Bad Girls

British TV series

Bad Girls is a British television series that ran on ITV from 1 June, 1999 - 18 December, 2006. It was created by Shed Productions.

Series OneEdit

Them and Us [1.01]Edit

[Prisoner Nikki Wade tries to go up to G3 to check on her friend Carol,]
Sylvia: Hold on, just a minute, what are you doing up here?
Nikki: Just wanted to check on Carol, i didn't see her this evening.
Sylvia: You didn't see her because she didn't want to be seen.
Nikki: Why?
Sylvia: Because she wanted a nice peaceful rest, like you're holding me up from.
[Carol shouts on Nikki.]
Carol: Nikki?
Nikki: Carol?
Sylvia: Lorna? Take this inmate doen to G2, please.
Nikki: Look, i only want to see her.
Sylvia: So you'll see her in the morning, Alright? Now move or i'm putting you on report.
Nikki: You'd gas us in our cells if they told you to. wouldn't you?
[Shell Dockley comes up to Nikki.]
Shell: Missed your goodnight kiss did you? What a shame.
Nikki: Don't hurt your brain Dockley.

[Sylvia is given orders from governer Helen Stewart to help wash prisoner "Smelly Nelly" Snape.]
Sylvia: These should be buried in a flippin' leg lined box, not bagged. [Sylvia is refering to Nelly's dirty clothes.] And you should be ashamed of yourself, a woman of your background.
Nelly: Not if it keeps stinkers like you at bay, shitface!
Sylvia: Right, that it, i'm definately off til Monday.

Drug Wars [1.02]Edit

Love Rival [1.03]Edit

The Victim [1.04]Edit

Tangled Web [1.05]Edit

A Big Mistake [1.06]Edit

Playing With Fire [1.07]Edit

Falling Apart [1.08]Edit

Pay Back Time [1.09]Edit

Love Hurts [1.10]Edit

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