Bart Bull

American journalist

Bart Bull is an American journalist and critic.


  • Nothing, but nothing, is as washed up as a rock star past her prime.
    • The Arizona Republic, 1984
  • Continuity is for sissies.
    • Jack Nicholson, to Tom Waits, to Bart Bull in Spin magazine, 1987
  • Maybe living past your time is worse than a sin. Maybe we'll all get lucky and it'll never happen to any of us.
    • Spin, 1988
  • Love the sinner; like the sin.
    • Vogue, 1990
  • Good cars go fast.
    • Details, 1992
  • Muscle cars don't have fins.
    • Details, 1992
  • Tu primer fiesta de toros, tu primer viage a un protibulo y quiza tu primera borrachera, tu primer pelea en un bar, tu primer viaje a la carcel, tu primer soborno....
    • Details, quoted in "Tijuana la horrible; entre la historia y la mito" by Humberto Felix Beruman
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