Barry Humphries

Australian comedian and actor (1934–2023)

John Barry Humphries, AC, CBE (17 February 193422 April 2023) was an Australian comedian, actor, satirist, artist and author.

Barry Humphries in 2001


  • There is no more terrible fate for a comedian than to be taken seriously.
    • My Life as Me: A Memoir (2002)
  • Although there were many who did the dirty on him in the envious world of letters, Stephen* never let any of them live rent-free in his brain.
    • My Life as Me: A Memoir
  • And so I set these things down before the onset of the first of a thousand small physical degradations as, in a still-distant suburb, Death strides whistling towards me.
    • My Life as Me: A Memoir (closing line)

About Barry Humphries

  • He would have been a handful in any society. He is a misfit and fully conscious of it. The punctilio of his old-world manners, the dandified scrupulosity of his Savile Row suits, are compelled by an unsleeping awareness that he has no more business among ordinary human beings than a Venusian.