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Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a direct sequel to 2005's Battlefield 2, and the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise.


Agent G.: Eighteen hours ago, I get a call from Homeland Security saying there is a Marine in detention that I need to talk to. Some story about a terror plot in New York and the Marine claims he has information to stop it. Now the best part is: he says it's gonna happen today. So here we are. You look jetlagged. And by that I mean you look like shit.

Montes: Freeze, motherfucker—hands! [realizes that it's Blackburn] Holy shit! Black, am I glad to see you.

Agent W.: Stop me if this is incorrect. Faruk Al-Bashir and the PLR seize power in Iran almost the same day as the earthquake—they become a threat. A few weeks later, we send in 50,000 marines to take him out—we go to war in Iran.
SSgt. Blackburn: [impatient] Is this a history lesson?

Campo: [discovering the nuclear weapon inside the case] Holy shit... You know what that is?
Montes: Russian. Portable nukes.
Campo: There's only one there.
Montes: [realizing that there are two other spaces in the case] Wait—there's room for two more. Where the hell are the other two?!

Dima: [to Blackburn] Do not do anything stupid. [steps into view, pistol aimed at Blackburn] This piece of shit right there stole three nuclear devices from Russia, and sold it to a man called Solomon. Solomon's using the PLR. He has at least two targets: New York and Paris. He's using public transit to move the weapons. He's going to detonate the New York device in Times Square very soon. [shakes head] …This cannot happen. We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us. No politicians, no money changing hands. [puts his gun down] Just two soldiers speaking the truth. Help me. Help me to do this.

[Just then, someone kicks a door open nearby.]

Dima: [hands up] That's it, I have to leave now. You don't shoot him, millions will die.

SSgt. Blackburn: The train map inside the bank vault—what was the time written on it?
Montes: Um...6.02. Why?
SSgt. Blackburn: Dave. You trust me?
Montes: [nods] Oh, yeah.
SSgt. Blackburn: Alright. Follow my lead.


"Dima": Radiation is like life, a uniquely damaging event. Perhaps I will live another 30 years. Perhaps I will die tomorrow. ...I am telling my story here. The story of how Solomon used power-hungry men like Al-Bashir and Kaffarov to set fire to the world. And the American marine who, like me, chose the hardest path of all. But I have no regrets. I have always served Russia, trying to make a difference. Sometimes, I was forced to make difficult choices. Many lives have been saved—many have been lost. [picks up his pistol] I am certain Moscow does not view this in the same light as I do. But enough is enough. As Vladimir would say, you can only die once. Make sure it is worth it.

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