Batman: Hush (film)

2019 animated film directed by Justin Copeland

Batman: Hush is a 2019 animated film featuring the DC Comics character Batman. It was directed by Justin Copeland and written by E.J. Altbacker, based on storylines in the 12-issue graphic novel series Batman: Hush.

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Catwoman: You're absolutely insane. He killed your friend. Tried to kill Nightwing. Hell, he almost killed me and you're sorry he's dead?
Batman: I had to try. If someone can be saved, I have to try.
Catwoman: You do, don't you? It's a compulsion. You and your goddamn code. And you'll die because of it, you know this, right? Will that make it all better?
Batman: Without a code, I'm no better than them.
Catwoman: But this is Superman.
Batman: Yes, and if he wanted we'd be dead already. Deep down he's a good person and deep down I'm not.

Bruce Wayne: Hello, Damian. Titus.
Damian Wayne: Pennyworth tells me you're romantically involved with a criminal now?
Bruce Wayne: Ex-criminal, Damian, and it's only a date.
Damian Wayne: There are no ex-criminals, Father, only ones who aren't breaking the law at the moment.
[Titus barks]
Bruce Wayne: She's not like that, anymore. Damian, I...
Damian Wayne: Look, I understand. This never-ending mission of ours is a lonely endeavor. If this trollop provides some carnal release, so be it.
Bruce Wayne: Trollop? Your slang skills need work.
Damian Wayne: But I needn't bring up your past poor choices in women, including but not limited to my mother.
Bruce Wayne: Damian, I'm not...
Damian Wayne: Not that I'm ungrateful being here, mind you...
[brakes screech]
Damian Wayne: ...However, I must insist that you use protection. And another thing, cover your drink.
Bruce Wayne: Goodbye, Damian.

Selina Kyle: [In bed with Batman/Bruce Wayne] I don't often say something was worth the wait because I hate waiting. But that, meow.
Batman: I feel the same.
[Sits up, revealing scars on his back]
Selina Kyle: Oh, my god. Those scars... so many.
Batman: [Sits back, showing scars on his chest] You, uh, remember these?
Selina Kyle: [Recognizes them] I'd just gotten my retractable claws, cost a small fortune.
Batman: They worked. I had to upgrade my Kevlar body armor after that.
Selina Kyle: Uh, sorry?

[Harley Quinn hits the hall with a clown hammer]
Harley Quinn: "Wah, wah, wah". Crying clowns, who needs them, am I right? Ladies and jerks, there's been a slight change to tonight's program. Along with the opera robbing you -for 1,000 bucks a ticket... ...we're gonna rob you too! -Ha-ha! I'm also here for my puddin', who's been clown-napped. To get him back, I have to kill.. Eh, not you. -Maybe you. uh, you You I should kill for that stupid beard! Oh, there you are. Bruce Wayne. Nice tux. Hope it's not a rental.
[Harley Quinn laughing]
‌Bruce Wayne: Tom, get the ladies to safety.
Thomas Elliot: Okay, but I'm coming back.
Selina Kyle: What are you gonna do?
Bruce Wayne: She wants me, she'll follow me.
Selina Kyle: Don't get killed.
Harley Quinn: Hold still, you wascally wabbit.
[Bruce Wayne jumps down and the others leave and Harley Quinn wants to shoot her]
Harley Quinn: Bingo-matic.
[She wants to hit Bruce Wayne and accidentally hits one of the thief clowns]
Harley Quinn: Whoops. Sorry, Rico!
[Catwoman hits Harley Quinn with a gun rope]
Harley Quinn: Look Up Huh? What?
[Catwoman kicks Harley Quinn]
Catwoman: Your jester drag was over in the '90s, now it's just sad.
[Catwoman fights against Harley Quinn]
Harley Quinn: What is it the theater folks say? Break a face!
[Harley Quinn throws the knife and Catwoman gives way and falls down and Batman grabs Catwoman.]
Harley Quinn: Bats with Cats, now? Ugh. [imitates retching] I just threw up in my mouth a little. [Harley disappears]
Catwoman: Batman.
Batman: Lie still. You've been hurt.
Catwoman: Not that bad. Get the clown.
[Batman comes out of the hall to catch the Joker and Harley Quinn]
Joker: [Batman breaks down the door and sees Thomas Elliot shot and the Joker laughing with a gun in her hand.] Oh, boy. This does not look good, does it?
Batman: [Angry] JOKER!
Joker: You know what the joke is here [He drops the gun] I'm totally innocent. [clears throat] Ugh, that doesn't even sound right, does it? [Batman hits Joker]
Joker: [chuckling] Batsy, I was in a basement until five minutes ago. [He looks at his back] I'm also looking for Harley. Have you seen her? Stop. Stop!
[Joker screams]
Joker: Batman, stop... [spits], [panting and wheezing] Stop me if you've heard this one before. Two guys walk into a bar... [He throws Joker on the ground] I want you to break your code, but for something I actually did.
Jim Gordon: Batman, don't! I'm warning you, Batman, let him go! Do not make me do this, not over him. I won't let you throw your life away. Gotham needs Batman.
[Batman lets the Joker go and leaves, and the sound of the police car comes and Jim sees the Joker with sadness.]
Joker: [He puts his hand on his throat] That sentimental claptrap worked. [clears throat] Well, back to the grind. Who's Robin these days?
Jim Gordon: [Hits Joker] Shut your damn mouth. Strip him. Double hand and leg cuffs.
Joker: Ooh, kinky. [Joker laughing maniacally]

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