Bathing Beauty

1944 film by George Sidney

Bathing Beauty is a 1944 film about songwriter trying to win back his fiancée.

Directed by George Sidney. Written by Dorothy Kingsley.
M.G.M's Mammoth Technicolor Musical Spectacle! 

Steve Elliot

  • I'll never write another boogie-woogie tune as long as I live. With you as my inspiration, I can write important music like symphonies and tone poems or sonatas.


Professor Hendricks: Are we keeping you awake, Mr. Elliot?
Steve Elliot: Barely.

George Adams: Where is he, what happened to him?
Xavier Adams: The pool of course, where else?
George Adams: The pool, what are you talking about? He hates water.
Xavier Cugat: But wait 'til you see what's in it.
George Adams: Don't tell me it's a woman, I can't believe it, Steve would never fall for a bathing suit.
Xavier Cugat: But wait 'til you see what's in it.

Steve Elliot: I came to say goodbye.
George Adams: Goodbye? Where are you going?
Steve Elliot: I don't know, I'd jump in the river, but the water reminds me of Caroline.

George Adams: How does she look in a bathing suit?
Steve Elliot: 'How does she look in a bathing suit?' Is he kidding?


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