Balto III: Wings of Change

2004 film by Phil Weinstein

Balto III: Wings of Change is a 2004 sequel to Universal Studios' 1995 animated film Balto.


  • [to mail dogs] All I ever wanted to do was be a part of your team. Bringing the mail and supplies is all about helping people. And now when somebody really needs our help, we're sitting on our butts. I mean if this is what it takes to be a mail dog... then I'm not sure that's what I want to be.
  • We're late again! Boris is waddling around when he sees Kodi I was so worried about you did you drown or get hurt no I'm fine Boris I just want to be part of my team listen to me you have to be what you want to be song If you want to be what you want to be, you have to trust in me if you're cold and hungry Maybe, then maybe I will be with you it's okay when the cold weather blows it's okay when I had to leave it's okay you didn't have to win the race leave me alone angrily storms off wait if you want to run away and jump and scream, then you'll be part of me dad leave me alone come back I know that's going to be such a temper tantrum but when we're together, song ending you don't have to yell that was really sweet checking the watch I'm late Kodi come back here!!!


  • [to Balto, about Kodi] You're his father. He loves you.
  • [sung] You don't have to be a hero. / You just have to be there. / He doesn't need to know you're perfect. / He needs to know you care. / And when the race is over... / ... You've done all you can do. / Be a father, not a hero... / ... That's all he needs from you. / You don't have to be a winner / If you give it your best. / Believe in who you are / And then time can do the rest. / Your heart is his example: / Brave and strong and true. / You don't have to be a hero. / You just have to be you. / Trust in your son. / He's more than he seems. / Like you, he can run. / Like you he has dreams.
  • [spoken, during the song "You Don't Have to Be a Hero"] Whatever happens, Balto, you'll always be his hero.
  • [sung] Have faith in yourself, my love. / Have faith in him, too. / He will always have a hero. / He will always have a hero... / For he'll always have you.


Boris: Is terrible. I'm going on date with gorgeous goose.
Balto: Now that is scary.

Boris: [having apparently succeeded after numerous failed attempts to conquer acrophobia] Ah! What do you know? I am flying. Ha-haaa! I am one hot goose!
Balto: I'm not sure Stella's gonna see it that way.
[Boris flies past about one foot off the ground]

Balto: [to mail team] This is serious! Now look, that plane is out there somewhere. And we're the only ones who can help!
Kirby: Well, that just proves our point. The difference between a dog and a machine is: dogs are tough and reliable.
Balto: I thought the difference is only one has a heart. Well I'm not gonna let Duke freeze to death, now who's with me? Kodi?
Kodi: I don't know, I'm not sure he's really out there, my job is to deliver the mail.
Balto: I'm sorry you see it that way, son.
Kodi: Dad, wait!

[Jenna and Mel are waiting outside a store.]
Jenna: [sighs] I wonder how far they are by now.
Mel: Well, assuming they didn't get lost. Or get attacked by bears. Or Balto didn't break his leg. Or the mail didn't fall out of the sled. Or Kodi didn't barf. Or... [Jenna glares at him] Never mind.
[Dipsy appears, dragging a sack of beef jerky.]
Dipsy: Would ya look at what the dog dragged in? Triple A, number one, first quality beef jerky! And did old Gunderson see a thing? Absolutely not. You know, I am getting so good at this, I scare myself. [takes some out of the bag] Anyone?
Mel: Eat? At a time like this?
Jenna: [sighs] Go ahead, Dipsy.
Dipsy: Thanks. I don't mind if I do.

[Balto is talking to the mail dogs about the missing plane]
Balto: He's not the enemy! He's a man! A nice one!
Kodi: But dad, he is the enemy! He wants to take away our jobs.
Kirby: It's not our fault that plane's unreliable.
Ralph: Not to mention loud and smelly.
Kirby: Yeah, kinda like you, Ralphie boy!
[The others laugh.]

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