Back to You

American situation comedy series

Back to You (2007-) is a primetime sitcom about a a local new program in Pittsburgh and its co-anchors Chuck Darling and Kelly Carr. Back to You stars Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Ayda Field, Josh Gad, Laura Marano, Ty Burrell and Fred Willard.

Season 1

Chuck: Los Angeles City officials met with Governor Schwarzenegger today, let's check in now with Darcy Tanner for the latest.
Darcy Tanner: (On Cell Phone) Because they make the top parts of my feet look fat... Yes they do... Yes they d-
Chuck: Small glitch there. Let's check back with her after this break. (Turns to producers) Okay, that's the third time, does someone wanna call Darcy on her f****** cell phone and tell her that I didn't freeze my b**** off in Minneapolis and f****** Pittsburgh to end up working with some dips*** who's only got her job because she's b****** the general manager!? F***!
Producer: We're still on!
Chuck: It was bring your daughter to work day today here at the station.

Chuck: The security guard's asleep, the hall smells like curry, I'M BACK!

Chuck: Gary Crshevski, my God how are you?
Gary: Great. It's Crezyzewski.
Chuck: How is that better than what I said?

Marsh: (Referring to Kelly) I guess she has been a little on edge lately. Last week I told a perfectly harmless PMS joke and she threw a bottle at me... Who's point did she prove there, huh?!

Montana: Hello. I'm Montana Diaz Herrera.
Chuck: Oh right, you're the Weather girl, nice to meet you, or do you prefer Weather woman, I never know which?
Montana: Actually, I prefer meteorologist.
Ryan: But you're not a meteorologist.
Montana: But I prefer it.

Chuck: Good lord, cut your nails. It's like a falcon landed on my wrist!

Marsh: Well, I'm off, I still vomit before every show.

Chuck: I'm gonna reveal something to you that absolutely no one knows. I didn't step down from that job in LA, I got fired.
Kelly: Everybody knows that, we all saw it on YouTube.

Marsh: I never cared for the word sperm. Or voila.

Marsh: As I remember, you banged Bert.
Chuck: That particular night was brought to you by the letter O.


  • Chuck Darling - Kelsey Grammer
  • Kelly Marsha Carr - Patricia Heaton
  • Montana Diaz Herrera - Ayda Field
  • Ryan Church - Josh Gad
  • Gracie Carr - Laura Marano, Lily Jackson
  • Gary Crezyzewski - Ty Burrell
  • Marsh McGinley - Fred Willard
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