Baten Kaitos series

2003 video game

Below are quotes from both games in the Baten Kaitos series, released for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Kalas: Mighty Sword, turn teardrops to terror and wreck havic! Sword Style: Water Blade!

Xelha: Cast light upon the darkened earth. Save those lost in despair. Oh mighty ocean, guide us as we journey through the darkest pit of night. May time, ever fleeting, forgive us - we who have forsaken our song and buried our future.

Xelha: Everyone lives with contradictions of some sort or another... The desire to be sincere and loyal to others and the urge to drop everything, lie back and care about nothing. We want to be free, but also want to stay secure. We want to protect someone dear to us, but at the same time, we simply want to abandon them. We want to live on, but also want to give up and die. Love, and hatred... Melodia and Kalas. If she is Malpercio's curse to the world, Kalas must be his prayer.
Lord Baelheit:Forgive me... Daimon. Now we shall never... see the end... of your... st... ory...

What colour will your magnus be? Hm, hm, hm, hnn, hnn, hnn, hnn! Come! Be one with us!

What's this, another heart on our plate? Hm hm hm...splendid. We'll devour you with the rest!

You're all my slaves!
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