Battle Arena Toshinden

1995 fighting video game

Battle Arena Toshinden is a 1 hour movie based on the game "Battle Arena Toshinden 2".


  • Ahh..We didn't mean it!
  • Hold it right there!
  • Is THAT your answer? IS IT?!?
  • What do you...What do you want from me?!
  • You look well.


  • I've been waiting for you, EIJI!
  • We both know your brother has killed dad. BUT HE LOST THAT FIGHT LIKE A TRUE WARRIOR"!
  • Yeah, then Eiji's right.
  • Oh, Ellis, please be allright...


  • Hold it, Gaia!
  • Now YOU. You are coming with ME now.
  • I'll never forgive YOU...GAIAAAAAA!!!!!


  • Hey, you, guys!
  • Call me queeeeeeeeeen!!!!!
  • Oh, it's YOU.
  • NOW, Eiji!


  • Those two. I wanna fight!
  • Yes, yes, you're right. I'll do my best!
  • The 'Man Machine' Project"?...
  • OK, I'll buy that.
  • Good night, you two!

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