Your words painted pictures that I will never forget. You took me around the world. Twain's Mississippi. Kipling's India. Jack London's Klondike. You made them come alive for me...there aren't many places left to go...

Mouse: [to Catherine] You are good at finding and taking.

Mouse: [with explosives] He's my friend too, Catherine. If you die, he will kill me anyway. Go now.

Mouse: Used a touch too much!
Winslow: Only Mouse I know with nine lives.

Vincent: Catherine...
Catherine: I have never been so frightened.
Vincent: Your courage saved our lives.
Catherine: I felt like I was losing the best part of myself...I would have done anything...It wasn't courage, Vincent, it was love.

China Moon

Vincent: Marriage should be a time of joy.
Lin: Not in Chinatown!
Dr Wong: Poor boy...What can he hope to give her?
Vincent: His heart.

Vincent: Why does it sometimes seem that the world conspires to keep lovers apart?
Catherine: Or brings them together when it is impossible?

Vincent: Chinatown is another world, apart from both of ours.
Father: Dr Wong wants what is best for Lin.
Vincent: Only Lin knows what is best for Lin.

Father: Then you must share the responsibility for OUR decision.
Vincent: This is our home they threaten. We will do what we must.

Henry: You don't know them.
Vincent: Chan doesn't know us. They have given us no choice.
Father: None.

Chan: You are truly a demon.
Vincent: All men are demons when their homes and loved ones are at risk.

Vincent: You looked so beautiful...for a moment... I let myself dream.
Catherine: So did I.
Vincent: They have a lifetime together. Our time is always measured-minutes-seconds
Catherine: Then we must learn to measure our lifetime in another way.
Vincent: Yes.

The Alchemist

Vincent: Catherine, since that night when I found you in the park, I've felt in you, time and again, a need to confront your fear...As you did last night.
Catherine: Why are you telling me this?
Vincent: I don't want what happened to you to cause you to take unnecessary risks.
Catherine: Vincent, they needed my help.
Vincent: You survived once.
Catherine: It's because I survived then that I'm doing this that others are spared.

Vincent: Who can this be, Father?
Father: A man...No one you know. We banished him from this place before you were born. It was our first real test of government. His name was John Pater, but he called himself Paracelsus.
Vincent: The alchemist?
Father: Yes, John's model...philosopher, scientist, magician...and John was all of those things. A large part of what we have created here we owe to him.

Vincent: What happened?
Father: What happened? I don't know. I think, perhaps, in trying to seek knowledge, he began to desire power.
Vincent: And so, you exiled him.
Father: He wouldn't go at first. Finally, he was forcibly taken beyond the perimeter.
Vincent: And now? Do you know where he is now? [Father nods]

Father: John?
Paracelsus: How did you find me?
Father: We've always known where you were. We have looked in on you from time to time.
Paracelsus: Your compassion will kill you one day, Jacob.
Father: It wasn't compassion. It was self-interest-making sure you didn't try to return.

Paracelsus: So they call you Father now. I heard it through the pipes. Ingenious idea, communicating on those pipes.
Father: Yes, it was ingenious...of you, John.

Paracelsus: 'Father'....I imagine you like that. It gives you all the authority you need, without making you sound like a despot...But underneath everything, you're no different from me.
Father: I am different.

Paracelsus: What was your little idea? A family of according to a higher standard. How uninspired, Jacob, how small-minded. We could have been gods, you and I.

Paracelsus: Am I wrong, or is this place beyond your influence? Isn't that why I'm exile?
Father: I was only asking-
Paracelsus: Asking?! Asking? Tell me, what right do you have to ask me anything? What power do you bring here?

Vincent: Catherine, you must live according to your conscience, just as we must live according to the laws that have allowed us to survive.

Vincent: We are all agreed that what is at stake here is the greater good of both worlds. Some coarse of action, anything, is better then to allow all that we are, all that we have built be held hostage to one man's evil.

Father: What do you propose?
Vincent: I can stop Paracelsus from leaving the tunnels with his poison...It will give us time to decide on a more permanent solution.

Father: to Catherine I can't let you go close to him; he's unpredictable. I thought perhaps...if he heard your voice-the empathic connection that you share might somehow get through to him.

Catherine: What is it, Vincent? What are you thinking?
Vincent: How ashamed I am, that you saw me as I was. How grateful I am that you were there. You saved my life, Catherine.

Vincent: You can't understand how I feel.
Father: It is not your responsibility to decide...
Vincent: It is mine! I have seen the demons Paracelsus has unleashed, felt them inside of me. How can I explain...become if the dark side of your imagination eclipses all compassion, all dignity...I must go...

Vincent: Paracelsus.
Paracelsus: Vincent.
Vincent: You know my name?
Paracelsus: I know more about you than you think...
Vincent: I don't wish to harm you. But you must leave this place.
Paracelsus: Leave? By whose judgment?
Vincent: Mine.
Paracelsus: What does Falstaff say? That "the better part of valor is discretion"? Of course I will. I will do as you say. But wouldn't you like to hear me first? Or are you content to accept Father's story? Found as a babe outside St. Vincent's hospital? Did you really believe that all these years?...I know the truth. Aren't you at all curious to know why you are the way you are?

Vincent: Catherine, I understand why you expose yourself to danger.
Catherine: Because there are some risks worth taking.
Vincent: And there are some things worth risking everything for.


Catherine: [to Dr. Sanderle about scar] It's been the most wonderful year of my life.

Father: Vincent, come and take a look at these, Mouse's diagram for his new project...A ventilation system for the deepest chambers. Conceptually brilliant, but quite impossible to execute. Still, I suppose even Da Vinci had his off days.

Father: Narcissa and her wild tales...why this interest in mystical caverns?
Vincent: Actually, I am in search of a gift.
Father: For Catherine?
Vincent: It's been a year since she first came into my life.
Father: I just shudder to think what the next year may bring...You know, Vincent, I used to rue the day that you two met.
Vincent: I know.
Father: I never dreamed I'd one day look on Catherine...with the fondness that I do.
Vincent: It's been a time filled with things we never dreamed of...It's been the most miraculous year of my life.
Father: You know, you two share something quite extraordinary...Something that touches the best in all of us.
Vincent: To hear those words coming from you, it must.
Father: You mean, there's still hope, even for an old man like me?
Vincent: Always.

Catherine: I really thought we had this case wrapped up.
Joe: Hey Kiddo, we didn't knock their sock off, but I definitely think we got both shoes untied.

Mouse: What's it like, Vincent, to have a love?
Vincent: People have been searching for the words for centuries. I think that for each person it must be something different. For was the beginning of a new life...and the end of my aloneness.

Catherine: It was a year ago, tonight.
Vincent: How remarkable you are...remembering such a dark moment...with dancing lights.
Catherine: It's time for a celebration. I found hope again that night...I found you.

Vincent: I have something for you. I wanted to give you something from my world, something for you to carry with you...A keepsake. (The crystal)
Catherine: Vincent, it's beautiful!
Vincent: It comes from our deepest chamber. It reminds me of a piece of eternity.
Catherine: I'll cherish it...I wanted you to have a part of me to hold close. When I was little, I was terrified of the dark, and I used to have an awful time falling asleep. My mother gave me this rose, and she told me that, whenever I got frightened, to hold the rose, and think of her, and to know that wherever she was, she was thinking of me. It helped me to go to sleep...Until you came into my life, Vincent, I'd forgotten how it felt to know that there is someone thinking of me...Someone who knows who I am...Someone that I'm connected to.
Vincent: Every moment since that night, I'm reminded of what a gift life is.

Promises of Someday

Devin: I've been having these dreams lately, about the tunnels. Weird, isn't it? I've been to Casablanca, the Himalayas, Paris...all over the world. Everywhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La! And I dream...about a hole in the ground.
Vincent: It's not so weird, when that hole in the ground is home.

Devin: [to Vincent] What are you doing here, anyway? It's like you knew I was gonna be here!
Vincent: Catherine saw you last night at the carousel and followed you here.
Devin: Catherine? You mean, Chandler, from the D.A.'s office? Small world. So, you have a helper in the D.A.'s office?
Vincent: Catherine is...more than just a helper.
Devin: Things change, I guess.

Father: But then, Devin, I always knew, even when you were a boy, that if you made up your mind to apply yourself, you'd do great things.

Vincent [to Catherine] I had other friends, others who grew up with me in the tunnels, but Devin...Devin was the only one who...was irresponsible enough to dream dreams...that included me.

Father: Some relationships can only bring us pain, no matter how much we wish otherwise.

Vincent: You were a father not only to me, but to anyone who needed one. You were there for more children than I can name.

Down to a Sunless Sea

Steven: Maybe it's better to forget and smile, than to remember and be sad.

Steven: Where did you get that? [looks at Catherine's scar]
Catherine: Um...Long story.
Steven: Do you know I actually think scars are beautiful? They are rather like a road map to a person's past. Proof that the worst wounds heal...I have scars too, you just can't see them.

Catherine: I don't really know what I am feeling.
Vincent: Did you love this man once?
Catherine: Once. And I still feel an obligation for him. I don't know why. Maybe because of his illness...maybe because of the intimacy we once had.

Catherine: There was such fear on your face...I've never seen that before.
Vincent: Are you afraid, Catherine?
Catherine: Of what?
Vincent: This man coming back into your life?
Catherine: Is that what you are sensing?
Vincent: Perhaps.
Catherine: I don't think afraid is the right word...Curious, maybe...about the road not taken. What my life would have held...and guilty, because I knew I hurt him.

Vincent: It's irrational...I cannot explain it
Father: Then why don't you try, Vincent?
Vincent: A powerful image, a foreboding...every time I think of her
Father: A foreboding? You mean some manifestation of the empathy you share?
Vincent: No. This is different.

Father: Well, Vincent, remember the last time that a man came into her life.
Vincent: Please, Father, these feelings are real.
Father: I am not disputing the feelings themselves, only the source of the feelings.
Vincent: You think I am the source?

Father: I can understand that...This man is someone with whom Catherine shared the dreams of a lifetime. A life, unfortunately, that you and she could never have.
Vincent: It does not explain the vision...the threat.
Father: The threat to her...or the threat to you, Vincent?

Catherine: I don't understand.
Vincent: I am not certain myself. I have nothing more than a feeling. An image that evaporates whenever I try to touch it.
Catherine: Are you sure this even has anything to do with me?
Vincent: You provoke the image. The thought of you...even your name, brings it to my eyes.

Catherine: What do you expect me to do? I've told you just what I'm thinking. You already feel everything I feel! And now you say I'm in danger, only you can't tell me from whom, or why?
Vincent: Because I don't know myself.
Catherine: Is this fair of you? You know I value your words above all others!
Vincent: Catherine, I fear for you.

Catherine: And I am supposed to take that fear up into the world and live with it? Tonight when I see Stephen?
Vincent: Don't go.
Catherine: He is my friend, Vincent, and I care about him. He's dying, and at the very least I owe him my trust.
Vincent: Catherine...
Catherine: He's dying, Vincent. And I'm all he has!

Vincent: Have you seen him?
Catherine: They wouldn't let me...Don't be ashamed, Vincent. You only did what you had to do.
Vincent: I know that.
Catherine: I was the one who was unfair. i just thought that you were feeling betrayed. I forgot for a moment how much you trust me. I should have trusted you...How did you know?
Vincent: I knew because...somehow, somewhere deep inside, you-you must have known.


Cullen: [to Jamie] And the white king is gonna be-guess who? Father! You know, leaning on his stick, books under his arm...He'll fuss and fume, but secretly, he's gonna love it.

Catherine: [rummaging in a box] Just a few odds and ends from around the house.
Vincent: [chuckles, pulling item from box] You should...learn to remove the price tag from your "odds and ends".
Catherine: [holding up sweater to Father] My father bought this when he took up skiing, and put it in the drawer after one trip down the slopes. What do you think?
Cullen: It's him...Father that is definitely you.
Father: The sweater? Yes, well, it's just what I need for when I...go skiing.

Mouse: Time? Easy! Early-come before Mouse. Late- come after.

Vincent: Catherine, your gifts brought much joy today.
Catherine: I wish I could do more. There's so many things I wish I could give you.
Vincent: But you give of yourself-your generosity, friendship-to all of us. There is no more than that.
Catherine: You know what I mean.
Vincent: Well, with what our friends bring to us and what the world Above casts aside, we have everything we need.

Mouse: [gives gift to Catherine] You give. I give...Have to go now...Help Father...He's lost without Mouse.

Vincent: Listen to Father.
Cullen: What are you going to do if I don't? Kill me!

Catherine: It is a disease from my world. It is called "Greed".

Vincent: We can't do this. If we throw the treasure into the Abyss, we admit defeat. It has beaten us...There may be no place for it in our world, but there are others in the world Above who go hungry and homeless. Although, we live apart from them, we cannot deny that we are all a part of each other and this city. We cannot turn our backs while there is a chance to help. We cannot turn our backs.

Catherine: I wonder what they must think?
Vincent: That it was a miracle...

Everything is Everything

Vincent: You find the words boring because you are merely reading them. Words are nothing but cold lifeless things unless you use your mind and your heart to interpret them.

Catherine: [forcing Tony to take a bath] Okay. but I want results! Use the soap-don't steal it.

Vincent: What concerns you so?
Catherine: He claims to be a gypsy...He's lied to me. He stole from me...and yet I can't help caring about him. I am feeling that somehow...he wants my help.

Vincent: How beautifully you read.
Catherine: I remember the first time you read to me. How safe I felt-the comfort I found in your voice. I wanted to share that.

Catherine: Underneath all the 'bravado' is a frightened little boy. I can't imagine what his life is like.

Vincent: You will have your grandson back...Can there be a greater treasure?

Tony: Being alone makes you tough.
Catherine: Well, sometimes 'tough' doesn't make loneliness go away.

Vincent: A boy...rejected by his own flesh and blood for the sake of a tradition.
Father: The law and tradition is the only permanence in a gypsy's life. They are people without a country and they depend on their laws and their traditions to maintain their culture.
Vincent: Yes, but the cost Father...To be abandoned by those you love...The pain would be unbearable.

Tony: I-I've never seen anyone like you before.
Vincent: There's never been anyone like me before.

Vincent: The truth makes you strong.

Tony: Wait! I owe you...and a Gypsy never forgets. Thank Vincent for me.
Catherine: I will...Maybe I will see you around.
Tony: Count on it!

Catherine: I think he stole a piece of my heart.
Vincent: You helped him find his way home again, Catherine. No one could ever give a child a better gift.
Catherine: It came from both of us.

To Reign in Hell

Winslow: I remember Paracelsus from when I was a kid. Times were bad, resources were scarce, people were scared. Paracelsus took advantage. Oh, he was convincing. Smart. People started to follow him.
Vincent: Not Father.
Winslow: He was the one that saved us. He reminded us that we were a family...that we had to stand by each other. Oh, you'd have been proud of him. His strength. His conviction! Without him...
Vincent: Paracelsus might have prevailed.
Winslow: But...he was never the same after that.
Vincent: Why?
Winslow: Because once, they were friends.

Winslow: So what's on your mind?
Vincent: I'm just...thinking. Wondering.
Winslow: About Catherine
Vincent: If she's really in danger, why can't I feel her fear?
Winslow: We'll get her back, don't worry.

Winslow: Vincent...I want you to know that I'm not just doing this because of Paracelsus. It's for Catherine, too, she's...a good woman. I always said that. What's between you two is something I've never felt, myself. But seeing it-I know it's real. I believe in it.

Vincent: [Winslow's eulogy] Winslow loved all of us fiercely. We were his family. Nothing could ever change that for him. Not conflict, nor anger...not even death. Winslow will always be a part of us, in our hearts. Let us remember him for his strength and his courage...He'll continue to live through us, through our memory of him. Now is the time to mourn...and the pain will soften, I promise.

Paracelsus: Vincent is close.
Catherine: I know.

Paracelsus: You're really not afraid to die, are you?
Catherine: No.
Paracelsus: Not even as you watch the stage being built...Don't you feel anything?
Catherine: Sadness.
Paracelsus: About dying?
Catherine: About you. About the world you helped create. Vincent has told me. Your vision. Your ideals. All wasted.
Paracelsus: All taken from me.
Catherine: Still-wasted. Now all you want to do is destroy...something. Someone you don't even know.
Paracelsus: Then you perceive my life to be...contradictory.
Catherine: No, Tragic.
Paracelsus: Don't you see? It doesn't end with your death, or Vincent's. This is only the beginning.
Catherine: The beginning? Of what?
Paracelsus: Reclaiming what is mine. After all these years, I've decided to go home!

Paracelsus: Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
Vincent: Paracelsus.
Paracelsus: Milton, actually.

Paracelsus: Now it is your turn to listen. To know my pain, my grief of seeing the only things I ever loved torn away...but it wasn't just me...there were others...You. You were betrayed Vincent. You call him 'Father' but it was I who found you, wrapped you in rags, starving. It was I who named you "Vincent". And it was I who cared fro you all of those months. Even Father didn't think you'd live. But I-I fed you. I...bathed you. And you did live. Don't you see, Vincent? He wouldn't let me take you. When I was exiled he made me leave you behind! I loved you. You were mine...You don't believe me.
Vincent: What would you have me believe...that you loved...and are now capable of this?
Paracelsus: Now is the time for retribution!
Vincent: never really knew love.

Vincent: Catherine...On the journey, I felt for the first time, as if somehow you were lost to me. I knew you were in danger and yet I could sense no fear.
Catherine: I was afraid, Vincent, but I couldn't allow myself to feel the fear.
Vincent: You didn't want to draw me.
Catherine: I couldn't
Vincent: You would sacrifice so much...
Catherine: I would sacrifice everything, for you...What Paracelsus said about your past-
Vincent: Before I left, Father told me something that I am just now beginning to understand. He said that there is a truth beyond knowledge...beyond everything you could ever hope to know.
Catherine: Yes.
Vincent: And that truth

Paracelsus: Ah, but you're not weak, are you, Catherine? You're strong. Intrepid.

Catherine: What do you want?
Paracelsus: Once a person is visited by violence, everything changes. Isn't that so? Nictze said, "That which does not kill me, makes me stronger." Well, I am stronger now!
Catherine: You still haven't answered my question.
Paracelsus: Vincent is the answer to your question. He is all that stands between Father and me, in more ways than one. (Shows Catherine burns on his face) And this is why I must destroy him.

Catherine: I am not afraid.
Paracelsus: You will be. You see, Vincent is also coming here to watch you die.

Vincent: [after hearing Narcissa's warning] She is my life. I am bound by my heart to go on.
Narcissa: Vincent, the man, who you know as Paracelsus...He is not alone. There are those down here who follow him, protect him. They are the simple ones, the lost ones.

Pascal: Um...
Winslow: What is it?
Pascal: I don't think I can make this jump.
Winslow: I can't hear you.
Pascal: I said I don't think I can make this jump! OK!
Winslow: You're afraid, aren't you?
Pascal: I'm not afraid; I'm just not...especially fond of heights.
Winslow: Okaaay. How about if I count to three, and if your butt's not off of here by then I'll push you. One... two... THREE! [Pascal jumps]
Pascal: [down rope] Winslow!
Winslow: [eying rope] Yeah! Yeah! I'm coming... Shoulda gone on that diet. Well, it's too late now!

Pascal: I studied everything he ever wrote. The early manuals were brilliant. Codes, schematics...It's hard to believe he's the same man.
Vincent: Paracelsus is not the same man.
Pascal: Oh, I know that. It still makes me sad...All that intellect and energy, just...
Winslow: You got a heart like a soft-boiled egg, you know that?

Vincent: Our world is in mourning now...Though it is painful, each of us must try to find meaning in what has come to pass. We must find hope in this time of great sorrow and sacrifice. We must never forget what has happened or why, so that the story will live always and so that one day you can tell your own children...It began a long time ago, when our world was very young. There was a man, who, with Father helped plant the very seeds of our civilization. But even his evil side began to grow, until it overshadowed all that was good. He was banished, yet we were never truly free of him. And then one night, his evil visited the world above...

Father: I know Paracelsus. As twisted as his mind may be, it's still very complex, filled with designs and structures. No, Vincent, I assure you; that if he intended to kill Catherine, he would have done so already...He's luring you, calling you away from this place of safety.
Vincent: I have no choice but to try to find her.
Father: I know.
Vincent: Why is he doing this, Father?
Father: Why? Because in his mind you are the one person that prevents his return to this world, a world which he still considers to be his own. Know the consequences of this action may stretch far beyond Catherine...The whole future of what we have built here is in balance. Vincent, you must be careful. Expect anything. Remember, Paracelsus has misled you before.
Vincent: I haven't forgotten.

Catherine: Why? Why have you brought me here?
Paracelsus: Must there be a reason?
Catherine: Yes.

Paracelsus: I was exiled from my home, from the world I created, by the man you call Father. Even then, he wouldn't allow me to live in peace.
Catherine: I know the story. Fifty people died because of you.
Paracelsus: I killed no one. They died because they were fools.
Catherine: They were weak. There's a difference!


Elliot: Mr.Maxwell, I already have a key to the city and you would be amazed at how few doors it unlocks.

Elliot: I hate to sleep. It is such a precious waste of time.
Catherine: We all need to sleep. We need to dream.
Elliot: I know about dreams.

Elliot: [showing the picture of the tower] This is the stuff that dreams are made of.
Catherine: You have built skyscrapers before.
Elliot: They were just buildings. This, I have waited my whole life to build this tower. Look at it. Is is 152 stories of offices and apartments and shops. Theatres. Botanical gardens. 9 restaurants. A six story waterfall in the Atrium. A city within a city.

Catherine: Restaurants and a waterfall will not make it any less... less...
Elliot: Large?
Catherine: It is going to impact the lives of thousands of people. It will change the whole neighborhood, the city.
Elliot: Change is not always bad, Cathy. (showing the slides) I remember the first time I saw the skyline of New York. Empire State. Chrysler Building. I looked at them and I knew this was where I belonged. This was a town where anything was possible. The town is what I am and now, I am going to give something back.

Vincent: [with Catherine in the painted tunnels] Your world and mine. She tells our stories on these walls. Reminds us that we are all part of one great city.
Catherine: She must be an extraordinary woman to take bare, gray walls and fill them with so much color and beauty.
Vincent: Elizabeth is a mystery even to us. No one knows when she left the world Above or why. She refuses to speak of such things.

Vincent: [after explosion rocks tunnel] Most excavations stop well above our levels, but this new tower sinks its roots deep into the Earth, deeper than any building has ever gone before.
Catherine: The Birch Tower?
Vincent: ...if it is not stopped. Father thinks it will be the end of our world.

Elizabeth: Vincent! Come closer, child! Come see what I have been doing. (Shows painting of Vincent and Erik)
Vincent: It is as if you saw it with your own eyes.
Elizabeth: I did in a way. You are not my only visitor, you know. Mouse brings me my paints. Sometimes Mary comes or Sarah. They tell me stories and I put the stories on the wall. So, it is not magic after all. I leave that kind of thing to Narcissa.
Vincent: You have your own magic.

Elizabeth: ...I am not finished! You have to finish what you start.

Elizabeth: This is my life, Vincent. Here on these walls. You didn't think that I was going to live forever, did you child?

Father: The excavation will reveal at least four levels, possibly five or six. And even if we start sealing up all the surrounding tunnels today, there is no way to minimize the exposure. Evacuation is the only answer.

Vincent: Elizabeth says they are her life. Who are we to tell her she is wrong?

Vincent: [about Mouse's plan] Your heart does you credit.

Catherine: Sometimes our commitment can blind us.

Father: It is all being taken away from us, Vincent. The work of a lifetime. Everything we built, lost.
Vincent: What is lost can be found again, built again. As long as we have each other our world will survive.
Father: I wish I could believe that.

Mouse: Look, just another stupid tower. They've got plenty Uptop. Don't need this one.

Elizabeth: [about Mouse] He is a rather odd boy. Have you noticed?

Elliot: Trust is a two way street.
Catherine: You can not barter for trust Elliot and I can not tell you what you want to know. I made a promise.
Elliot: [about Mouse] Why should I let him go?
Catherine: Because I am asking you to.

Vincent: Catherine will not fail us.

Father: Mouse is such a wild spirit.
Vincent: Whatever happens, Mouse will survive. He survived for years by himself. A shadow. Moving about. Stealing bits of food. Watching us.
Father: Until you caught him. I remember how he kicked and screamed.

Father: Mouse, I hope this experience has taught you a lesson.
Mouse: Yes.
Father: Good.
Mouse: Shouldn't get caught.

Vincent: Your heart is full of turmoil.
Catherine: It's Elliot. It was so easy when I thought I was falling in love and even easier when I was certain that he was evil.
Vincent: Now, you see him as he truly is good and bad, strong and weak. Capable of great deeds and great wrongs. A human being.
Catherine: Yes, and with human feelings, I feel like I am trading in his feelings.

Elliot: I never felt like this before. After I released your friend, my security foreman called me up and very politely asked me if I have lost my mind.
Catherine: You did the right thing.
Elliot: Yeah, I seem to be making a habit of that with you...Cathy, I am in love with you! I have had other relationships, but from the very first moment I set eyes on you, I knew you were different. Then when you walked out of my life-that was really different-and I wanted you twice as much.
Catherine: Because you could not have me. That is obsession, Elliot, that is not love.

Elliot: At first, yes... But when you came to me and you needed my help, right then I knew I could make you mine. I know desperation when I see it...When someone has something I want I take it. I go for the win that is what I do, what I am...No, it is what I have become but not that day. Why?
Catherine: Because you are a decent man who could not turn his back on a friend.
Elliot: I don't have any friends, Cathy. Somewhere on the way up friends became inconvenient.

Catherine: Love can be inconvenient, too.
Elliot: You don't have to tell me that.Do you think I want to be this out of control? I feel like a 14 year old boy, confused and awkward and scared. I'm never scared, Cathy. I don't allow myself to be scared. And despite everything, I'd rather be right here with you more than anywhere else on earth. There is nothing I can do about the past, but there is plenty we can do about the future together. Cathy, I'm asking you to marry me.
Catherine: Elliot.
Elliot: Don't say anything. Not now. All I ask is for you to think about it, seriously, after you have had a little sleep.
Catherine: Sleep is not going to change anything...
Elliot: It might. Give me that much at least. I did not ask for this, Cathy, but it is real and I do love you. And I would do anything in this world to make you happy, if you give me the chance.

Vincent: Catherine, no!
Catherine: I have to. It's the only way. With Luz discredited, nothing stands in the way of the tower. Elliot leaked the story. I'm sure of it. Luz stood in his way, so he removed her, and used me to do it.

Vincent: How can you even consider a union with such a man?
Catherine: He's a human being, strong and weak, good and bad. You said so yourself, Vincent. And he loves me, as much as a man like Elliot can love.
Vincent: But you do not love this man!
Catherine: No. But there is more at stake than just me here. The painted tunnels, Elizabeth, Father and Mouse, all the children who have found safety Below. And you, you most of all..Vincent, you have risked your life for me a hundred times. How can I stand by and watch your world be destroyed when I have the power to save it?
Vincent: I cannot allow you to sacrifice yourself in such a way.
Catherine: I'm sorry, Vincent, but it's not yor decision. I'm going to marry him. I have to.

Catherine: Yes, Elliot, I will marry you.
Elliot: Oh, that is wonderful! Oh, you won't be sorry.

Catherine: I want you to halt construction on the tower.
Elliot: Stop the ... Is this a joke?
Catherine: No joke. You said you loved, do anything for me.
Elliot: Oh, Cathy. No, no, no. You don't understand. The tower is the most important thing in my life besides you the two of us on top watching down below taking in the sights.

Catherine: No! It can't be!
Elliot: Yes!
Catherine: It's just a building, Elliot. People are more important than buildings, more important than dreams even...If pick up that phone and stop that tower right now, I will know you believe that too and I will marry you, trust you.

Vincent: I thought I would never see your face again. When you walked away from me, there was such resolve in your heart.
Catherine: That was the hardest thing I have done in my life.
Vincent: And the noblest.

Catherine: Every step was like a knife inside me. All of my love for you was calling me back.
Vincent: But a greater love drove you onward. Your strength saved us all. Yet, I share your melancholy.
Catherine: I was just thinking of Elliot. Vincent, you helped me find the best part of who I am but, Elliot, he has lost more than his tower, he has lost himself.

Vincent: [quoting] I met a traveller from an antique land/ Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone/ Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,/ Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown/ And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command/ Tell that its sculptor well those passions read/ Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,/ The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed./ And on the pedestal these words appear:/ "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:/ Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"/ Nothing beside remains: round the decay/ Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,/ The lone and level sands stretch far away.

A Happy Life

Father: [referring to Vincent's relationship with Catherine] I sometimes feel that I'm standing on the bank of a raging river watching you try to swim across. How can I not worry? I'd be a fool. And yet, Vincent, sometimes I have to marvel at your courage.
Vincent: Catherine swims across that river as well. She faces the same dangers, shows the same courage. And in many ways the toll on her is even greater.
Father: You really think that's so?
Vincent: On the other side of the river there is no one standing on the bank watching. On her side of the river there is no one praying for a safe passage. On her side of the river, Father, there is no one but Catherine.
Father: Then I shall stand watch, and pray, for both of you.

Vincent: Catherine, your mother's memory reminds you of your aloneness. Of the family you lost when she died. Of all the friends you left behind when our paths crossed. Because that secret you carry now, our secret, sets you apart-from your pat, your friends, even from the family you are yet to have, the children waiting to be born. Catherine, the burden you bear with that secret is your aloneness...Know that our bond, our dream, exists at the cost of all your other dreams. Know that, Catherine.
Catherine: It's worth it.

Vincent: I'm here...Catherine...Tell me.
Catherine: Tonight I went to a piano recital. I was actually feeling okay. And then I sat down, and he started playing the Grieg Piano Concerto, the one that we heard in the park that night.
Vincent:Was it beautiful?
Catherine: Yes, it was beautiful.And I kept remembering how much you loved it. And I wanted you there with me, so badly. It became unbearable to me. Almost physically painful! I just had to run. I actually ran from it. What are we going to do? We have to do something, before there's nothing left for either of us!
Vincent: This was the risk we faced.
Catherine: And now, what?
Vincent: Now...Perhaps we awaken from our dream, return to our lives.

Catherine: Vincent...I don't think I have the strength to continue.
Vincent: Then you mustn't continue.

Vincent: Catherine, it must end!
Catherine: No!
Vincent: It must!
Catherine: I don't want that! How can you say that?
Vincent: To see you in such pain, because you dare to love...knowing that I'm the reason, the cause of that pain, is more than I can bear to live with! It mocks our dream. So it must end...Catherine, you have a life, waiting to be lived. Let the memory of what we are, of what we shared, remind you that love, in its deepest and purest form, exists...Use that memory to give you the the courage to love someone else.
Catherine: I can't.
Vincent: You must.

Vincent: [voice over] What we shared will never die. I'll always be with you. Goodbye, Catherine. Be happy.

Catherine: I guess the anniversary of my mom's death reminded me of all those choices. Forced me to look at myself and wonder what she would think of me, would she be proud? Does my life honor her memory? All these things, I don't know.
Nancy: Cathy, of all of us, you're the one that's come the greatest distance and gone the farthest. I mean, when you were in law school we used to joke about you majoring in "Fashion Law!" You've overcome a terrible accident, you've changed your life. Now giving to others. You have this extraordinary relationship. You should be so proud of yourself. We're all so proud.

Nancy: When all is said and done, you've got to follow your heart. It's the only thing you can ever really count on.
Catherine: That's what Vincent always says.

Catherine: Oh, forgive me! Forgive me for doubting! What we have is all that matters! It's worth everything!
Vincent: Everything?!

Season 2


Chamber Music

Joe: You're really attracted to these culture types, aren't you?
Catherine: I don't think you could call what I'm attracted to a "type."
Joe: No, but you know what I mean. These smooth guys who go to concerts, and know all about wine, take you to all the right places.
Catherine: Not exactly.

Joe: Well, all I'm saying is that there must be a reason you haven't hooked up with one of these guys yet.
Catherine: Any theories?

Joe: Well, you're obviously not getting what you need. Maybe you need something else.
Catherine: Joe, I hesitate to ask, but I'm dying to know. What do you think I need? Tell me.
Joe: Radcliffe, you need someone who's more, ah..
Catherine: More...?
Joe: More solid. You know?...More a ...down-to-Earth kind of guy. You know what I mean?
Catherine: I think I do.

Catherine: Ah, I love this part.
Vincent: Yes, it's beautiful...What makes you smile?
Catherine: Everything! This is a wonderful spot.
Vincent: I've spent many an evening here. I've heard all the great
Catherine: The sound is remarkable. It's like we're in the first row.
Vincent: We're just under it.

Catherine: I have been to coming to concerts in the park all my life. It's strange to think there might have been nights we were listening to the same music...that you were so close!
Vincent: I come here and the music engulfs me and...I can feel the presence of everyone sitting just above us. You'll see- when the music ends, you'll hear the fragments of conversations echo throughout the chamber and -and footsteps...And then, all will be very still again.
Catherine: The stillness...didn't it make you feel...
Vincent: Alone? Sometimes and sometimes I found a wonderful peace in that stillness.

Catherine: Lightening!
Vincent: I think it was.
Catherine: Vincent, it's raining! (Vincent offers his cloak) No, Vincent it's wonderful!

Catherine: I don't think I'll ever be able to hear Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony" in quite the same way.

Eli: This boy has a precious gift we've got to protect it.
Father: Eli, part of our dream down here has always been to offer a place of encouragement to those whose gifts have been overlooked and unappreciated.

Eli: A couple of years ago he was in here asking for money. Took one look at him and I knew he was on the drugs. The boy, the gift...everything was gone. He looked like a ghost.
Vincent: The ghost of someone we knew and loved. I want Rolly to know there are still people that hold him in their hearts.

Father: Extraordinary!
Miss Kendrick: And sad.
Vincent: Why sad?
Miss Kendrick: He does not know what he is playing. He is just copying what he has heard, like a little robot or parrot. He has no understanding.
Father: But you cannot deny that there is a gift.
Miss Kendrick: It's a gift, but right now it is an empty gift.

Vincent: Rolley's gift was immense. It was fragile. He became lost to us. I don' think there's ever been a young person in the world with more promise and more desire.
Catherine: Are you sure he wants to see you, Vincent, to be reminded of that terrible loss?

Father: Mouse, what in the world have you got there?
Mouse: Found it! Up top! For Rolley!
Father: Some kind of keyboard?
Miss Kendrick: It's from a concert grand piano.

Father: Mouse, what did you do? I hope you didn't wreck this piano.
Mouse: Found it.

Miss Kendrick: But where's the rest of it?
Mouse: Up Above, down Below, in between...Mouse took it apart.
Father: I was afraid of that.

Mouse: Took it apart, bring it down, put it together so Rolley can play.

Father: I'm sorry, Mouse, but one simply does not find a concert grand piano!
Mouse: Mouse did!
Father: Where?
Mouse: In the park.
Father: The park?
Mouse: Underground...under platform.
Father: The concert platform, in the park. You disassembled a grand piano under the concert platform in the park.
Mouse: Two more there just as big!

Vincent: There is a piano in a chamber beneath this city waiting for you to play. It's yours. Come back. Play it for us.

Vincent: He won't come back.
Catherine: You did everything you could.
Vincent: Catherine, I feel as if we'll never see him again.
Catherine: But he knows now, that you'll wait for him, that you love him and Vincent, as long as you do, there's hope.

Remember Love

Vincent: Sometimes I can see it all so clearly. I use to come here when I was a child. Wonder about how it would feel to lay in a meadow under the warm summer or see the night sky full of stars.
Catherine: When I was a girl, we spent our summers at a lake in Connecticut. I had a secret place too, a glen. I would lay there in the tall grass and feel like I was the only person on earth. Safe.
Vincent: Yes
Catherine: And if I sat very still, the deer would walk by and not ever see me. I could almost reach out and touch them. It seemed enchanted. It seems so far from the city, like a different world, but it is only two hours away. I wish you could see it.
Vincent: So do I.

Catherine: If only we could be there.
Vincent: We are there. You are taking me there with your words, showing me.

Catherine: Maybe there is a way.
Vincent: Please...Don't even—
Catherine: All we need is a way to get out of the city and up there safely. A van. We could drive up at night. No one is even there at the lake this time of year. Maybe we could really do it. Vincent, let me try to arrange it. If I can, will you come with me?
Vincent: It is something that I never dared wish for.
Catherine: To go there, to share with you, would mean so much
Vincent: Then we must try.

Father: I cannot believe you could seriously envision something so foolhardy and dangerous.
Vincent: You over-state the risk.
Father: Any risk is too great, surely that is apparent. For Catherine to suggest such a thing...
Vincent: An innocent dream, Father, borne of love.

Father: An irresponsible dream borne of selfishness!
Vincent: No!
Father: Yes! Yes, I know because I have had the same dream for you myself, over and over again for so many years. Ever since you were young, I wanted nothing more than to be able to show you the sun, the mountains, things for which you only have words for.

Vincent: This is not merely for myself, Father, but for Catherine as well. This is a chance for us, no more than a moment, the briefest moment, free from the perils and urgency of the time we share.
Father: Vincent, your love for Catherine and hers for you is something that warms us all. But you have a responsibility beyond that, a duty to those down here in this community that depends on you. Who look to you for truth and strength, for hope and protection. Without you their world would be a very dark place.
Vincent: And what about my responsibility to Catherine? Who gives so much and asks for so little? How can I deny her, Father?

Vincent: Am I unable to fulfill even her slightest wish? Tell me, Father, are we forever bound to accept a poem for a sunset?
Father: Vincent, you cannot do this! [Vincent stalks off] Vincent!

Vincent: It was a dream, Catherine.
Catherine: No.
Vincent: A beautiful, but impossible dream that we dare not have.
Catherine: But for a moment I thought it would be possible.
Vincent: So did I. If the slightest thing should go wrong, if anyone were to see us, it would ruin everything that we already have.

Catherine: I know. I'm sorry. I should have never asked.
Vincent: I am the one who should apologize. You ask for so little and there is so much I wish to give you, and so much that I can never give you.
Catherine: And so much more than you do. You must believe that, Vincent. Some people don't even have dreams.
Vincent: One day, we will see that lake, O promise you.
Catherine: And until then, we will keep on dreaming.

[Dream begins]
Vincent: Catherine?
Angel: I am the image of her in you. I am your heart, your mind.
Vincent: Am I dreaming?
Angel: Call it what you will. Sleeping. Waking dream.

Vincent: I remember thinking, that there would be less pain for those I love (if he had never been born or lived)
Angel: Nothing of what you knew remains.

Paracelsus: He shall be the greatest who is the lowliest, the most hidden, the most deviating; a human being beyond good and evil.
Vincent: Beyond good and evil is only death.
Paracelsus: Take the beast! Now, cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince.

Vincent: Everything's gone.
Angel: You were not there to stop him. Knowledge and beauty are fragile things; they need protection.
Vincent: But I was only a baby.
Angel: But even as baby, you were a symbol to the community and you died hope and possibility died with you. People lost heart.
Vincent: Is there nothing I can do for them?
Angel: Nothing. It is already done.

Angel: Mouse has no language. You were not there to reach out to him.
Vincent: Was there no one else?
Angel: No, no one.

Vincent: There was a child, a baby, found among the garbage of St.Vincent's Hospital.
Jacob: Wrapped in rags.
Vincent: You took him in and raised him as your son. But he was not an ordinary child, he was different from the others. What happened to the child? Tell me.
Jacob: He died...he died.

Vincent: She is gone
Angel: Is she?
Vincent: I have no sense of her.
Angel: She never knew you.
Vincent: You said she was still alive?
Angel: She did not die, but her spirit is gone.
Vincent: Catherine's spirit could never change; never.
Angel: You were not there to strengthen her heart.

Angel: Nothing is ever lost. We are all on a journey. We create that journey for each other.
Vincent: I do not know what to believe.
Angel: Yes, you do. Remember love.

Vincent: Catherine! It was a dream, a terrible dream. Everything was changed. I could not wake up.
Catherine: It's over now. I'm here.
Vincent: Yes, I thought I had lost you.
Catherine: Vincent, don't you know you could never lose me? We could never lose each other as long as we remember.
Vincent: Remember?
Catherine: Remember love.

Ashes, Ashes

Peter: The first time that I met Cathy, she was stark naked.
Catherine: You might also mention that I was upside down and screaming at the top of my lungs.
Peter: [chuckles] And ruin a good story?

Dimitri: Can you understand loving so much someone?

Vincent: [to Catherine] If only you could hear the love in his voice when he speaks of her. He has crossed half the world, risked the life, left everything and everyone behind him...all for Anna.

Dimitri: It is difficult leaving. It's - how you English writers say?
Vincent: Shakespeare?
Dimitri: Yeah.
Vincent: "Parting is such sweet sorrow".
Dimitri: Yes, its that, sweet and sad. He was a little bit Russian, I think.

[Dimitri has a coughing fit]
Vincent: Perhaps, we should go back.
Dimitri: I must go on.
Vincent: Are you strong enough?
Dimitri: For Anna, very strong...You, Vincent, understand me best of all. Yes? Little bit of Russian in you, too.

Dimitri: It is Russian to be like babies to say goodbye.

Catherine: [waiting for help] Peter!
Peter: Cathy! What on Earth are you doing here?
Catherine: Message to meet a helper.
Peter: You! No wonder you have been so secretive this past year.
Catherine: How long have you been involved?
Peter: Since the beginning...Jacob and I went to medical school together.
Catherine: One thing I learned from Vincent - Nothing is impossible!

Father: Catherine, you should not have come here.
Catherine: How could I stay away?
Father: Pneumonic plague is the most contagious form of this disease. The risk is...
Catherine: It's mine to take.

Father: Dimitri is dead
Catherine: Vincent?
Father: He's all right. He appears to be immune, thank God.

Vincent: I watched you a moment ago with Ellie.
Catherine: My mother used to sing me that song. I have not heard it since. I think she must have made it up.

Vincent: [sighing] You are remarkable.
Catherine: [smile in her voice] I hope you were not talking about my singing.
Vincent: No, I'm not...How much you give to all of us.
Catherine: To be able to give is what all of you have given to me.

Vincent: I have something very hard to tell you, Eric. No words of mine will make it any easier.
Eric: Is it about Ellie? Is she better now?
Vincent: She wanted to get better, to come back to you. She fought with all the strength she had in her. But sometimes, bad things can happen in life, and all our courage and all our love cannot change that.
Eric: Ellie will get better. She promised.

Vincent: Ellie loved you very much, Eric, but we cannot always keep our promises no matter how much we try or how much we love.
Eric: Ellie will. She's different.
Vincent: Eric...Ellie is gone.
Eric: You liar! Liar! [pelts Vincent with his fists]

Vincent: They need you, Father. Eric needs you.
Father: Eric. Ellie was the last family he had in all the world.
Vincent: No. He has us. But he does not know that now. He ran off. He is all alone with his fear and his grief.

Father: Eric? It's Father. May I come in? ... It's all right not to talk if you don't want to. What are you writing?
Eric: A letter to Ellie.
Father: A letter?
Eric: To say I am sorry...because I said I hated her, but it wasn't true.
Father: Then...just say that...I know she will understand.

Eric: Will she be mad at me?
Father: No.
Eric: But how am I going to send it to her?
Father: I think I know a way...Umm...I would like to write a letter to Ellie too...Maybe you could lend me a piece of writing paper.

Catherine: [speaking of Dimitri] Poor man, to come so far only to have his dreams turned to ashes in his hand. Even if Dimitri had lived, he would have found Anna too late.

Vincent: Perhaps he knew that even when he first received her letter.
Catherine: But he came, anyway.
Vincent: He loved her. He had no choice.
Catherine: Even though he already knew.
Vincent: One either moves toward love or away from it, Catherine. There is no other direction.
Vincent: Sometimes bad things happen in life and all our courage, and all our love can't change them, and then all we can do is cry for those we've lost, and remember them always in our hearts and go on.

Dead of Winter

Father: The world above us is cold and gray, summer a distant memory. Our world too has known its winters, so each year we begin this feast in darkness, as our world began in darkness.
Vincent: Long before the city above us raised its towers to the sky, men sought shelter in these caverns.
Mary: In those days, these tunnels were dark places and those who dwelt in fear and isolation.
Vincent: This was a land of lost hope and twisted dreams, a land of despair, where the sounds of footsteps coming down a tunnel were the sounds of terror. Where mean reached for knives and rocks and worse at the sound of other men's voices.
Father: At last a few people learned to put aside their fear.
Mary: And we began to trust each other, to help each other.
Vincent: Each of us grew stronger, those who took the help and those who gave it.
Father: We all were a part of one another, one family, one community. Sometimes we forget this and so we meet here each year to give thanks to those who have helped us and to remember, even the greatest darkness is nothing, so long as we share the light.
Father: Darkness almost engulfed us, but our unity gave us strength. Our shared light showed us the truth. As we part for another year let us remember. Darkness is only the absence of light...and all winters end.

Catherine: Vincent, it's beautiful. Remember how I told you that when I was little I was afraid of the dark. My mother gave me a candle to light at my bedside before I went to sleep. Just a tiny little thing, a birthday candle. Somehow, it made it all right. I have loved candles ever since.
Vincent: This is no ordinary candle. This is for Winterfest. It is a special time for us. We have other celebrations, all the holidays and traditions we share with your world, but Winterfest is our own. A time to remember the past, dream of the future. Each year, we deliver these candles to our helpers in the world Above. Without their light, our world would be dark. Our lives would be cold without their warmth.The candles are our way of saying that they're a part of us. Everyone, the entire community has agreed this year that Winterfest would be incomplete unless you are there.

Father: Third of a century? Hard for me to believe it, Vincent. You were only a babe in my arms that first year.
Vincent: My oldest memory is of a Winterfest. I must have been three or four. I remember a cold, dark room. Footsteps echoed all around me. I was frightened. Devin held my hand. Then, they lit the candles and the darkness pushed back. When I saw the tapestries for the first time...they took my breath away.

Vincent: Can I lead you through the dark?
Catherine: There is no darkness, Vincent, when you are with me.

Catherine: [tapestries] Wonderful. Where do they come from? Who is the artist?
Vincent: It is a mystery that we have never solved, Catherine. Perhaps, they are enchanted. I use to imagine they were magic windows that if I stared at them long enough and hard enough they might open up and I could pass through to another world. But when I reached out, they were only cloth.

Mary: Pascal, why are you leaving so early?
Pascal: I have to check the pipes.

Father: My friend, what is there to check? Everyone is down here, including the helpers.
Pascal: I don't like to leave them too long. You never can tell.

Vincent: Pascal, surely you can spare a few hours.
Pascal: I just want to check the pipe chamber. Make sure everything is...
Catherine: Still there?

Sebastian: Ah? Chess. The game of kings...not to mention rooks and pawns. Well, set them up! Set them up! Time for your annual humiliation.
Father: Never again. Last year, he took my king.
Sebastian: Well, isn't that the whole idea?
Father: No, the whole idea is that you capture the pieces, not make them disappear. Peter, would you care for a game?
Peter: Oh Jacob. Have you ever considered consulting a psychologist about that streak of masochism?

Catherine: [turns to Vincent] Vincent, can I ask you something very personal?
Vincent: You can ask me anything, Catherine.
Catherine: Do you dance?

Father: I ought to have my head examined for letting you talk me into this.
Sebastian: You can examine it all you like, Jacob. It won't help your game one little bit.

Narcissa: Beware the poison rose!

Father: Winterfest is a time for brotherhood, for joy and trust. Now, if we forget that, if we let this day of all days to be tainted with fear...then Paracelsus will truly have won.

Vincent: Is this how we want Winterfest to end? Each of us slinking away to nurse our wounds, each alone? Have we forgotten what this day means?
Mouse: Okay good. Okay fine.

Father: Catherine, you are a part of us now. Come, complete the circle.

Catherine: Can you hear it, Vincent?
Vincent: Only the quiet...and the wind crying to get in.
Catherine: You can hear it if you try. The music.
Vincent: Yes, I hear it...Catherine, that question that you asked me earlier... [Then Vincent puts his hand on Catherine's arm to lead her to the floor and they begin to dance a waltz.]

God Bless the Child

Lena: I did what I had to do.
Catherine: You don't know who the father is?
Lena: [shaking her head] No.
Catherine: That's okay.
Lena: Then why does it feel so bad?

Catherine: Lena...
Lena: It's gonna grow up to be just like me. When I think of that—
Catherine: [to Lena] Your baby is about what can be, not about what is. If you don't believe that, then nobody will.

Lena: Things don't change...not on the street. You look into the houses and you can see what's inside. You see the lights, the Christmas tree, people talking and laughing...and, you get this cold feeling on the outside, like, you're never going to be the one who's in there.

Vincent: So many come into your life, Catherine. This one must have truly touched you.

'Catherine: [about Lena] She's dying, Vincent. The streets are killing her and she's fighting to hold onto her spirit...and she's carrying a child. She told me that she would rather see the baby die, than bring another life into this world!
Vincent: How can it be, that this world could have no more to offer her?

Father: Imogen.
Vincent: Please, Father! Imogen!
Father: What's wrong with Imogen?
Vincent: Well, for one thing it's hard to pronounce.
Father: Well, it was good enough for Shakespeare!
Vincent: Well, if it's Shakespeare you're set on, then why not Juliet or Mariah?
Catherine: What's going on?
Father: Oh, we were, uh, discussing possible names for the child.
Vincent: After every birth the child is welcomed into the community with a Naming Ceremony.
Catherine: Don't you think Lena should have a say in it?
Vincent: Well, yes, of course.
Father: Of course— by all means... We were just er...speculating.
Catherine: I see.

Lena: Here, Vincent. It's okay. Hold her. Come on.

Catherine: Tell me something, Vincent, before I must go.
Vincent: What should I tell you?
Catherine: Tell it hold a baby in your arms.
Vincent: There are no words.

Lena: Vincent, when we first met, do you remember how we talked about feeling alone?
Vincent: I remember.
Lena: I've been thinking. It doesn't have to be that way, not anymore. All these things keep...coming back into my head. Everything we've talked about...things I never talked to anybody about before. And I keep thinking how when the baby came. How you were there, close to me...close to her...Let me love you, Vincent.
Vincent: Oh, Lena...

Lena: I can feel your heart.
Vincent: I will always cherish the moment we first met. How you saw me, how you accepted me.
Lena: You did the same for me.
Vincent: I know. But, what you ask now isn't possible.
Lena: Why?
Vincent: Because my heart is bound to another.
Lena: Catherine?
Vincent: Yes.

Lena: Do you love her?
Vincent: With all that I am. With all that I can ever become.

Lena: What do you want?
Catherine: I came to see how you were.
Lena: Nothing you say is gonna make me go back there.
Catherine: You're your own person, Lena. I can't force you. But, your baby's down there.
Lena: She belongs there.
Catherine: So do you.
Lena: I hate it there. It doesn't matter. It's not a real place to me anymore.

Catherine: [to Lena] Do you remember what you told me that first night? About being outside, that cold feeling. You can hide out there if you want, but you have a place on the inside now...with friends, people that care about you. It's your choice. If you want me to leave, just say so.
Lena: Leave.
Catherine: If you ever want to talk to someone, I'm there.
Lena: Please, don't leave.

Catherine: It's Vincent?
Lena: I love him.
Catherine: I know. So do I.

Vincent: Welcome home, Lena.
Lena: Thank you.

Father: It has been said that the child is the meaning of this life. Today, we celebrate the child, this new life that has been brought into our world. We welcome the child with love, that she may be able to love. We welcome the child with gifts, that she may learn generosity. And we welcome the child with a name upon which I believe Lena has decided.
Lena: Her name is Catherine.

Sticks and Stones

Vincent: It's been difficult for her Above. We've known that for some time. Little by little she began to shed her duties as a Helper, until last week when she disappeared.
Catherine: Why didn't you tell me, Vincent? I might have helped.

Vincent: Somehow I still think of the tunnels as her home. I always thought if she needed sanctuary for whatever reasons she would seek it among us.
Catherine: Well, she found it, Vincent but in a dangerous place, among people who live by violence. One of them, we think, killed a security guard.
Vincent: This is her new home?
Catherine: I'm sorry.
Vincent: I know.

Catherine: Vincent, Laura herself may have broken the law. I'm not sure. But you should prepare yourself for that possibility.
Vincent: We have our own laws, Catherine, and Laura must stand to answer them. Until the Counsel and the others determine otherwise, she remains a part of our community.
Catherine: I can't protect her in any way.
Vincent: I know but, I must see her tonight.

Vincent: [signing to Laura] I'm here because I care for you, because I love you. Because I know that you have been unhappy. You could have come to me.
[Laura signs]
Vincent: [signs] Our world choked you?
[Laura signs]
Vincent: [signs] I understand your anger. But is this the right place for you? Are you happy here? Do you love him? You've become a woman. I wish the circumstances were different. You know the message I bring.

Father: Laura, our purpose here is not to judge you.
Laura: [signs, Vincent interprets] You stand there with straight eyes and tell me that?

Father: Please, Laura, remember we're all your friends, and you know our rules as well as anyone. If you to continue as part of us then you must-at the very least-abide by the moral principles according to which we live.
Laura: [signs] What principles? Love? Trust? Those are just words. What good will they do me in the world Above? Yes, I love. I trust. But I also hate. I also distrust. There are other, more complex feelings I need to help me survive.

Father: You are always free to return here. We will always welcome you.
Laura: [signs] I have another family now...We live as we must. The only way we can. We live as all of you do. We have made the same choices, to live outside of society. The only difference that I see is that you have chosen to live down here.We have chosen to live bound by our deafness...Down here you taught me that I was no different, that I was the same as everyone. Now you call me handicapped?! It makes no difference. It is the same everywhere. I carry a shield with me now to protect me. You can vote if you want. I reject your vote! I reject your judgement!

Catherine: [to Jerry] Secrets can get pretty heavy.

Vincent: [writing in his journal] It is late. Yet, I cannot sleep. I am thinking of Laura. Cold up there tonight. I can feel it. The chill down through the layers of pipes there to protect us, insulate us. What is happening to her? Can there be anything so painful as watching a child that you love falter in the world? Refuse your help? At what point do you draw quietly away from their lives? At what point do you say, "I am no longer responsible." We taught Laura to depend on herself, to think her own thoughts. Do we now tell her to disregard those lessons, to doubt herself, to change? She is a woman now, no longer a child. What is happening to her up there?

Vincent: [signing to Laura] Don't be ashamed. Hate and rage are powerful forces in all of us. Don't punish yourself for feeling them. They're part of us we understand the least, and yet they are the part of us we should try to understand the most.

Catherine: You have a lot to be proud of, Vincent, all that you have given to Laura and taught her.
Vincent: I never realized until now just how much she's given me...and how much I miss her.

Catherine: She has been through a lot.
Vincent: The world has tested her.
Catherine: And yet she chooses to remain Above.
Vincent: She is in love.

Catherine: That she could forgive Jerry...that took courage. That's the rarest kind of love.
Vincent: To surrender yourself completely to your heart, to trust in it fully, to believe in it without doubting.
Catherine: To let it guide your life. Somehow, Laura's found the way.
Vincent: Yes.

Catherine: Will it make her life any simpler, do you think?
Vincent: No, not simpler.
Catherine: But she'll be happier.
Vincent: Perhaps.
Catherine: Trust me, Vincent. She will be happier.

A Fair and Perfect Knight

Vincent: Michael, you are a part of us. You always will be, wherever you go. There are times when you must go. When the greatest possibilities, in good faith, cannot be denied. The world Above has so much to offer you; gifts of the imagination, learning. You have the mind and the heart to cherish these gifts. You are on the brink of a wondrous adventure. But every adventure, must begin in farewell.
Michael: Some adventures don't end happily.
Vincent: All you can do is proceed, with the faith that they will.

Michael: I want to do this for you.
Vincent: No, Michael, you must do this for you. This is your journey.

Vincent: Perhaps, I have done him a disservice.
Catherine: By encouraging him to embrace his future?
Vincent: I assumed that is what he wanted.
Catherine: Vincent, he has come this far because of his desire, and because you believed in him.

Vincent: I always believed Michael would want this opportunity.
Catherine: You dreamed he could have what you couldn't have. And it is a little frightening when our dreams begin to come true.
Vincent: Yes.
Catherine: Then Michael must come back to face that world, to face those disappointments, to make his peace.

Catherine: Don't worry, Vincent. Michael comes Above with a great advantage over almost everyone else up here. He has your faith in him.

Michael: How do I thank you?
Vincent: You already have. Go now. The world awaits!

Vincent: She's a rare person. You couldn't have a better guide.

Vincent: To leave a safe place and find your way among strangers is a difficult passage for anyone. Fear makes our enemies loom larger and larger.

Vincent: You must leave.
Catherine: No Vincent.
Vincent: Leave. Now.
Catherine: Why do you want me to leave?
Vincent: Because what I'm feeling...My thoughts...Shame me.
Catherine: Tell me. Tell me what you feel!

Vincent: You must not see me like this.
Catherine: Please don't send me away!
Vincent: My thoughts are poisoned.
Catherine: Tell me these thoughts.

Vincent: What you shared...I envied.
Catherine: Vincent.

Vincent: I betrayed Michael. I betrayed you. Everything I hold dear.
Catherine: How did you betray me?


Vincent: Catherine, I come on an urgent mission. The children insist that you come Below tonight to Father's chamber.
Catherine: Really? What is the occasion?
Vincent: Something of a miracle.
Catherine: Tell me.
Vincent: This year, there were several children in the music classes who we felt were not ready to perform at the Winterfest. Some were simply too inexperienced, but others failed to show a true commitment to the music. I think that in order to prove to all of us that we were in grave error, these children have joined together to form their own Concert Society.
Catherine: Sounds wonderful.

Catherine: [at the recital] They are really good.
Vincent: We offered to help but they refused. They were so determined.
Catherine: Just look at their faces. They know they have done it.
Vincent: Yes, they have succeeded in humbling their elders.
Catherine: Besides the music, what can be sweeter?
Vincent: You know children
Catherine: I used to be one once.
Vincent: Yes, but you remember.
Catherine: More and more.

Catherine: [after Brian is found below] I don't know how I could have been so careless.

Vincent: [at the Council] Perhaps, instead of concealing the truth from this boy, we should tell him who we are and how we live.

Elderly Man: My crime was that I grew old. You see, in the world Above people don't want to look at me, an old man, this unpleasant reminder of their future. I was to be cast away, hidden from the eyes of the young, who want to believe they'll live forever. In the world Above I lived too long. But here, Below, I've not lived long enough. So why am I here? To make memories, so that the last moments of my life may be as full of warmth and love as the very first moments of my life.

Mary: Home. Children. I help the children grow. I nurse them when they are sick. Teach them. I love all of them as if each one was my own. I lost my own. To lose a child is to lose everything. It was here that I found family again. The children are safe here. This is our safe place. I tell them it will be here for them always.

Pascal: Trust. Continuity. A tradition of work and honor passed won from my father to me: a system of communication, a way in which we can always be connected. I continue what he began so many years ago, so that those who come after will remember him long after I am gone. I was born here. This is my birthright and my legacy.

William: My life Above was filled with disappointments and failures. Nothing good ever happened until I found this home beneath the city. I do what I do best, I cook. Feed people, and they appreciate me.

Daniel: It's a new beginning. A chance.

Brooke: Hope.

Mouse: I help everyone, and everyone helps me. I go. They miss me. I come back. They're glad. Never alone. Before, I was no one. Now, I am me. I am Mouse.

Geoffrey: When my mother died, I went to the orphanage and people would come to adopt us. We would all line up and I would smile as they came by, hoping they would choose me. But they never did. But everyone wants me here. I don't cry anymore. I got chosen.

Father: When I left the world Above, I was disillusioned, heartbroken. I had lost my faith. Here, it was that I learned to listen to my heart and heal my wounds. Here, I learned to believe again. Hopes and dreams created this fragile world. Pride and vigilance maintain it, and it survives only because it is separate and apart. It is a refuge, where the disillusioned regain their vision, where the lost become found. Where each one of us can explore the best of our being, the best of what it means to be...human and to be alive.

Vincent: My very existence lies here within these tunnels. It is my salvation. I could not exist elsewhere. Without this place there is nothing for me. You must never, as long as you live, reveal what you have seen tonight. To do so would mean the end of life for all of us, and the end of our world. You bear the weight of a great responsibility, but it is also a great privilege. You will always have a safe place here should you need it. Now, you must go back to the world Above and carry our secret with you forever, in silence.

Catherine: [to Brian] Our secret is now in your hands. Please keep it safe for us.

Mouse: We have rules here too. Break the rules, get in trouble. I know.

Mouse: Hard to keep secrets. First time is hardest. Gets easier. Gets better.


Devin: [to Charles] Remember what I told you? About the secret place where I was born? It's right over there across the bridge. Its full of music and candles everywhere you look...and the people...they're like a family.
Charles: They won't accept a freak!

Vincent: There are no freaks here.

Charles: You're different.
Vincent: Like you.
Charles: No. No, your face is good. Not like me, Vincent.

Father: Devin, even when you were a small boy, I could always count on you to make life interesting. Nonetheless, it's good to have you home.

Vincent: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
Devin: That pretty well describes it, doesn't it?
Vincent: Our childhood?
Devin: My life...This used to be my favorite book.
Vincent: On Tuesdays, anyway.
Devin: "Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds."

Devin: This place brings back a lot of memories.
Vincent: It lived here half your life.
Devin: Things are different. You moved things around.
Vincent: You left...Things change, Devin. Years pass.
Devin: People change, too.
Vincent: Some people...sometimes.

Vincent: When I walk the city streets, I wear a cloak with a hood to shadow my face.
Charles: But your face is-
Vincent: A mirror, like yours. Where frightened men see the shape of their own fears, and small men see only ugliness.

Charles: Do you forget to hide?
Vincent: I do not hide my face here. This is my home.
Charles: My home?
Vincent: If you want it to be.

Vincent: A life is measured by more than just years. A life in a no life at all.

Vincent: When I was young, I only knew these tunnels. I would hear the other children talk about the world Above and all its wonders. I wanted to see them too. So one night, Devin took me up to the park. The lights went on forever and the night was full of sounds and smells and music, so much so that it made me dizzy. When I looked up ...
Charles: Was it an airplane?
Vincent: No. It was the moon. It was the most magical thing I had ever seen. I was afraid that if I looked away for a second that it would vanish and I would never see it again.

Catherine: Where will they go?
Vincent: To the mountains to begin. A place far away from people Devin says. Where Charles can feel the sunlight on his face and learn not to be afraid...a place to heal, to grow, to feel human. Somewhere ...
Catherine: ... south of Oz and north of Shangri-La.

A Gentle Rain

Catherine: Ten other desks in that office - Why did it have to land on mine?
Vincent: So you could help him.

Catherine: I don't know what I am supposed to be here, Vincent. Am I a friend or a prosecutor? How can I be both?
Vincent: You follow the truth.
Catherine: The truth is? Most of the time I think the people we prosecute deserve to be punished, but I know Kanin. He's a good man and I know what he means to all of us. Where is the justice in that?
Vincent: Perhaps, in making it possible for two people to release their burden.

William: It is not going to help anybody for him to turn himself in.
Catherine: It will help the mother. A woman up there is being destroyed.

Vincent: Does justice belong only to the people we know?

Kanin: I wish I could fix it, but I don't know how.
Vincent: With courage.
Kanin: I don't have that kind of courage.
Vincent: You do.
Kanin: No?

Kanin: I would do anything
Vincent: Then face her. That is what she needs. If that is the only thing that you can do for her, then do it.
Kanin: It won't do any good.
Vincent: It will give her someone to blame and then? It would give her someone to forgive.
Kanin: She is never going to forgive me.
Vincent: You've never given her that chance. You think there is nothing you can do for this woman, but there is so much you can do for this woman. You can change her life.
Kanin: What do I say to her?

Kanin: I'm sorry. Sorry.
Mrs. Davis: So am I.

Catherine: I'm not asleep.
Vincent: No?
Catherine: Mmm...Just in that wonderful place in between.
Vincent: Where everything shimmers and floats.
Catherine: Am I floating?
Vincent: Yes...A great burden has been lifted.
Catherine: They both seem finally free. Now maybe the healing can begin.
Vincent: Rest now.
Catherine: As long as you keep reading.

The Outsiders

Father: Perhaps we can approach them. Talk to them.
Mary: We can make them an offering of food and clothing. Our good will.
Father: That is a fine idea...good. We'll make them a package. Anything we can spare. We'll offer to help.

Catherine: Who are they?
Vincent: We don't know. Perhaps a family.
Catherine: Maybe I could do something.
Vincent: No. You must stay away from the tunnels until the danger is past.
Catherine: What does Father say?
Vincent: He struggles to remain optimistic. I think he still believes these people can be moved by good will and reason.
Catherine: But you don't think so?
Vincent: No.
Catherine: You think you know how it will end?
Vincent: We are so vulnerable.
Catherine: Then let me try to help
Vincent: No! You must stay away from it.
Catherine: That world, those tunnels are part of my life, too...and so are you.
Vincent: If the worst should happen, you mustn't be anywhere near.
Catherine: If the worst happens, I want to be by your side, with you.
Vincent: No! Not like that! Never again!
Catherine: Vincent, wait!

Mary: Kindness has always been our first impulse.
Father: In this case, our kindness couldn't have been more misguided.

Father: This world was built on the foundation of fairness and respect for all. No, we do not renounce violence all together. If we are attacked, we will fight to protect our home, but we will never instigate that violence! And I will not allow this community to be dragged down to that level!
William: We've tried diplomacy and look where that got us. Now is the time for action...Our strength is in our numbers. We could overwhelm them. Drive them out.
Father: Drive them out at what risk?
William: No greater risk than we are facing now.

Vincent: You will let me go out to do what must be done? Whatever must be done?
Father: I pray that won't be necessary.
Vincent: So do I.

Father: That is not who you are to us.
Vincent: That is who I am...perhaps even my fate. The very part of me that I struggle to overcome gives me the power to protect the people who protect me-who give me life.
Father: Vincent, that is not your fate.
Vincent: My survival depends on this world. There is no other choice for me. For me there is no other place, Father.

Father: [to Catherine about the gun] We need a way discourage these people from further violence. We cannot allow them to control our lives with fear...I pray it will never be used as anything more than a threat. But perhaps that threat will keep him and us safe.

William: This is cowardice!
Vincent: There is no shame in making sacrifices for something you believe in strongly, William.
William: I believe in the children. I believe in the life we have built here.
Mary: So do we.
William: And yet you'd see it destroyed? Changed without a fight?
Vincent: No one will ever destroy this place.

Vincent: [voiceover] That night, she truly walked alone. And deep within me I felt the cold and terrible truth of all that kept us apart. Fate had left me adrift, with no wind to carry me to the safe shores of her love.


Vincent: I'm here. Always.
Catherine: Always. Such a father's word, always.
Vincent: What is it? What are you thinking?
Catherine: Something he did when I was little. He made me laugh, that's all. Whenever I was upset he'd make me laugh. He'd come to the door and I would be...crying on the bed. Already a part of me would start to smile. I would try not to, but I couldn't help it. And he would say in this deep voice, "Don't laugh...Don't laugh." And he would come in and I would try not to look, but I would look anyway...And there he was, with this enormous red clown's nose. I don't even know where he got it.
Vincent: That is a wonderful memory to have.

Catherine: I wish we'd stayed that close.
Vincent: You've told me before of the growing distance between you.
Catherine: We got in a...habit. There were things I didn't want to tell him.
Vincent: And...there were things you couldn't tell him...Catherine...There's still time.

Catherine: [to her father] You see...I haven't been alone. There's been someone in my life. His name is Vincent...When I had the accident, it was Vincent who saved my life. Those days that I was missing, they weren't lost or forgotten. I was with him. Healing. Learning things about myself I might never have known. But Vincent was a secret I couldn't share...not even with you.
Vincent: [to Catherine's father] I realize that to you I am a stranger, and that was not your choice. But what Catherine and I share has taken great courage, especially for Catherine. She sacrificed much in order to live a life of generosity and of love.
Catherine: Daddy, I've gotten so much back. I had to change. I had to find my own strength and Vincent has helped me to do that.
Vincent: [to Catherine's father] Please know this...That I will protect Catherine, watch over her, and love her...until my last breath.

Catherine: I'm losing myself! I can't go back there.
Vincent: Catherine ...
Catherine: There's nothing for me there. I tried. That life isn't mine anymore.
Vincent: Give yourself time to mourn.
Catherine: Vincent, I need to be with you. I need you...I need you!
Vincent: Come.

Vincent: So sudden a loss.. you had no time to prepare.
Catherine: The pain goes through me and then subsides.
Vincent: I can feel it in you.
Catherine: I know you can.

Catherine: But it wasn't like a dream...he was there talking to me.
Vincent: Giving you his blessing.
Catherine: He understood about our secret. He understood everything. I could feel his trust. Whatever I do now is ok.
Vincent: You found peace with him but not yet with yourself.
Catherine: I'm not sure.

Vincent: Don't ever be afraid of the truth.
Catherine: I don't want to hurt you. I don't ever want to disappoint you.
Vincent: By returning Above?
Catherine: I feel like I failed.
Vincent: Catherine...every moment that we share is a triumph and a gift. And everyone of those moments is a lifetime complete. There is no failure. It doesn't mean our dream can never be. It just means now is not the right time. You came here to grieve, and begin to heal. But now your destiny is to be in both worlds. You are a woman of both worlds. That is who you are.


Catherine: [about Lisa] Did she leave the tunnels in order to dance?
Vincent: That is not why she left...though it may have been the reason at the time.
Catherine: Why did she leave?
Vincent: Because I loved her.

Vincent: Why are you here?
Lisa: Vincent, please don't worry. I am here in New York and I so wanted to see you again...and Father...and everyone.
Vincent: You never came before.
Lisa: You must think of me as a prodigalistic sister, long lost, abandoned, who has found her way home again...for a visit.
Vincent: To me, you were more than a sister.

Lisa: That's something you should always remember, Samantha. You see, 80% of a woman's charm is in her mystery.

Joe: That's what I like to see-taxpayer money hard at work.
Catherine: I never thought of that. Huh. I pay my own salary.

Lisa: You know Father hates me.
Vincent: Father does not hate you.
Lisa: He hates me. Then why does he insult me with his politeness? He blames me.
Vincent: Perhaps a part of him does.
Lisa: Well, let's not talk about it.

Vincent: Nothing has changed since you sent her away.
Father: I didn't send her away
Vincent: You did!
Father: No!
Vincent: How can you deny it?!?!
Father: For God's sake, don't you understand?!?! I was trying to protect you.
Vincent: Protect me?
Father: From her...from disappointment...I watched yougrowing up beside Lisa,watched you growing closer together. Knowing that one day she would leave the tunnels...and you.

Father: I've...I've tried to be fair, Vincent, raising all of you. I made choices that had to be made...Though I don't know anymore which was right and which was wrong. All I do know, Vincent, is that they were made with love.
Vincent: And it is that love that I make the choices I must, now.

Vincent: Because I hurt her...because in my desire I forgot who I was. Who I am. As she moved closer, I wanted to hold her. She was dancing, and...and I felt a pull. It was pulling me to her, and I reached out for her. Suddenly, in her eyes, I saw fear of me. I saw myself. But I couldn't let go of her...And I knew these hands were not meant to give love.
Catherine: These hands are beautiful. These are my hands.

When the Blue Bird Sings

Vincent: Hmmm.
Catherine: Why are you smiling?
Vincent: Kristopher worked in oils.
Catherine: Yes.
Vincent: Oils take months to dry completely, Catherine. Sometimes years. This canvas...
Catherine: Don't say it. I have to hold on to some of my certainties, don't I?

The Watcher

Catherine: Two years ago, tonight...
Vincent: [Looking through the door at the candles]
Catherine: I thought maybe we could go inside...light a fire. It's warm...

Catherine: Vincent, the balcony isn't safe anymore. That was the only part of my world that belonged to us! I won't let him destroy it.

Father: Vincent, someone has seen you! If you go to her, he'll see you again!
Vincent: How can I leave her alone? She must be protected!
Father: Is she is in danger, we'll find a way to protect her. There are other ways.
Vincent: This is Catherine. I must protect her.
Father: Of course. And what is she doing to find this man?
Vincent: All she can, but she's alone in this. She refuses to seek help. She's afraid for me, for our secret.
Father: And he probably knows that.
Vincent: And will use it to torment her.

Vincent: Did he contact you?
Catherine: [nods] He sent me flowers.
Vincent: There's more than just flowers.
Catherine: He knows about you...about us...and until we find out what he wants-
Vincent: He wants you, Catherine.
Catherine: Vincent, you have to stay away.
Vincent: I feel your fear. How do I leave you alone with that?
Catherine: Because I can handle fear. But if something happened to you...
Vincent: Come below tonight.
Catherine: I can't. I can't let him do that to me. I can't. We're alone in this.

Vincent: Oh, Catherine...
Catherine: I love you.

Vincent: I felt you go. [weeping] I felt you go.
Catherine: Hold me tighter. Tighter.

Catherine: Someone else could be watching.
Vincent: Perhaps.
Catherine: We can't be afraid, can we? We can't let that stop us.
Vincent: This balcony is our window...our vantage point. And, perhaps, Catherine, someone, behind one of those lights, is watching and smiling on us.
Catherine: Perhaps they are.

Vincent: How do you feel now? You still afraid?
Catherine: No. Just very grateful.
Vincent: We've endured...much.
Catherine: Yes we have. And I know, in the deepest part of who I am, that whatever happens now, Vincent, we will endure. We will.

A Distant Shore




A Kingdom by the Sea


The Hollow Men


What Rough Beast


Ceremony of Innocence


The Rest is Silence

Vincent: Catherine, I don't know what will happen now.
Catherine: You must promise me one thing; that you'll share it with me. Whatever happens, whatever comes.
Vincent: Whatever happens, whatever comes...know that I love you.

Catherine: [talking to Father] He is my Life! Without him, there is nothing!

Season 3


Though Lovers Be Lost...


Walk Slowly






Beggar's Comet


A Time to Heal


The Chimes at Midnight




In the Forests of the Night


The Reckoning






Rob Perlman - Vincent
Linda Hamilton - Asst. Dist. Atty. Catherine Chandler (Seasons 1–2)
Jo Anderson - Diana Bennett (Season 3)
Roy Dotrice - Father (Jacob Wells)
Armin Shimerman - Pascal
Jay Acovone - Deputy D.A. Joe Maxwell
Edward Albert - Elliot Burch
Tony Jay - Paracelsus (Seasons 1–2)
David Greenlee - Mouse
Beah Richards - Narcissa