Baten Kaitos Origins

2006 video game

Baten Kaitos Origins (バテン・カイトスII 始まりの翼と神々の嗣子 Baten Kaitosu II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi?, lit. Baten Kaitos II: Beginning of the Wings and the Heir of the Gods) is a 2005 Tokyo Game Show by Namco and Monolith Soft.


Helpless? You could drop a ton of bricks on her and the bricks would be helpless.(referring to Milly)

Oh look Sagi! The soldiers came to wish us a happy getaway!

Are you obsessed? A koa monkey in heat wouldn't be this clingy. (referring to Giacomo)

I think it suits her well. You can practically see the evil oozing out of every pore. (referring to a portrait of Milly)

Can I eat her?"(referring to Milly)

Who throws barrels at people? What are you, some giant monkey who's made off with a pretty wench?

Sheltered? Was it a bomb shelter? (referring to Milly's home)

Milly! Make the mental leap! We're back in the present now!

Oh, look. It brought its young, it must be a friendly bird. (referring to the Holo-holo Bird)

Blasted parasites! I will eat you all!!! :(referring to the children in Azha)

Why didn't they fight back? (end battle quote)

Would you be quiet?! Your squawking is creating more turbulence than those clouds! (directed at Milly)

Even a bunnycat sent to the hutch without supper would at least try to grin and bear it. (directed at Milly)

What the Devil?!?!? Release him, wench!!! :(surprisingly, not directed at Milly)

I'm sorry we had to break your toy. I suggest you run before we decide to break you!

WHAT? I do NOT have a beak! (referring to the "Guillo Wanted Poster", which incorrectly portrays Guillo with a beak)

Is this the half-wit's witless half speaking?! (referring to Milly)

Sagi... This wench actually thinks she's coming with us. (referring to Milly)

...Please, will you stop that offensive giggling. (directed at Milly)

A predictable win...(end of battle quote)

Another foe vanquished...what a strange feeling.(end of battle quote)
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