Battleship (film)

2012 film directed by Peter Berg

Battleship is a 2012 American Alien invasion science fiction action film loosely inspired by the classic board game. The film was directed by Peter Berg and released by Universal Pictures. The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano.

The Battle for Earth Begins at Sea. (taglines)

Let's see if we can't buy the world one more day. ~ Mick Canales
"What do you need, son?"
"I need to borrow your boat."

Admiral ShaneEdit

  • We take great pride in honoring the many men and women who demonstrated exceptional gallantry in the face of overwhelming enemy force. Valor and courage were exhibited by so many... that I cannot honor them all. It is my great privilege to recognize those few whose actions deserve special note. Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, Retired- Mick Canales. [...] The President of the United States takes great pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Commander Stone Hopper, for extraordinary heroism. Receiving the award on behalf of his brother- Lieutenant Commander Alex Hopper. [After receiving his brother's Navy Cross, Alex Hopper turns to leave] Stand fast, Mr. Hopper. It is my great pleasure to present you with the Silver Star, for your exceptional heroism and gallantry in combat operations. And I look forward to seeing you at sea on a ship of your own command. Soon.
  • Sir, I can't explain this. We've lost communication with everyone on the other side of the barrier. We can't get in, and they can't get out.
  • [After the Secretary of Defense demands that Shane try to send more planes at the aliens' force field, which is impenetrable] I'm far more aware than you of the need to get inside, but wasting lives will not help! You want me to send up another plane? I'll do it the second you get up here and put your ass in the co-pilot's seat, SIR!

Commander Stone HopperEdit

  • [The morning after Alex has broken into a convenience store to get a chicken burrito and been arrested by the police, Alex wakes up in an ice bath while his brother is yelling at him.] I've had it! Look at yourself! How is it that you screw everything up?! Oh, by the way, that girl you were trying to impress last night? Do you know who her father is? Admiral Shane! He runs the whole damn fleet! So now, you're messing with MY JOB! MY LIFE! Now I've always stayed out of your business, haven't I? 'Cause I was hoping that maybe one day, you would learn from your mistakes- you would grow up, you would mature a bit! You're 26, and what've you got? You've got, $65 to your name? A car that doesn't start, you're living on my couch... [Alex has managed to get out of the ice bath Stone threw him in while he was passed out; he is now sitting on the couch.] As of right now, as of right this second there's a new dynamic at play. And this dynamic is the following: from here on, until I state otherwise, there will be no more debate, no more discussion, no more compromise! It's me speaking, you listening! Me saying, you doing. Do you understand that? [Pauses] It's time for a new course of action. A new direction; a game change. You're joining me in the Navy.

Lieutenant Colonel Mick CanalesEdit

  • Let's see if we can't buy the world one more day.


[ADM Shane is berating CPT Nagata and LT Hopper after their fight; a group of Japanese and American officers are present.]
ADM Shane: You both think this a joke and you are much mistaken. This will not happen again; do I make myself clear?
LT Alex Hopper: Yes, sir.
CPT Yugi Nagata: Yes, sir.
ADM Shane: [To the officers around him] Gentlemen, give me a moment alone with Mr. Hopper.
[CPT Nagata and the assembled American and Japanese officers leave the room, ADM Shane stands up and faces Hopper, visibly furious.]
ADM Shane: What is wrong with you? You've got skills. But I have never- EVER! Seen a man waste them like you. "Keep the ship out of the surf and spray-"
LT Alex Hopper: "-or you will plunge to destruction." Homer, sir.
ADM Shane: [Stares at Hopper] The fact that you know that infuriates me beyond words. What my daughter sees in you is a great mystery to me. You're a very smart individual with very weak leadership, character, and decision-making skills. [Pauses] Do you have anything to say to me? Anything?
LT Alex Hopper: Negative, sir.
ADM Shane: Enjoy these naval exercises, Hopper. They're likely to be your last. Dismissed.

Danny: Got some weird activity on all the radar screens.
Cal: That's weird.
Danny: Yep, really weird... Oh, and Dr Nogrady's on the phone for you, too.
Cal: [walks indoors] That's really weird. Lead with that next time, okay, Danny? You gotta start prioritising your information. You gotta tell me 1-2-3. you don't start with "M", know what I mean?

Hopper: All right, so we can't see them and they can't see us, and we have no way to hit them from a safe distance.
Captain Nagata: There is a way.
Hopper: A way?
Captain Nagata: A way of seeing them without seeing them.
Hopper: You're going to reference Art of War, aren't you? What are we supposed to do, "fight the enemy where they aren't"? "Move like water"? Because I've read that thing about six times, and it makes no sense.
Captain Nagata: That book is Chinese.
Hopper: Still makes no sense.

[readying two Barrett rifles]
Hopper: Where'd you learn to shoot?
Nagata: I'm not sure how you say it in English. Natsu campu... "Summa campu"?
Hopper: ...Summer camp?
Nagata: Champion, when I was twelve.
Hopper: Are you kidding me?

[The USS John Paul Jones has been sunk in battle; aboard a lifeboat, LT Alex Hopper looks around at the isolated American and Japanese survivors who are all dejected.]
Hopper: It doesn't end like this.
Captain Nagata: What do you want us to do, Hopper? We have no ships left.
Hopper: We have one. [looks at the USS Missouri as the boats enter Pearl Harbor] We've got a battleship.
Captain Nagata: Are you crazy? That's a museum.
Hopper: Not today.

[Aboard the USS Missouri]
CPO Walter Lynch: This ship is 70 years old. It's totally outdated. The firing control systems are all analog. The engines haven't been started in a decade, which would be fine, but they're steam, which I have no idea how to fire up. And even if I had a user manual and six weeks to go through it all, we still don't have enough crew to fire it up. [Turns to LT Hopper] I don't know what you're thinking, sir.
[The camera pans back to show more than ten 'old salts', former crewmen of the USS Missouri from various wars, standing watch over the ship. They approach the survivors from the USS John Paul Jones.]
Old Salt: [Shaking hands with LT Hopper] Is everyone all right?
LT Alex Hopper: Yes, sir, we're okay...You men have already given so much to your country, and no one has a right to ask any more, but I'm asking.
Old Salt: What do you need, son?
LT Alex Hopper: I need to borrow your boat.

[Ordy heads to the control room where an old salt is manning the controls]
Old Salt: Son.
[Ordy stands there, uncertain. The Old Salt looks back at him]
Ordy: Sir?
Old Salt: What the hell, you gonna stand there, staring at me? Get your goddamn eye on that spotter!
Ordy: [quickly doing as told] Eye on spotter, sir.

[Raikes heads to the gunnery control room, where two veterans are getting to work]
Raikes: [looking around] Whoa...
Old Salt: Been working on a destroyer, haven't you?
Raikes: Yes, sir.
Old Salt: Are you ready to play with the big boys?
Raikes: [Excited] Oh, yes, sir.
Old Salt: Come on. We need the help.
Raikes: Awesome!

[Engine room. A veteran lights a wick as Lynch watches]
Old Salt: Best cover your ears. [Sticks the wick in the engine. Flips two levers as the engine roars to life] Purrs like a kitten!

[One old salt approaches another as the Missouri heads to destroy the communications station]
Native Old Salt: Sir, are we really firing on Oahu?
White Old Salt: Sure looks that way.
Native Salt: Holy shit!

Native Hawaiian Old Salt: Oh, brother. Somebody gonna kiss the donkey.

[As alien explosive pegs are fired]
Hopper: Drop port anchor.
Old Salt: What?
[the pegs get closer]
Hopper: Drop it NOW!
[the anchor drops]
Nagata: We are gonna die.
Hopper: We are gonna die. You're gonna die. I'm gonna die. We're all gonna die... Just not today.
[Anchor hits the bottom and the ship starts club-hauling to face the alien mothership full broadside, causing the pegs to make a near miss]
Old Salt: Let's drop some lead on those mother---
Hopper: FIRE!
[they start firing on the ship]

[The Missouri is rocked by enemy fire]
CPO Walter Lynch: [to a nearby old salt] You alright?
Old Salt: They ain't gonna sink this battleship. No way.

[Hopper's unorthodox tactic works]
Nagata: I can't believe that worked!
Hopper: Yeah, Art of War. "Fight the enemy where they aren't." After all these years, it finally just clicked.
Nagata: But that's not what it means.
Hopper: Really?
Nagata: Not even close.

[It looks like the end for the Missouri and her crew. They are about to fire their last round at the communications array, cutting the aliens on land away from Planet G and thereby saving the world, at the cost of leaving them defenseless against the Shredder drones. Hopper turns to Captain Nagata, his former enemy]
Hopper: It was an honor serving with you, Captain.
Captain Nagata: The honor was mine.
Hopper: [gets back on his walkie-talkie] Fire.

[After the awards ceremony]
LCDR Alex Hopper: Sir.
ADM Shane: What is it?
LCDR Alex Hopper: I want you to know... that I am in love with Sam. And I am asking your permission to marry your daughter.
[Admiral Shane thinks for a moment.]
ADM Shane: No.
LCDR Alex Hopper: Thank you sir, I mean it's...what?
ADM Shane: No.
LCDR Alex Hopper: Sir...I saved the world!
ADM Shane: Saving the world is one thing, Hopper. My daughter is quite another.
LCDR Alex Hopper: Ye- but-
ADM Shane: No means no, Hopper. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for lunch. I think I'll have a chicken burrito. [Gives Hopper a look and walks away]
LCDR Alex Hopper: Sir! I...
[Admiral Shane stops and turns back, smiling a little.]
ADM Shane: Come along, Hopper. We'll discuss the terms of your surrender over a meal.
LCDR Alex Hopper: [Smiling in relief] Yes, sir. [As the two walk off] She told you about that, huh?


  • The battle for Earth begins at sea.
  • The Battle for Earth Begins at Sea


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