Backyard Soccer

1999 video game

Backyard Soccer, known in Europe as Backyard Football (PC) or Junior Sports Football (PlayStation) and in Australia as Junior Sports Soccer, is an association football video game in the Backyard Sports series, developed by Humongous Entertainment and published by Infogrames. It was first released in 1998 for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, in 2001 for the PlayStation, and in 2008 for iOS. The PC and PlayStation versions of the game, alongside the PlayStation 2 version of Backyard Basketball, were the only Backyard Sports titles released in Europe.

Backyard KidsEdit

Angela DelvecchioEdit

  • (after making a goal) Check that one out! Hey, Tony. How do you like that one, huh?
  • (ready to block) Give it your best shot, why don't you? Won't make it anyway.
  • (ready for a goal) I'm gonna score, you know.
  • (ready for a goal) Let's see if you can stop this one, fancypants.
  • (ready to block) Listen here. You ain't gonna score.
  • (after missing a goal) Oh, beautiful.
  • (ready for a goal) Watch this one. I'm gonna score, for sure.

Annie FrazierEdit

  • Hi. My name is Annie Frazier. I'm here to play soccer with all these great kids. They're all great friends of mine, and each one is precious in his or her own way. They all have these great attitudes, and I'd just get a good feeling when I'm around them. I'd bet you have a friend like that, too, don't you? Friends are the most precious thing in this whole wide world. Friends and... kittens.
  • (ready for a goal) This one's going in! No one can stop me now!
  • (after making a goal) Woo-hoo! That was good times!

Ashley/Sidney WebberEdit

  • (after making a goal) Aced!
  • (Ashley's introduction) Hello. My name is Ashley, my middle name is Raelynn, my last name is Webber. Put it all together, and it's spelled "Ashley Raelynn Webber."
  • (ready for a goal) I'm gonna ace you, keeper!
  • (after missing a goal) Oh, well.
  • (after missing a goal) That's OK. It's only a game.
  • (after missing a goal) Tough luck for me.

Billy Jean BlackwoodEdit

  • (after making a goal) How y'all like that?
  • (after making a goal) Oui for me!
  • (after missing a goal) Rats!
  • (ready for a goal) This here's gonna be a goal!
  • (ready for a goal) Y'all watch this one!
  • (ready to block) You can't score!
  • (ready for a goal) Watch out there, goalie! This one's gonna come mighty fast like!

Gretchen HasselhoffEdit

  • (after making a goal) Neat!
  • (after making a goal) Thatonewentreallyinandstuff. Reallycool! Soccerisexcellent. (That one went really in and stuff. Really cool! Soccer is excellent.)
  • UmhimynameisGretchen. Ohyeah. GretchenHasselhoff. Ilikeplayingsoccerbecausewellsoccerisreallyfunandyourunaroundrunaroundandkickingkicking. (Um, hi, my name is Gretchen. Oh yeah. Gretchen Hasselhoff. I like playing soccer because well, soccer is really fun and you run around run around and kicking kicking.)
  • (ready for a goal) OKthere.Watchoutgoaliebecausei'mgonnakickitsohardandbreakyourarmsoff!Hmm! (OK there. Watch out goalie, because I'm gonna kick it so hard and break your arms off! Hmm!)
  • (ready for a goal) Watchthis! (Watch this!)

Jocinda SmithEdit

  • (after making a goal) I'm good!
  • (after missing a goal) That was no good.
  • (after making a goal) That was no problem.
  • (ready for a goal) Watch this shot if you can.

Kimmy EckmanEdit

  • (after making a goal) And I wasn't even trying.
  • (ready to block) Give it your best shot, champ.
  • (after missing a goal) That one didn't count, right?
  • (after making a goal) Too easy!
  • (after missing a goal) Wait a minute, what's going on here?!
  • (ready for a goal) Watch out! Here comes trouble!

Luanne LuiEdit

  • (ready for a goal) Be careful, goawie, 'cause I'm gonna kick this one weally hard.
  • (ready to block) Teddy says "You won't score", don't you, snuggle-bubble-honey?

Maria LunaEdit

  • (after blocking the shot) Hooray for me! Too bad for you.
  • (ready to block) You're not gonna score!

Sally DobbsEdit

  • (after scoring a goal) I knew I was gonna score!
  • (after scoring a goal) I told you!
  • (ready for a goal) Stand back and see a real athlete in action.

Stephanie MorganEdit

  • (ready to block) Might as well give up now, because you're not gonna score on me.

Vicki KawaguchiEdit

  • (ready for a goal) Don't close your eyes, or you'll miss my powerful shot. OK?

Dmitri PetrovichEdit

  • Reese is a nerd! (Ronny Dobbs also says this)
  • (ready for a goal) My fourth coming kick is sure to be a goal.

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