Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

2016 film by Rick Morales

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is a 2016 film about the foes of Batman and Robin who team up.

Directed by Rick Morales. Written by Michael Jelenic.


Batman: Up with your flippers, you unholy three! And hope that I leave enough of you to put behind prison bars.
Riddler: Curses! It's Batman.
Penguin: Ha, the cat came back.
Joker: Oh! How did he find us this time? Why, you quizzical creep!
Riddler: It wasn't me! I resisted the urge.
Catwoman: He's Batman, you moronic muttonheads, that's how.
Penguin: Of course! You probably left a trail of breadcrumbs for your little loverboy.
Batman: No, Penguin. I deduced where you were, but not why.
Riddler: Then riddle me this, Batman. How do you hold a party in space? Answer, you "plan-et".
Penguin: Only we want to make three.
Batman: You diabolical devils!
Joker: Yes, then there can be a Gotham City for each of us to control without interference from the caped clodpoles.
Batman: Of all the world-creating arrogance!
Robin: Don't worry, Batman, they'll soon be where they belong. Behind prison bars.
Batman: Actually, Robin, I'm thinking of sending them out of the airlock.
Catwoman: Yeah! Let's see how they like it.
Penguin: Ah! By the Marquess of Queensberry, you have to follow the rules!
Batman: Do I?
Robin: Of course, Batman! As duly deputized officers, we are honor-bound to follow the tenets of the law.
Batman: Technically, we're outside of the jurisdiction of Gotham PD. Here, I play by my own rules.
Joker: Egad! Batman's flipped his cowl.
Riddler: If not, we should do it for him.
Penguin: Ah, time to lighten the mood.

Batman: I implore you to turn yourself in without a fight.
Catwoman: You will be gentle with me, Batman?
Batman: You have my assurance I will handle you... personally.

Catwoman: I'll turn myself in on one condition.
Batman: What's that?
Catwoman: We run away to Europe together, sip tea in a cafe, and live happily ever after.
Robin: Holy unsatisfying ending!
Catwoman: And, of course, we kill Robin.