Bad Company

British rock band

Bad Company are an English hard rock supergroup formed in Westminster, London in 1973 by two former Free band members—singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke— as well as Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs and King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell.

Bad company 'til the day I die.

Song lyrics


All songs written by Paul Rodgers, except as noted.

  • Well, I take whatever I want,
    And baby, I want you.
    You give me something I need;
    Now tell me I got something for you.

    Come on, come on, come on and do it.
    Come on and-uh do what you do.
    I can't get enough of your love.
    I can't get enough of your love.

  • Company, always on the run.
    Destiny, mmm, is a rising sun.
    Oh, I was born six-gun in my hand.
    Behind a gun, I make my final stand, hey.
    It's why they call me

    Bad company and I can't deny.
    Bad company 'til the day I die.
    Oh, 'til the day I die.
    'Til the day I die.

  • I get up in the morning and it's just another day.
    Pack up my belongings, I've got to get away.
    Jump into a taxi and the time is gettin' tight.
    I got to keep on movin' I got a show tonight.

    And I'm movin' on, movin' on from town to town.
    Movin' on, baby, yeah I'm never touchin' the ground.

    • Movin' On, written by Mick Ralphs
  • If I hear you knocking hard up on my door,
    Ain't no way that I'm gonna answer it.
    'Cos cheating is one thing and lying is another,
    And when I say it's over that's it I'm gonna quit, yeah.

    Now I ain't complaining, just tryin' to understand.
    What makes a woman do the things she does?
    One day she'll love you the next day she'll leave you.
    Why can't we have it just the way it used to be?

  • Baby, when I think about you,
    I think about love.
    Darlin', don't wanna live without you
    And your love.
    If I had, those golden dreams
    Of my yesterdays
    I would wrap you, in the heaven
    'Til I'm dyin' (dyin', dyin',)
    On the way.

    Feel like makin',
    Feel like makin' love.

  • Johnny told his mama, "Hey, Mama, I'm goin' away.
    I'm gonna hit the big time, gonna be a big star someday."
    Mama came to the door with a teardrop in her eye.
    Johnny said, "Don't cry, Mama," smiled and waved good-bye.

    Don't you know, yeah yeah. Don't you know that you are a shooting star?
    Don't you know, don't you know.
    Don't you know that you are a shooting star?
    And all the world will love you just as long
    As long as you are.

    • Shooting Star
  • Well, the first time that I met you, you were only seventeen.
    But I had to put you down, 'Cause I didn't know where you'd been.
    You had a long black dress, your hair in a mess.
    You didn't seem to have no class, but the look on
    Your face was no disgrace, I knew I had to move real fast.

    Honey Child, don't you know you drive me wild! Oh, Honey Child.
    Don't you know you drive me wild! Just about to lose my mind.

    • Honey Child, written by Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell, and Simon Kirke
  • You never give me my money,
    You only give me your sympathy.
    'Cause I keep on running,
    There's no way to catch up with me.
    I'm leaving you, don't make no fuss;
    You won't even see me, oh no, for dust.

    I'm running with the pack,
    Running with the pack.
    I'm running with the pack;
    Never looking back.

    • Run With the Pack
  • The sky is burnin'.
    I believe my soul's on fire.
    You are, I'm learnin', the key to my desire.
  • Here come the dancers, one by one;
    Your momma's callin' but you're having fun.
    You find your dancin' on the number 9 cloud;
    Put your hands together now, and sing it out loud.

    It's all part of my rock and roll fantasy.
    It's all part of my rock and roll dream.

  • The neon lights go flashing by,
    Electricland is in my eyes.
    The underworld is on the move
    And everybody's got something to prove.
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