Barry Diller

American businessman

Barry Charles Diller (born February 2, 1942) is an American businessman. He is Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC/InterActiveCorp and Expedia, Inc. and founded the Fox Broadcasting Company and USA Broadcasting.

Barry Diller, 2009


  • What I've learned over the years is that focus and singular purpose is the best approach for businesses.
  • God knows, I’m hardly a sociologist. But I hope in the future for some form of reconciliation. Because I think all men are guilty. I’m not talking about rape and pillage. I’m not talking about Harveyesque. I’m talking about all of the spectrum. From an aggressive flirt. Or even just a flirty-flirt that has one sour note in it. Or what I think every man was guilty of, some form of omission in attitude, in his views. Are we really going to have only capital punishment? Because right now, that’s what we have. You get accused, you’re obliterated. Charlie Rose ceases to exist.
  • I’ve always said that I believe deeply in creative conflict, and that means passionately arguing–whatever your thoughts are, whatever the point is. Some people love that and it helps them grow, learn, etc. Some people run for the hills. I’ve always said to people, “Look, it’s not a room for everybody. If you like this environment, great. If you don’t, please leave, because it’s not good for any of us.”
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