Batman: Arkham Knight

2015 video game

Batman: Arkham Knight is a 2015 action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Arkham Knight is written by Sefton Hill, and is based on the franchise's long-running comic book mythos. In the game's main storyline, nine months have passed since the Joker's death and Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight and Deathstroke attack Gotham on Halloween. The game's leading characters are predominantly voiced by actors from the DC Animated Universe, with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively. Unlike the previous Arkham games, it received an M rating.

Batman/Bruce Wayne

  • [to Joker] You're afraid of being ashes. You're afraid of being forgotten. And you will be forgotten, Joker. Because of me.
  • [to Simon Stagg] Tell me how to stop the Cloudburst, or so help me I will hold you responsible for each and every person Scarecrow has killed!
  • [to Joker] I am vengeance. I am the night! I am Batman!
  • [to Alfred] Prepare the Knightfall Protocol.
  • [to Penguin] DO NOT LIE TO ME.
  • [to Alfred] It's what you taught me. Do the right thing. That's all that matters.
  • [to Nightwing] I won't be satisfied 'til I bring Penguin to justice.
  • [to Jim Gordon] It's done. Gotham is safe.
  • [to Scarecrow] What's wrong? Scared?
  • I'm going to show the Arkham Knight what happens when he messes with my city.
  • I'm going to show Crane what happens when he messes with my city.
  • You weren't a good man, Ra's. But you had conviction.
  • [to Jim Gordon] Look after him, Jim. Look after them all. You've been a good friend. The best I could ask for. You were there at the beginning. Now, you get to see how it ends.
  • Gotham needs something more, something... worse to defend her. She needs a new myth, a legend more powerful than I can be right now. A legend that can only rise from the ashes of the Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth

  • [to Batman] The people of Gotham need you.
  • [about the Dolltrons] It brings to mind a spate of murders at the beginning of your career. It was Halloween then if I'm not mistaken, turned out to be rather a long one if I recall...

Raymond Underhill

  • Riding in the Batman's car. My little girl's gonna be jealous.
  • Try and make sure the men don't find out. I wanna be the one who tells them. You're right. They deserve that much.
  • I betrayed those closest to me. Whatever happens, I deserve it.
  • I wanted to help. That was all. Things just got messed up. I lost sight of what matters.
  • I'd give anything to go back and change what I did. The hell was I thinking?
  • [after Batman's unmasking] Looks like we both had our secrets, huh Batman? I can't imagine yours ever involved burning down half the city.

Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane

  • There is no savior. No more hope. No more Batman.
  • Why aren't you scared?!
  • Welcome to Gotham, City of Fear.
  • Without fear, life is meaningless!
  • Gotham. This is your only warning. Abandon this city... or I will unleash your greatest fears.
  • You will bring death to all who follow you.
  • Remnants of Gotham, I have messages for you all. To the vandals who stayed behind to pick the still warm flesh from Gotham's bones, have your fun - you are under my protection. To the cowards quaking behind the police department's walls, you will not be spared. And to Batman, I have already won. Emptied your city with a vile of toxin and a few threatened words that's how little the safety you provided was worth When the dawn comes, when Gotham lies in ruin and I turn my gaze to the world beyond, the legend of the Batman will be worth nothing at all.
  • How many more bones will you crush? How many lives will you destroy in pursuit of what you call justice? You are the product of everything you fear. Violence... Darkness... Helplessness... All that remains is for you to watch as I drag your beloved Gotham into oblivion.
  • What do you seek in those tunnels, Batman? Hope? You will find none. I once searched for terror in chemistry. I thought perfectly arranged atoms could unlock the demons in a man's mind. You proved me wrong. How can the world know fear – true dread – when there is you? A stalwart knight, ever ready to slay monsters. Fear isn't pure biology, Batman. It’s more than instinct. True fear is the absence of hope. And hope is the spread wings of a bat, shining on the clouds. You promised that Gotham would be safe! Protected! But what does the world see now? My toxin choking its streets, blotting out the moonlight, poisoning the saplings you thought could stop me! And now, Dark Knight, I turn to you. But don't be afraid. It's not your life that needs ending, it's your myth. The hope that you stand for. The hope that dies tonight.
  • Enough bravado. It's too late for that. I don't care who you are, but they will. I'm going to rob them of hope. As they stare into your eyes, they will blame you. Failure will have a face and a name.
  • What does the great Gotham savior fear? We shall see...
  • Didn't you know, Dark Knight? You can't fight fear...
  • you don’t need to fear any more dark knight

best game ever

Arkham Knight/Jason Todd

  • You're old, you're predictable, and you never stood a chance.
  • You always told me, Bruce: "Focus on what I want to achieve, and it'll happen". Well, you want to know what I want now, huh? I want you dead.
  • Look at me while you die, Batman. Look. At. Me.
  • I was going to ask if it came in black, but I thought, you'd just be jealous.
  • I did it... Cornered you. Did what nobody else could. All these years, ALL your enemies... but none of them understand you like I do. You think that Crane found Oracle on his own? I'm the one that told him about Barbara. Me! Told you I knew everything about you. But don't worry Bruce. I kept some secrets to myself.
  • How long did it take you before replacing me? A month? A week? I trusted you, and you just left me to die!
  • Come on, hero! Let's see if you can keep up with me!


Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

  • What happened, Batman? You used to put up a fight.
  • It's been a long rivalry, Bat. But this is the only way it could end.
  • Shame about the car. I would have kept it when I was finished with you.
  • When a man earns my respect? That means I do not rest. I devote all of my energy, everything I have... to killing him!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] I don't care who you are. You're dying just the same.

The Joker

  • Miss me?
  • Bats? Bats?! BAAAATS?!?
  • He's no better than the creep who killed your parents.
  • [talking about Raymond Underhill] Hey, I think prison's going to be the making of this one, Batsy. A few jailhouse tatts, gang initiations, drug abuse. He'll come out a full fledged criminal. Just what Gotham needs.
  • [talking about Raymond Underhill] Tut tut tut. Breaking the law for a noble cause? He's nowhere near rich enough to get away with that!
  • [talking about Professor Pyg] Now, old pig-face here, total lunatic. Far too good for this place. Don't worry, you'll be the first one I let out.
  • [talking about Professor Pyg] He's sicker than me 'n' Harley's honeymoon tapes but I think he's onto something. What do we say we get him to chisel a smile on that face of yours?
  • [referring to Barbara's kidnapping] Now that I think about it, how did Scarecrow know to go after your IT department? I mean, I had no idea she worked for you when I shot her, I just got lucky. Seriously! I was aiming for her head.
  • I can see why you like it up here, Bats. Gives you time to ponder the really big questions. Like "Is Oracle dead?" "Is it all my fault?" "Who's going to die next?" [laughs] Now let's get down there and find out!
  • Those boys have really done their homework! Where do you think they're getting their intel? You think Barbara told them? Those sidekicks of yours! A teeny tiny bit of torture, and they're all "Please make it stop, I'll tell all Batman's secrets! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"
  • All these years later, and I've still got a soft spot for little Barbara Gordon. Fortunately, mine's not right between the vertebrae!
  • I've just realized! All those times I threatened to kill Bruce Wayne, kidnap Bruce Wayne, blow up Wayne Manor, I was really threatening you! Oh, Bats... If I'd have known, I would have -- let's face it -- try harder.
  • [talking about Azrael] I'm digging the suit. He's giving you a run for your money, Bats!
  • [talking about Azrael] Now this guy knows how to do it. He kills bad guys. You need to step up!
  • [talking about Deacon Blackfire] y'think this Blackfire's a real priest, Batsy? I'ts just, I owe Gotham Church an apology for that incident with the hydrochloric holy water. Ho, ho! That was one hell of a baptism!
  • [talking about Deacon Blackfire] You gotta hand it to Deacon Blackbeard: anything that gets the homeless working should be encouraged!
  • [talking about Man-Bat] His wife, your parents - what is it about dead relatives that turn you into a flying rodent?
  • [talking about Man-Bat] The look on your face when you saw him! Who'd thought it? The big, bad Batman, scared of his own reflection?
  • [after Man-Bat is restored to Kirk Lankstrom] It just occurred to me. Kirby-baby didn't have a choice, but you actually choose to be a flying rodent! It's genius!
  • [talking about Firefly] Ah, third degree burns. The cracked, leathery skin; that delightful, waxy sheen. If I had to choose, I think burns would be my favourite scar tissue. Well, burns and mental scars, right Bruce?
  • [talking about Firefly] Look, Garfield, fire's great and all. But what about acid? Electricity? PLIERS?! Come on! Open your mind, man!
  • [talking about Deathstroke] Gather round, kiddies! Uncle Slade's got another tale from the trenches. Ask him to tell the one about the mass grave. Ho, ho. It's a hoot!
  • [talking about Deathstroke] So at what point does World's Greatest Assassin become false advertising?
  • I've had an idea, Bats. PRETEND to get stuck on Riddler's next challenge, and then, just when he thinks he can die happy, break his little question mark-shaped heart.
  • [talking about Two-Face] So how's it hanging, Harv? Colour me insensitive, but I've always wanted to ask; did EVERYTHING get split down the middle?
  • [talking about Two-Face] Oh Bats, you just bring out the best in everyone! Your enemies, your friends- even your bestest frenemies like Harv, here: he's at least halfway interesting these days, and it's all thanks to you.
  • [when Nightwing gets kidnapped by the Penguin] It's happening again, Bats. First you got Jason Todd killed. Now old Dick's about to meet his maker. I know what you're thinking, and you're right. This is all your fault! [chuckles]] You should come with a health warning, you know that!
  • [when Batman goes to rescue Nightwing from the Penguin] You're actually going to save him, aren't you? You should leave him, he deserves it, going of on his own like that. He doesn't respect you, Bats. Never has!
  • [talking about the Penguin]' Don't be fooled, Bats! Underneath that short, fat, hideous exterior.... there's an icky, fishy, teddy bear wating to get out!
  • [talking about the Penguin] And to think this guy was my nemesis back in Arkham City. Oh, don't look at me like that, Bats. I do have a life outside you! I used to anyway.
  • Well, that's what I get for betting it all on black.
  • I am the Comeback King! The Clown Prince of Chaos! The Jester of Genocide!
  • This is how it happened. This is how the Joker died.
  • Guys! I just want to talk... About shooting you... With this gun... Which I'll do once we're done talking!
  • When I get out of here, I'll write my name in blood on every street corner! I'll carve it on every corpse! I'll... I'll...! NO ONE'S FORGETTING ME!
  • You know, you almost had me scared back there! Me! Haha! What have I got to be afraid of?!
  • [upon his final defeat, being locked away in Batman's mind forever] NO, BRUCE! DON'T LEAVE ME! PLEASE!... I need you...!

Edward Nigma/The Riddler

  • [after being captured] Locked in here, surrounded by inferior minds... I can almost feel them sucking the intelligence out of me!
  • [after being captured] You must be so pleased with yourself. I expect that cowl-clad cranium is fit to burst!
  • [after being captured] Don't worry, Batman, I will come back from this. You see, I'm blessed with the capacity for self-improvement - sadly something you lack. It would be nice if your intellect could move beyond its bestial beginnings, but alas, taking the bat out of the cave is far easier than taking the cave out of the bat.
  • [after Batman's unmasking] You may have everyone in here fooled with your little "Bruce Wayne" charade, but not me, Batman. You'll never fool me!
  • [to Professor Pyg] Please cease with these mindless inanities. It is beneath my brilliance to be cooped up with one so clearly insane.
  • [to Azrael] Your faith in mindless superstition is as misplaced as your desire to emulate Gotham's overrated defender, you outdated eleventh century anachronism!

Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

  • [after Batman's unmasking] Well, well, well, would you Adam and Eve it! Bruce bloody Wayne and Batman. The two people I hate most in the world, standing right in front of me!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] I've never forgiven you, Wayne. The Cobblepots should be running this city, not your stinking family!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] My old man lost all that money and who did he take it out on? Muggin's here! Shipped me off to that poxy boarding school.
  • [meeting Azrael in prison] Nobody said this was fancy dress!

Jim Gordon

  • This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died.
  • Civil unrest? There's a war in the streets, we don't have the manpower OR the equipment!

Lazlo Valentin/Professor Pyg

  • Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! The Circus of Strange is coming to a town near you! Never before has such a host of talented performers gathered in one place, to amaze and entertain! Be astounded by Big Top! Is it a man, is it a woman? Who knows, but I guarantee it's the most gigantically grotesque assortment of flesh you have ever seen! Be dumbfounded by the acrobatic oddity that is Siam! Stare open mouthed as these conjoined triplets defy the limits of the human body and its imagination! And last and by no means least, be stunned and horrified by the combustible wonder that is Phosphorus Rex! Folks, you gotta see it to believe it! Come and join us and you'll never look at the world the same way again!
  • Janosz, my dearest son, my perfect child, I make these recordings so you are not alone, so that you know daddy loves his son. Daddy loves his little Pyg! The circus has traveled far and we have brought joy to many sad people. They join us now like a big family, growing week by week! Now they feel no pain, they know nothing of misery. I call them my Dollotrons. To each new home, we move at night, finding a fresh patch of earth to inhabit. Secret places in forgotten parts of town, ugly wastelands where the locals stumble unawares into our candy-stripe tent. The Dollotrons are the first to greet them with open arms and perfect faces! The climax of the show is when I take them to see mother! Oh, I tell you, they are amazed by my imagination, confounded by my dexterity as each is transformed into a beautiful work of art! But, mother is hard to please! She wants more, always more, never satisfied, always driving me to work harder, to obtain perfection! And I will! Night has drawn its curtains yet again and the circus moves on, our numbers swollen, to a different patch of Earth. On the dark horizon, the building tops glimmer, the heat and smog of industry shroud the den of criminals and beasts. Gotham is her name! Janosz, I tell you, the circus has come home!
  • Pyg make it all better. Pain is just the body's way of saying thank you!
  • [singing] Pyg make you invincible! Perfect and invincible! Dollotron feel no pain!
  • Fix him, my darling! Make him perfect!
  • Pyg wants a hug! Pyg wants to feel the nails in his chest!
  • Oh mommy! Are you upset? Pyg tried his best, Pyg tried to help them!
  • It's not too late for you, Batman. Pyg is an artist! I can make a maiden from a monkey, a model from a miscreant... a beauty from a bat!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] Bruce [grunts] Wayne! What a pretty man hiding in that suit, like a big present!

Ra's al Ghul

  • [Last words, if you choose not to save him] Detective? Proud... of... you...

Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter

  • You've found the Cheshire Cat, all grinning! Don't be fooled, don't think you're winning.
  • The rabbit is gone. He's hopped away! I'm sure he only wants to play. Return the book, and then we'll find how little Alice lost her mind.
  • Down and down the rabbit hole you fall, were madness rains from wall to wall.
  • Through the rhyming words you tumble, where villains toil and psyches crumble.
  • Welcome to wonderland, it's time to play a game. I'm here to make you understand what drives a man insane.
  • And if you ever want to leave this crazy world you now inhabit, all you have to do is follow the white rabbit!
  • Come join me on my journey, a trip down memory lane, where you strapped me to a gurney and declared me quite insane.
  • Did you think I had forgotten? No, I owe you quite a debt. And this adventure has just begun. I'm far from done yet.
  • Look who's here! White rabbit there wallowing. Freedom waits for the one who's following.
  • You're late! You're late! the page is turning. Keep up Alice i know your learning.
  • What fun we had in Arkham city. Dear Alice never looked so pretty! Well, until you snapped and crushed my hat, did you think you'd get away with that? No.
  • Come on now Alice, don't be late. Follow the rabbit and seal your fate.
  • There's no way back for you Batman my puppet on a string. You're mine forever more, now it's the Hatter's toon you sing.
  • He's back again the white rabbit's head. Will you help him Alice or kill him dead?
  • Sorry Alice it's not yet time. Another page and I'll make you mine.
  • Ah, Hallow's eve and Gotham burns, it's here the story twists and turns. The final chapter, where we find how little Alice lost her mind.
  • Oh Alice dear please pay attention, don't make me keep you in detention.
  • Kill the rabbit! Kill him dead! He's after you! He wants your head!
  • Kill him, Alice! Try, I dare! You can't catch him, he's everywhere!
  • [if Batman beats up Hutch] Hee-hee, you found him, victim three! You're homicidal, just like me. Look back on this and you will find how madness lurks in every mind.
  • Where are you, Alice, where'd you go? This isn't right, oh no, no, no!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] Looks like the secret is out, Mr. Wayne. Your tragic youth, your life of pain.
  • [after Batman's unmasking] Can you justify the blood you spilled to the boy who saw his parents killed?

Victor Zsasz (deleted scenes)

  • Life is sick! Death is the cure!
  • You are a corpse with delusions of life!
  • I’ve saved a special place for your mark.
  • Your pitiful existence ends now!
  • You’re nothing but an animal ready for slaughter!
  • My skin aches for your mark!
  • I see you, Batman, with your throat already slit.
  • I will be baptized, born again in your blood!
  • I’ll make it painless, Batman.
  • My knife hungers!
  • Death is freedom, death is peace!
  • Accept death and drift into oblivion!
  • Come, let death take you.
  • Life is arbitrary Batman, there is no meaning, no justice… Death is the one true equalizer and I bring it to us all.
  • You have nothing to fight for.
  • I see it, Batman. In their eyes… the terror of futility.
  • Nothing we do matters, death is our release.
  • You’re already dead, I will make you see.
  • I will cut your death into my flesh.
  • Ever hold a razor to your wrist, Batman? Allow me the pleasure.
  • My blade yearns for your throat!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] It was tragic what happened to you as a boy, to have survived when your parents were granted release. The city is sick, Wayne. You try to help these creatures but death is their cure.
  • [as he is put in lockup] When the walls of this prison crumble, Batman, it’s cutting time!

Warden Ranken

  • You fail to see the bigger picture, Batman. My work was about protecting this country. You care more about those animals- AAAAH! Are you crazy?! You can't put me next to that monster! Let me out of here!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] I'm trying to figure out your motivation, Mr. Wayne. And I'm afraid I can only draw one conclusion. You're insane!

Simon Stagg

  • [after Batman's unmasking] When the courts are through with you and you're left desperately selling off what remains of your parents' legacy, perhaps I will generously open my checkbook!
  • [after Batman's unmasking] You’re nothing but a hypocrite, Wayne. How many laws have you broken? Hmmm? How many rights have you trampled on? Justice is coming for you now.


  • Harvey Dent: [after Batman's unmasking] I wanted to help people, but Gotham wouldn't let me. Good men don't last here, Bruce. Not when everybody knows who they are.


Raymond Underhill: My men. Are they okay?
Batman: Your men think a lot of you, captain. They trust you.
Raymond Underhill: You know, don't you?
Batman: I know you would do anything for your men, even if it meant aiding and abetting a known arsonist. It was you who gave Firefly the access codes and addresses of abandoned buildings.
Raymond Underhill: I always made sure they were empty. No one was hurt.
Batman: You put your men in danger.
Raymond Underhill: "The city was shutting us down...I couldn't let them do it, I couldn't.
Batman: And while there's an arsonist at large in Gotham, your men would keep their jobs.
Raymond Underhill: They've got families, they gave their lives to this city. I made a promise to them. I couldn't break it, you understand that, right?
Batman: The police would want to question you at GCPD.

[as Batman transports Raymond Underhill to GCPD]
Raymond Underhill: Scarecrow's plan, I didn't know about any of it, I swear. You have to believe me. Why would you? Why would anyone? I...don't know how to tell them...I don't think I can.
Batman: You owe it to them.
Raymond Underhill: I know. I know.
Batman: What you did was wrong. But you came back tonight. That means something.
Raymond Underhill: Yeah, a guilty conscience. But thanks.

Batman: You're done here, Valentin. Let them go.
Professor Pyg: Oh no, no, no, no, no! Pyg not ready yet. She's all unique and wrong. All messed up, inside out. Pyg make her better! Pyg make all of us better!
Batman: It's over.
Professor Pyg: But Pyg can fix you too! Make you perfect! Like the others! chuckles with porcine noises
Batman: You're insane!
Professor Pyg: And what are you?
Batman: I'm here to stop you.
Professor Pyg: Bad, bad, bad. Pyg is like clay. Pyg is like God. Pyg is here to fix us all!

Azrael: I trust you have not forgotten me, Batman."
Batman: Azrael!
Azrael: Dark days are here, Batman. The prophecy has come true. From the ashes of Arkham City, the fires are raging and Gotham is burning.
Batman: What do you want?
Azrael: I can see that same fire in your eyes. Before this night is through, that fire will consume you. Gotham will need a new savior, a new guardian, a new Batman.
Batman: I'm not finished just yet.
Azrael: You cannot carry this burden forever. I have studied you for a long time. You have a code, you will not kill. Then neither shall I. The Order has foreseen it. The time has come to pass the mantle to another warrior... to me.

Batman: Lane!
Azrael: Lane is dead. I am Azrael, knight to the Order of St. Dumas!
Batman: The Order has lied to you. Stolen your free will.
Azrael: Liar! You stand in the way of true justice!
Batman: We're on the same side, Michael.
Azrael: No...NO! I know who I am. I know what I am doing.
Batman: In that case, the choice is yours.

Azrael: [breaking the sword] I thought myself the instrument of God, not the tool of Man. [turns to leave]
Batman: You made the right decision, Michael.
Azrael: I do no one's bidding but God's. The Order must answer for what they have done to me. [Leave the Clock Tower]

Killer Croc: You made it worse! Fix me!
Warden Ranken: I can't. Your mutation is aggravated by trauma. There's nothing we can do.
Killer Croc: LIAR!
Prisoner 1: Kill him!
Prisoner 2: Rip his head off. Let's see if it grows back.
Killer Croc: He suffers first. Like us!
Prisoner 3: Yeah!
Warden Ranken: Animals! All of you!
Prisoner 2: Let's show him what animals can do.
Killer Croc: You will fix me!
Warden Ranken: I can't!
Prisoner 1: Son of a bitch, he's lying!
Prisoner 2: I think he needs convincing to tell the truth!
Killer Croc: You won't hurt us anymore!
[Batman shows up]
Killer Croc: I know your scent, Bat!

Warden Ranken: That monster deserves to be put down.
Batman: [grabs Ranken] There's only one monster here.
Warden Ranken: You're insane! Get your hands of me!
Batman: You experimented on him! Tortured these men!
Warden Ranken: I'm not begging forgiveness from you.
Batman: I don't forgive! [headbutts Ranken out cold]

Batman : Quorrum were funding your experiments. I want names.
Warden Ranken : Your wants are of no concern to me, Batman. Run along.
Batman: You'll talk. They always do.
Warden Ranken: You forget, Batman; as a scientist, I love invalidating a flawed hypothesis.

Batman: What happened to you was wrong. But you killed people. You have to pay for that.
Killer Croc : When does Warden pay?
Batman: He'll face justice for his crimes.
Killer Croc: No! He will all will!

The Mad Hatter: O frabjous day! Calloo, callay! The Batman's here. It's time to play.
Batman: I'm not playing your twisted games, Jervis. The hostages, where are they?
The Mad Hatter: Lets see, lets see, oh, one, two, three! A hat-trick of your boys in blue. Do they live or die. That's up to you.
[Batman grabs him]
Batman: What've you done with them?
The Mad Hatter: Such violent means, but all in vain. I've trained my mind to feel no pain.
Batman: Don't make me put that to the test.
[he drops him]
The Mad Hatter: Oh Batman. Allay your fears, prick up your ears, you'll soon hear there tears, Just listen for the siren's song, yes, you'll find your Alice before too long.

The Mad Hatter: The Knight returns, all filled with malice. Tell me, Batman. Did you find your Alice?
Batman : No more games, Jervis! Where's the hostage?
The Mad Hatter: Why yes, there's three. Oh, silly me. The answer's in the book, Batman. Open and see.
[Batman opens and sees a picture of Alice with a bat mask, then grabs Jervis]]
Batman: Tell me!
The Mad Hatter: There's no joke. Control your rage. The answer is there. Just turn the page.

The Mad Hatter: What?! No! i had you, don't you see? You're mad, you're mad, you're just like me!
Batman: I'll never be like you, Jervis.
[he drops Jervis, then drags him to a cell]]
The Mad Hatter: Oh Alice no this can't be how it ends. There's tea for two, we can still be friends.

Batman: You used the police sirens to hypnotize us! I want to know how!
The Mad Hatter: Oh no no no no. A magician can't reveal his tricks. I'll keep you guessing just for kicks. Oh Alice, why not brew some tea and snuggle up in here with me.
Batman: You need help, Jervis!
The Mad Hatter: If you want to help then why so callous? Join me, Batman. Be my Alice.

Nightwing: Good news. I found Penguin. We have him where we want him.
The Penguin: [punches Nightwing] Cocky little bastard. You've been takin' from me all night Batman. It's time I did a little takin' of my own.

The Penguin: Well, ain't this cozy!" [points a pistol to Nightwing's head] You need to keep an eye on this one, Batman. He's a bit too careless for my liking. Come any closer and you get to see the contents of his head!
Nigtwing: Hey, Oz. You remember the Flying Graysons?
The Penguin: Flying who? What you on about?
Nightwing': Flying Graysons, the world's greatest acrobats.
The PEnguin:: Shut up, ya fairy!
Nightwing: Whenever they performed in that circus, there was magic in the air.
The Penguin: I said, shut it!"
Nightwing: There was one move they did, just took your breath away.
The Penguin: You're about to suck down your last breath, boy. I'd make sure you say your goodbyes. You hear that, Batman?! You're gonna wished you never messed with me. Nobody takes from Penguin, nobody! You've ripped me off one too many times.
Nightwing: You might be enjoying listening to this, Batman, but I don't.
The Penguin: Maybe he thinks I ain't gonna do it. Is that it, Batman? You think I ain't got the balls?! Everyone's gonna know your boy died and you stood ther and did nothin'! It's you that ain't got the guts to take me out! Going soft in your old age, eh! You're time in this city's over Batman! You better hang up the cape!
Nightwing: Quit stalling, Batman. End this!
The Penguin: He can't. He's lost his bottle! That's right ain't it, Batman?! After I've put one in the boys head, you're next! But you ain't getting' off that easy. You're gonna suffer. Before I'm through, you're gonna beg me for death! This is it, boy, time to paint this room with your brains!

The Penguin: [furious over the last weapons cache being destroyed] You bastard! I swear to God, you better kill me Batman, otherwise I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna -
[Batman knocks him out]
Nightwing: You know, I was gonna suggest you do that.

The Penguin: Get ya snout outta my face, Pigman!
Prrofessor Pyg: Mommy! Mommeeeeee! Yeeeooow, ohoho!

The Riddler: Ah, Cobblepot, you vicious, inelegant, tacky bully. How is that Napoleon complex of yours, hmmm?
The Penguin: Tell me, Nigma - If you're such a smart-arse, what you doin' in here?

Deacon Blackfire: Come, pray with me, little man! God finds beauty in us all, however deformed we are!
The Penguin: Let me know how the praying works out for ya!

Deacon Blackfire: It is no one but the Lord who moves in mysterious ways.
The Riddler: Please, don't proselytize to me. I have no need for the superstitious nonsense you peddle.

The Riddler: Do you even understand the numerous chemical processes that occur during combustion?!
Firefly: That's the beauty of fire! No riddles! It's so easy to understand!

Firefly: "Let there be light", Deacon! That's easy, I can do that!
Deacon Blackfire: Cheap pyrotechnics do not scare me, child.

Professor Pyg: Pyg on the cross, Pyg with nail, Pyg on cross, Pyg with nail!
Deacon Blackfire: From what hellish pit did you emerge?

Professor Pyg: Pyg can make Harvey right again! [grunts] Dent can be... a dolly!
Two-Face: Sick freak!

The Penguin: That's the last time I work with you, Dent!
Two-Face: You said the plan was foolproof, Oswald!

The Penguin: I'm always looking for talent. Let's talk.
Deathstroke: Small opponents can be deceptively strong in combat. You need to lose some weight first.

The Riddler: You may be an expert in the art of killing things, Wilson, but you'll find I'm an expert at everything else.
Deathstroke: Only puzzle I ever had to solve was reinflating my own lung while under fire in the Hindu Kush valley.

Professor Pyg: [squeals] Beauty is Pyg's specialty! Pyg make you [squeals] young again! Pyg can soften the scars!
Deathstroke: I knew a guy in Hanoi. Used to make wallets out of dead Vietcong. You guys would hit it off.

Firefly: Ever handled a flamethrower, old man?!
Deathstroke: Ever seen a napalm drop at night? Most beautiful thing in the world.

Deacon Blackfire: You have killed, but your tally of death is nothing compared to the millions God has consigned to the fiery pit!
Deathstroke: My soul doesn't need saving, preacher man. I sold it a long time ago.

Azrael: You kill for money, old man. I kill for God!
Deathstroke: M4 Carbine, nine-inch barrel assembly, high-res optical scope with rail interface - that's my god.

Arkham Knight: Always defending the weak and the helpless. That's what I like about you. Predictable. That's why we are going to win. We know your move before you do. We know how you think!
Batman: Do you know what I'm thinking right now?
Arkham Knight: Of course. You're thinking, "Who the hell is this guy?"
Batman: No, I'm just trying to decide which one of you I'm going to take out first.

Arkham Knight: Turn around.
[Batman does, and sees the Arkham Knight aiming a gun at him]
Batman: Who are you?
Arkham Knight: You really have no idea...
[lifts his mask]
Jason Todd: you, Bruce?
Batman: Jason? But... you're dead.
The Joker: Let's not fall out here, Bats. I might have told you a teeny, tiny little lie. But come on, look at the boy! You did good. We did good! You should be proud.
Arkham Knight: What's the matter? Loss for words? I expected more, I'm hurt.
Batman: Joker sent me the film, I saw him kill you.
Arkham Knight: Don't you dare lie to me! How long did you wait before replacing me huh? A month? A week? I trusted you, and you just left me to die!
Batman: That's not what happened.
Arkham Knight: You always told me Bruce, focused on what I want to achieve, and it'll happen. Well, you want to know what now, huh? I want you dead.
Batman: [Headbutts Jason]
Arkham Knight: [Jason grabs his two guns and shoots] You can't hide from me! I will hunt you down!

Batman: Where's Scarecrow?
Militia Soldier: [Tries to inject him with Scarcrow's fear toxin] Go to hell!
Batman: [Throws him to the ground and pins him down] Where is he?
Militia Soldier: I've got nothing to say to you, Batman.
Batman: Talk, or I will crush every bone in your body.
Militia Soldier: Okay, okay, he's working out of a penthouse in Chinatown. I swear, that's all I know!
Batman: If you're lying, I'll break the other one.
Militia Soldier: The other...?
Batman: [Breaks his arm]

Officer Kevern: What are you doing?
Batman: Evening the odds. [Calls in Batmobile]

[the last will and testament of Thomas Wayne]
Thomas Wayne (trailer): In the event of my death, I hereby declare that all my worldly possessions pass to my son, Bruce Wayne. Bruce: I ask that you honour the Wayne family legacy, and commit yourself to the improvement of Gotham City, its institutions and its citizens. Please, be strong. You are young, but destined for great things. Make the most of your opportunities; use them to give back to a city that has given us so much, to change the lives of millions of people. Do not be frivolous with this wealth; please do not waste it all on fast cars and outrageous clothes, and the pursuit of a destructive lifestyle. Invest in Gotham. Treat its people like family; watch over them, and use this money to safeguard them from forces beyond their control. My deepest regret is I will not see you grow into the good man I know you will become. And finally, my son, I ask that you never abandon this city to fate. We have lived through dark days; there's no doubt there are more to come. But it is the good and great men who stand up for Gotham when others turn and run. In death, I will love you forever. Your father, Thomas.

[deleted scene; as Batman transports Victor Zsasz to GCPD]
Victor Zsasz: No. NO!
Batman: I'm locking you away, Zsasz.
Victor Zsasz: You condemn them to misery, Batman. I… offer… death.
Batman: You’re a psychotic killer. You belong behind bars.
Victor Zsasz: Wretched beasts. Every one of them. They search for meaning when there is none to be found.
Batman: What matters is we never give up. We keep fighting.
Victor Zsasz: A fight you will lose.
Batman: Wanna bet?

[When Batman attempts to reduce the Scarecrow fear toxin blast at Ace Chemicals after Oracle is kidnapped]
Alfred Pennyworth: What are you doing?! It's too late. You can't stop it!
Batman: I know. I'm not trying to stop it. But I can reduce the blast radius.
Alfred Pennyworth: And what will happen to you?
Batman: That doesn't matter. Find her, Alfred.
Alfred Pennyworth: Sir, I urge you to reconsider, evacuate now! If you're caught in that blast, you will die!
Batman: There's no other way, Alfred.
Alfred Pennyworth: There's always a way, sir. Please...
Batman: Where is she, Alfred?
Alfred Pennyworth: I have no idea.
Batman: It's my fault they took her.
Alfred Pennyworth: She was aware of the risks, Master Bruce. She'll be as angry as you are that she's allowed this to happen.
Alfred Pennyworth: Sir, listen to me. Don't you see? This is what he wants. Without you, Gotham will be at his mercy. You cannot let him win!
Alfred Pennyworth: I'm monitoring that facility. You're out of time. I'm begging you. Leave now.
Batman: It's what you taught me. Do the right thing. That's all that matters.
Alfred Pennyworth: Master Bruce, I implore you! You must get out of there. If this is about Miss Gordon, you cannot blame yourself for what's happened. Save yourself before it's too late!
Batman: Goodbye, Alfred.

Jim Gordon: You know, you see a lot in this job. A lot of heartbreak, a lot of suffering. But I'll never forget taking a witness statement from an eight-year-old boy who'd just seen his parents gunned down.
Batman: You were kind, Jim.
Jim Gordon: I... I was thinking, I may never get the chance to tell you this, to say sorry.
Batman: You don't have to.
Jim Gordon: We're the same, Bruce. We'd do anything for our family.

Scarecrow: [referring to unmasking Batman] It's time. Mister Gordon, I would like you to do the honors.
Jim Gordon: Never! I'm done taking orders from you.
Scarecrow: [Shoots Robin]
Jim Gordon: You bastard!
Scarecrow: Take off that mask, or my next shot will kill him.
Batman: It's okay.
Jim Gordon: It's not okay! You know what this means.
Batman: It's the end.
Jim Gordon: When they find out who you are, there'll be no hiding.
Batman: You need to trust me, Jim.
Scarecrow: NOW!
Jim Gordon: [removes Batman's cowl]
Scarecrow: Wayne? Bruce Wayne? Now the world can see you for what you truly are. A legend laid bare. Powerless. Human. Afraid. [shoves fear toxin needles into Batman]

[When Batman captures Two-Face after Batman's unmasking.]
Harvey Dent: So is it true... Bruce?
Two-Face: [chuckles] Don't answer, then. We know the truth.
Harvey: You aren't Bruce Wayne. Jim Gordon and I didn't, we strike a deal with Bruce Wayne.
Two-Face: And it's sure as hell not Bruce Wayne waiting on the rooftops each night...
Harvey: This is who you are. See? We get it, "Bruce". It's not the face you're given...
Two-Face: It's the face you choose.

Simon Stagg: When I was airlifted off my ship, I expected to be rescued, not cuffed and thrown in jail!
Batman: You're even more deluded than I thought, Stagg.
Simon Stagg: You would know, Batman. You would know!

Batman: This place suits you, Cobblepot.
The Penguin: Aww, you look tired, mate. It's taken it outta ya, putting me in here -- I can tell. Only so much the human body can take before it gives up. [laughs]
Batman: Seeing you behind bars keeps me going.
The Penguin: I'll wipe that smug look off your face, just you wait!

Alfred Pennyworth: [referring to Knightfall Protocol] Are you sure you want to do this, Master Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: I've got to. It's the only way to protect them.
Alfred Pennyworth: Very well.


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