Back at the Barnyard

computer-animated television series

Back at the Barnyard is a Nickelodeon show that is a spin-off of the 2006 film Barnyard. The show, which debuted in 2007, includes pop culture references and parodies.

Theme Song

Farmer: I'm just heading to the fields, Duke. I'll be back. [drives off]
Sheep: Clear!
Otis: Alright!
Pip: Rat-a-bunga!
From the haystacks
Up to the hilltops
We go on dancin'
Tuesday boogie-oogie through the night
Otis: [while licking the strings of a guitar with his tongue] Ow, ow! OK, ow. [Pig yanks the strings free from his tongue] Ow!
Do-si-do your partner now
Gonna party down 'til morning light
Do-si-do, and don't cha know
It's just the way we animals roll
Snotty Boy: Ha-ha! [shuts the door]

Season 1


The Good, The Bad, and the Snotty / Escape from the Barnyard [1.1]

Freddy: He seems nice...or, wait, not nice. What's the word? It's on the tip of my tongue. Oh, yeah, dangerously insane!

[The animals investigate the new machine the farmer got.]
Pip: The Quick Fryer Mark IV. Hmm.
Abby: That's a weird name for a stereo.
Otis: Now, now, now, watch and learn, okay? The CDs go in here. [opens the lid] Then you crank up the volume right here.
[Otis turns a knob, causing flames to erupt from the machine.]
Pip: And then, you run away and scream.
[They do just that.]

Otis: Okay, so, not a sound system.
Freddy: [sniffs] Mmm! Something smells scrumptious! I mean, disturbing! I knew that thing was evil! E-e-e-evil!
Otis: Stop that.
Abby: Otis, whether we wanna admit it or not, the farmer has purchased... a barbecue grill.
[The animals murmur with concern.]
Pig: Barbecue grill?
Freddy: Yay, I love kebabs! [everyone looks at him] Sorry.
Pig: I love kebabs too, but not if I know the kebab-ee.

Otis: The farmer is a total vegan, guys.
Bessy: Vegan, my rump! You know what I heard? I heard he ate an entire village down in Mexico.
Otis: 'Kay, pretty sure that's not true. The farmer absolutely has no interest in meat whatsoever.
Pip: Here comes the carnivore!

Freddy: This is horrible! My dearest friends are gonna be barbecued! [sobs] Mmm, mmmmmmmm. I mean... [sobs]

Duke: I'm too young to be eaten. Too young!
Pip: Dude, you're a dog. The farmer won't eat you.
Duke: What, you're saying I wouldn't go nice with some low-fat chips and a cherry cola?

Otis: Alright, enough with the chips and the cola, this is crazy talk, people, come on! Even if the Farmer came in and dipped us in seasonings, I still wouldn't believe it.
Pip: Captain Cold Cuts, two o'clock!

[After the farmer leaves with Joey, a calf, in a bucket, after pouring olive oil and garlic salt on him.]
Freddy: He's marinating Joey in olive oil! I would've used teriyaki and a chicken or a cornish game hen, but that's if I craved flesh! Which I don't!
Otis: [glares at his cream cheese statue] How can I look you in the raisin eyes again? [smacks the statue across the barn]
Pig: [runs past Otis] Ooh! I got dibs!
Otis: Everyone, the farmer has betrayed us. So pack your things. We're leaving the barnyard, forever!
Pig: Hey, who's got bagels!

Pip: We're ready to go, Otis!
Otis: Has the escape pod been built to my exact specifications?
Pip: Yeah, listen, we couldn't get an escape pod, so we had to go a little more low-tech.
[The animals have built a hot-air balloon.]
Otis: Okay. So, no warp drive?
Pip: Uh, no.
Otis: Thrusters?
Pip: Uh-uh.
Otis: Air brakes?
Pip: No.
Otis: Doors?
Pip: Negative.
Otis: Is there a floor?
Pip: Uh, define floor.
Otis: Alright, well, uh, we got hot air. That's a thing, right? Where do we get that?
Pip: You don't wanna know.
[The source of the hot air comes from the outhouse, where Pig comes out.]
Pig: My work here is done.

Otis: Alright, people, listen up. A daring aerial escape is our only hope. Now, it's gonna be a tight squeeze, so carefully--
Freddy: FARMER!!!

Cowman & Ratboy / A Cow's Best Friend [1.2]

Otis: Pip and I have this great idea. We totally want you guys to join us.
Bessy: Yeah, I'll do that right after never.

Otis: With great cow power, there must also come great cow responsibility!

Chez Pig / The Right Cow [1.3]

Duke: [sticking paws into a hot pot] This is boiling water, isn't it?

Female Patron: And I'd like a side salad.
Bessy: Yeah, well, I'd like a cruise to Barbados, but that's not happening either.

[Otis, Pip and Pig meet a monkey named Bingo, who came from a rocket]
Bingo: Oh, yeah. It's a rich full life. The name's Bingo, test chimp #657. Lemme get this straight. Uhh, there's no one around here but us animals?
Otis: Yep. The farmer is at his sister's house in Pacoima. So just us.
Bingo: Sweet!

[Moments later, Bingo finishes fixing the rocket]
Bingo: What do you think, Otis? She's all repaired and ready to go.
Pip: Whoa, no way! Otis can't fly this thing, he can barely drive a stick.
Otis: Pip, relax. It's just a simulated flight. I mean, you know, Bingo wouldn't put his top test cow in any kind of danger.
Bingo: Simulated. Yeah, you took these words right out of my mouth. [takes a control device from his spacesuit] Oh, oh, oh, and by the way, one little thing. It's not! [presses a button, trapping Otis and Pip inside the rocket]
Otis: What? Hey, what's going on? We're trapped!
Bingo: That's right, cud boy, I'm sending you into orbit. Of course, there's no biggie for someone with your vast space experience.
Pip: Ground Control to Major Monkey. He lied!
Otis: We were nice to you! We said you could stay with us and some of us licked you! Why are you doing this?!
Bingo: Because I spent my whole life taking orders from humans! And I'm not about to start taking them from a cow! Any moo. 10, 9, other numbers, blast off! [presses another button on the control device and the rocket lifts off, causing Otis and Pip to scream] [hooting] That's the last time we're ever going to hear from Otis the Daring Space Cow.
[Abby and the others run over to him]
Abby: Bingo, what's going on?
Pig: What happened to Otis and Pip?
Bingo: I sent your leader and his little-rat friend on a 1-way trip. You're all taking orders from me now.

[In space, the rocket orbits above Earth]
Otis: I can't believe I let that backstabbing monkey do this to us! [looks through the window] But still, it looks amazing up here.

Bingo: [after Otis and Pip landed the rocket] Good job, Otis, you passed the evaluation! [laughs] You know I was just testing you, wasn't I?
Otis: Really. You know, I got a little test for you.
Bingo: [meeting his defeat] This isn't over, cow! I'll be back! You ought to wish you never had! [Pip presses the button on the control device, and the rocket launches up] Ugh! It smells like wet cow in here.

Saving Mrs. Beady / The Farmer Takes a Woman [1.4]

Otis: Alright, Abby, you ready for your first driving lesson?
Abby: I sure am.
Otis: Good. Now, the most important thing you wanna remember--
Abby: What's this button do?
Otis: Well, those are the windshield wipers.
Abby: Ooh! What's this? [honks the horn]
Otis: [irritated] Shhh, Mrs. Beady will hear you!
Pig: Can you crank the A/C? My thighs are stickin' to the seat.
Abby: Hey, what if I punch this real hard?
Otis: Don't--!
[Abby punches the dashboard, causing the airbag to inflate.]
Freddy: AAAH! The car's inflating it's giant stink sack!
Peck: Hang on, I got it. [deflates the bag]
Freddy: Okay, Otis, she's hotwired and ready to go.
Otis: Nice job, buddy. Alright, Abby. Now put 'er in reverse, and give 'er some gas.
Abby: You got it! I'll try not to hit Mrs. Beady.
Otis: See, that's great. You're already thinking defensively. That's the first sign of a good--
All: MRS. BEADY?!!

Otis: [writing personal advertisement for the Farmer] Let's see now...Gloomy farmer seeking anyone with pulse. Hmm...We should hot it up a little.
Pip: Write he's rich. The ladies love cheddar.
Otis: [writing] Rich farmer.
Abby: And he got to have muscles!
Otis: [writing] Rich, really bulky farmer.
Pig: Yes, but don't write farmer! Write [writing] exploding lion tamer.
Abby: Even more bulky! And write that he has a pony! [writing] Has a pony...
Otis: Okay, I will read it to you. Reflag 7-star number sign glare...Man, I wish we had fingers!
Pip: I can do it. [jumps on the keyboard] There, what do you think?
Otis: [reading] Wealthy, agricultural mogul with body of a Teutonic god wants to share his heart with you.
[Everybody likes it.]

[All stuck in the chicken coop.]
Pig: Gotta say, not too crazy about the new digs.
Otis: I don't know. I kind of like it. It gives the chance to really know each other; like the various meats of a hoagie.

Hypno-A-Go-Go / Fowl Play [1.5]

[Otis watches a boxing film, eyes on the watch as he swings it left to right, and then hypnotizes himself]
Otis: Oh, watch. It's just you and me. And I'm not letting you out of my sight. Why would I? I mean you're so round and pretty and shiny and... [hypnotized] ...wavy
Boxing coach: Now listen up kid. You got to do exactly what I say.
Otis: Do exactly what you say.
Boxing coach: You've got Farmer on the ropes. He's ready to fall. When you hear the bell, destroy Farmer.
Otis: When I hear the bell, destroy farmer. DESTROY FARMER!!! [falls to sleep]

Barnyard Games / War of the Pranks [1.6]


Lights! Camera! Moo! / Animal Farmers [1.7]


Raging Cow / The Great Sheep Escape [1.8]


The Big Barnyard Broadcast / Dead Cow Walking [1.9]

Otis: Guess I'm first. Check it out guys, won't even break a sweat.
Pip: There goes one brave cow.
Dr. Glove: Oh, aren't you a big sweetie! Okay honey, I'm just going to do a little looky-loo, yeah, that's all. [snaps glove suggestively] Mm-hm.
Otis: Moo? [wails in pain as animals watch on in horror]

Bessie: [sighs] I'm glad your not dead.
Duke: And we aren't leaving your side until you get better pal.
[Someone honks a car horn]
Pip: Dr. Glove is back!
[The animals scatter]
Dr. Glove: Hey, sweetie, how's my big sweetie, okay! I'm just going to do a little check poo! [snaps glove suggestively]
Otis: Moo? [begins screaming hysterically off camera]

Otis Season / Cow's Night Out [1.10]


Big Top Barnyard / Pigmalion [1.11]


A Barn Day's Night / Meet the Ferrets [1.12]


A Tale of 2 Snottys / Snotty's New Pet [1.13]

[Snotty's been eaten by his pet snake]
Dr. Glove: Okay, yeah, interesting. You're inside a snake, aren't you, yeah, you're deep in there. Okay, this might be very painful. [pulls on Snotty's legs, which causes the Snotty Boy scream in agony] Ah-ah-ah. Just a few more hours.

Home Sweet Hole / Otis' Mom [1.14]

[Pig is horrified to see that Pip has cleaned his stall.]
Pip: Surprise! It took me three hours to clean it.
Pig: [crying] No!
Pip: No, don't cry, I wanted to do it!
Pig: [angry] GET OUT!!!
Pip: [confused] Huh?
Pig: Do you know how long it took me to get my stall that filthy, huh?! Years and years of grime and squalor down the drain!
Pip: B-But, I just thought that--
[Pig wails, then becomes horrified when he sees something.]

Club Otis / The Chronicles of Barnia [1.15]


Barnyard Idol / The Haunting [1.16]

Peck: Why, it sounds like a heavenly angel.
Freddy: Or a bewitching sorceress luring us to our doom.
Otis: Hey, maybe the angel and the sorceress had a kid...a...
Freddy: You mean a sorcer-angel?
Otis: No, more like an angel-ress.

Brave Udders / Otis's 11 [1.17]

Badger: Mail call! [tosses some letters to Otis]
Otis: Thanks, Badger! [looks through the mail] Man, I feel great! I mean, nothing, but nothing, could ruin a wonderful day like this. [spots one letter then screams as a thunderstorm appears behind him] Krouser Krebs?! It can't be! [takes out a note and reads it] "Hey, Beef Boy."
Krouser Krebs: [voiceover] "Long time, no see. Get ready! I'll be coming for you at 10 A.M. tomorrow!" [echoes]

Pip: Dude, for the last time, what's bugging you?
Otis: Ugh, fine! I got a letter today from Krouser Krebs.
Pig: Krouser Krebs?! I've never heard of him.
Otis: You've never heard of him? Check out this flashback. [a flashback shows Otis as a calf wearing a propeller hat] Not a day would go by when I wasn't bullied by Krebs.
Young Otis: [singing]
Someday my head will fit my body
[Suddenly, Krebs's shadow looms over him]
Krebs: [voiceover] Well, well, well! If it isn't Beef Boy?! Time to take a stroll down the meat aisle! [punches Otis from offscreen] T-Bone! Rump roast! Filet! Sirloin! Ha! Now let's see what we got in the dairy section!
Young Otis: No, no, not the dairy section!
Krebs: 2%! 1%! Half and half! Haha! Why are you squirting yourself?! Stop squirting yourself! Clean up on aisle 3! [laughs] See you tomorrow, Beef Boy! [walks off]
Young Otis: Clean up on aisle 3.
[Back in reality]
Otis: Clean up on aisle 3. Clean up on aisle 3. [sighs] Krebs found me and he's coming for me at 10 A.M. tomorrow!

Pig: [looks at the watch] It's almost 10. Krebs will be here any minute.
Otis: And I'm so ready!
[The others cheer]
Otis: Yeah, I got my bags all packed and my flight leaves in 2 hours.
Krebs: [voiceover] Yo, Beef Boy!
Otis: Ahh, too late! Hide me!
[As Otis hides behind Abby, Krebs approaches closer and his shadow becomes small revealing that he is actually a duck. Krebs quacks. The other animals are confused]
Abby: Hang on a minute. Where's Krebs?
Otis: What do you mean "where's Krebs"? He's standing right there.
Peck: Right where?
Otis: There!
Pig: You mean, uh, behind the duck?
Goat: Otis? No, I haven't seen him.
Otis: No, not behind the duck, Krebs is the duck!
[The others look at Otis, gaze at Krebs for a moment, then laugh]

[Peck and Freddy approach Krebs]
Freddy: We heard you're looking for Otis.
Krebs: Hey, you know Otis?
Peck: Oh, yeah. And if you want him, you've got to go through us.
Krebs: Hey, look, I don't want any...
Freddy: Stupid duck says what?
Krebs: What?
Peck: Stupid duck says what?
Krebs: What?!
[Peck and Freddy laugh]
Peck: You're in for it now, beak-face. You know why? I'll tell you why. Because we were the barnyard's champion taunters. 6 years running!
Krebs: Look, look, guys, I just want to talk to Otis. You see, I recently-
Freddy: We know you are, but what are we?
Peck: Nice!
[Peck and Freddy laugh again, then high-five each other]
Krebs: I'm warning you. Cut it out!
[The duo make goofy sounds, taunting Krebs. Krebs's head throbs and his eyes bulge up, turning bloodshot. He then shakes with fury as Freddy and Peck look at each other, worried, then spins into a fight cloud]
Peck: Hey, Fred, are you-?
Freddy: Run away! [he Peck and try to run away from the fight cloud, but Krebs yanks them in, beating them up] [poking out] Mommy!!!
Abby: [gasps]
[Peck and Freddy are thrown into the barn doors]
Pip: Holy beatdown!
Duke: He can't do that to our friends! Come on, fellas! [charges toward Krebs with Pig and Pip at his side]
Otis: No, don't! He'll tear you into pieces while enumerating the parts of your body in an insulting fashion!
[The trio leap and begin to attack Krebs, but are caught in the fight cloud]
Narrator: 230 minutes later...
[Krebs continues beating up Pig, Pip and Duke]
Bessy: [laughing] Oh, mercy! Come for the stupidity, stay for the butt-whoopin'.
Krebs: I want Otis!
Otis: Can't just stand here. To the well! AAHHH, WELL!!! [jumps in the well]

[in a clip called "Ask Dr. Pig"]
Pig: Hello, I'm Dr. Pig, and I'm here with the word about bullying. Bullying is a misdirected attempt at attention rooted in anger and frustration.
Krebs: [bursts through the wall] Roar! [starts beating up Pig]
Pig: Ow! Hey, I'm a doctor! Don't hurt me! Help! [Krebs throws him, leaving a hole-shape of himself in the wall of the barn] Whoa! Oof!
Krebs: Here's Krebsy!

Abby: I'm warning you, duck! I wrassled gators one summer on an internship! [spits in her hands]
Krebs: Look, all I want is O--
Abby: [ululating war cry]
[Krebs becomes enraged again and screams in a similar fashion before attacking Abby.]

Otis: [as he watches Krebs beat up Abby] Oh, no, not Abby! Now he's gone too far!
Krebs: [after finishing Abby off] I'll ask one more time. Where's Otis?!
Otis: I'm right here, Krebs, and you're done pushing my friends around!
Krebs: Otis! Finally! Listen, I just want-
Otis: Have at you! [beats up Krebs] Duck sauce! Spicy wings! Crispy meat roll! DUCK À L'ORANGE!! [belly flops on top of him]
Pip: Otis, you did it!
[The others cheer for him]
Otis: I did it! I faced my fear! [suddenly, Krebs lifts him up off of himself] It's like I feel a foot taller.
[Krebs spins Otis and throws him against the barn]

[Looking at Otis, Krebs lifts his wing in a fist, then holds it out to him]
Krebs: Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
Otis: [looking confused] Huh? What do you mean? [as Krebs helps him up] Aren't you going to pound me into a pulp and use my ego as a chew toy?
Krebs: No! Otis, I came here to apologize for being a jerk to you as a kid.

Pecky Suave / Otis Vs. Bigfoot [1.18]


Pig Amok / The Sun Cow [1.24]


Doggelganger / Save the Clams [1.25]

[Duke has been replaced with an imposter named Baxter at the vet]
Dr. Glove: OK, Baxter, it's doggy-doctor time! Who loves his doggy-doctor? You do, yes you do, yes you do! [Duke mumbled protestation] Aw, don't be scared boy, this won't hurt at all. [reads "Duke's" chart] Oh, deep de-worming. I was wrong. [starts up a giant machine] This is gonna hurt! Yes it is, yes it is!
[Duke recoils in terror]

Dr. Glove: Aw, relax, Baxter, the worst is over, yes, it is, yes, it is! [takes off safety goggles and reads the chart again] Oops, I'm wrong. Says here I have to flush out your brain hole. [picks up a large syringe-like device] Who's got a dirty brain? Baxter does, yes, he does!
[Duke is mortified]

Duke: [to himself] Hang in there, Duke. You've been poked, drilled, humiliated, but there's nothing they can do to break you. Nothing!
Dr. Glove: [returns with a bucket of leeches] OK, Baxter, time for your butt-leeching. Who's going to his butt leeched? Baxter is, yes, he is!
Duke: Okay, that's it! [knocks leeches into Glove's face and runs away]
Dr. Glove: Oh, the leeches are on my face! [stumbles into wall] Who's draining my face blood?! [hits head on examination lamp] You are, yes you are! [collapses from blood loss/head trauma]

Cowdyshack / Adventures in Snotty Sitting [1.26]


Season 2


Treasure Hunt [2.01]


Wild Mike's Dance Party /Buyers Beware [2.02]


Abby and Veronica / Anchor Cow [2.03]


Billing My Barn / Udderado [2.04]


Cupig / Happy Animal Fun Time [2.05]


Dream Birthday / Lord of the Beavers [2.06]


Fumblebums / Endangered Liasons [2.07]

[Inga, a real spotted ferret from Sweden, jumps out of a box]
Inga: [Swedish accent] Hello! I'm Inga. It's nice to meet you.

[In the farmer's house, Abby uses a Spotted Ferrets website with an image of Inga on a computer]
Abby: OK, here's a Spotted Ferrets website.
Otis: Awesome! What does it say?
Abby: Let's see. It says on her wedding day, the lady spotted ferret builds a commitment den.
All: Aww.
Abby: Then the male gussy himself up for the ceremonial courtship dance.
All: Aww.
Abby: And following the dance, she eats her mate's head.
Otis: Uhh…
Pig: OK, what are we going to get them?
Otis: Holy Cud! She's gonna eat Freddy's head!
Pig: Huh. So I guess the hat is off.
Peck: No wonder she's the only spotted ferret left! She's a head eater!

[In the commitment den, Freddy, who is a fake spotted ferret, faces Inga]
Freddy: [to Inga; sliding a ring on her index finger] With this ring, I pledge my love.
Inga: [to Freddy; holding a bottle of barbecue sauce] With this barbecue, I pledge my love. [pours the sauce on Freddy]
Freddy: I love your quaint old-world customs. So are we married yet?
Inga: Almost... There's only ONE part of the ceremony...

Otis: There won't be a reception; female spotted ferrets eat Their mates' heads on their wedding night!
Freddy: Look, marriage is all about compromise. You give a little; she eats your head... [Inga eats Freddy's head and the animals scream]
Freddy: [muffled at Inga's mouth] It's okay! Just a little love bite.
Otis: Grab him! [The animals pull Freddy's back from Inga's mouth]
Peck: Come on!
Pip: Dude, she has lockjaw.
Otis: Abby, quick, the spot remover! [Grunts] now!
[Otis calls Abby and uses the spot remover to spray off the fake spots]
Freddy: [muffled at Inga's mouth] Are we married yet?
Inga: [looking surprised] Huh? [from off-screen, she spits out his head; tumbling Freddy onto the side of the hole] Freddy, you're not a spotted ferret! You lied to me!
Freddy: Inga, I can explain.
Inga: [packing up] No! The wedding is off! And to think, I almost ate your head! [sobs]
Freddy: Baby, don't go! I can change!
Otis: [rushes to Freddy] Freddy, she was eating your head!
Freddy: We were working through that!
Pig: Hey, where's the happy couple? We got you a panini press.
[Freddy bawls hysterically as he walks away.]
Pig: I knew we should have gotten the fondue set.

Little Otis / Kids in the City [2.08]


Snotty & Snottier / Paging Dr. Filly [2.09]

Nora: [to Phlegmy Boy, after she saved Snotty Boy] I'm sending you back to your mother and father, and you're never coming here again! [yells in a deep voice] EVER!!!!
Phlegmy Boy: [last words as Nora drags him away by his ear] I'll be back, Eugene. And I'm gonna eat your silly-billy skull!

Barnyards and Broomsticks / The Barn Buddy [2.10]


Free Schmoozy / Man's Best Fiend [2.11]


- Otis, otis! I figured out what the whale's been saying He's saying, "chase me."

Otis: "Chase me"? He must think this is some sort of game. How do you say, "please give our friends back" in whale?

Oh, that's easy It's-- [eaten by Schmoozy]

Otis: WOULD YOU STOP EATING MY FRIENDS?! At least your still safe, peck!

- Yeah, knock wood [knocks the TNT and explodes while Peck Screams and the ship begans to sink]

Otis: Okay, that was kind of our fault,ut this general predicament an still be largely attributable to you! Schmoozy!

Duke: [after calling Baxter on the phone] I'll show Baxter, i don't need the farmer, i got all the friends I need right here. So, uh, who wants to deworm me?
[Otis and the others are confused]
Otis: It's time to do the barn meeting. Listen guys, we can't let Baxter get away with this, we need to get him out of the house once we get Duke back inside, but for all these sakes.
Duke: Come on Otis, listen to me, Baxter sets me up for good, the farmer wouldn't take me back.
Otis: Listen Duke, you just need to help the farmer get rid of Baxter until you save him from a bear.
Freddy: Ooh, I like where this is going!
Duke: Well, I don't.
Otis: Don't worry animals, it's not going to be a real bear, it's going to be me in a bear costume that can make me dress like a bear, the farmer needs to take Baxter outside to take a walk every afternoon.
Freddy: I love that plan, Otis.
Otis: I haven't said that yet, Freddy.
Freddy: I'm not so confused, am i?
[Daytime, the farmer takes Baxter out for a walk]
Farmer: OK, Baxter, you lead the way. [Baxter barks] [chuckles] What a cute little dickens. [suddenly, a real bear jumps out from behind a tree! Baxter screams] A bear! Get him, boy, get him! [Baxter circles around the farmer then pushes him toward the bear] Huh? What? Don't! Stop! What are you doing? Bad dog! No!
Duke: [watches them through binoculars] Look at Otis in a costume, Otis looks like a bear, i need to go do some show time.
[Duke charges straight towards the bear, wondering if it was Otis who was wearing the bear costume. The bear looks around as Duke kicks his leg, double kicks his back, bites his rear end, and Kung Fu kicks his face. Being knocked out, the bear stops near the farmer's feet. The farmer, unharmed, looks surprised]
Farmer: Well done Duke, you saved my life, you saved me from the bear, i haven't been kicking you out. Can you forgive me so much? [pets Duke's head as Baxter approaches while whining. He glares at him] And as for you, Baxter, you were causing confusion and delay, you pushed me to the bear, it's time for you to go back to the animal shelter once you find a new home to live.
[As Baxter watches the farmer walk off with a hurt expression, he turns to Duke angrily]
Baxter: This isn't over, Denwood, I'll be back. You'll see! And then, we'll- [gets yanked away]
Duke: Come on Otis, get off the ground, Baxter and the farmer aren't here, they can’t recognize you in your bear costume.
Otis: [in a bear costume, approaches] Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! [takes off the mask] Hello Duke, what happened to the farmer and Baxter?
Duke: Hello Otis, the farmer is not here, the farmer is taking Baxter back to the animal shelter before Baxter finds a new home.
Duke: Wait, uh, I can explain. You see, that other dog stole my identity in the previous episode, and recently returned to try it again.

Everett's Treasure / King Cud [2.12]


Iron Otis / Too Good to be Glue [2.13]


Mr. Wiggleplix / Chain Gang [2.14]


Get Bessy / A Beautiful Freddy [2.15]


Back at the Booyard [2.16]

Duke: First the lights, then the scream, Now the locked door, This has hockey mask bob written all over it!
Otis: There is no hockey mask bob. Someone get me a shovel. I'm breaking this door open.
Pig: Not me. I'm waiting right here so he doesn't get me.
[Hockey Mask Bob grabs Pig in the basement and the animals started to panic that Hockey Mask Bob was here]
Sheep: Oh, no, they got him. That was hockey mask bob. Did you see that?
Otis: All right, stay calm. Nobody panic.
Pip: Why not?

Arcade of Doom / Rodeotis [2.17]


Mission: Save Bigfoot / Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday [2.18]


It's an Udderful Life! [2.19]


Robopeck / Puppy Love [2.20]

Singer: ♪ Bionic rooster
Bionic rooster
Bionic roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooster
Bionic rooster
Bionic rooster! ♪

[The animals watching on Farmer's TV of Robo(Peck) causing the city's destruction]
Hilly Burford: Hilly burford live from downtown, where some kind of crazy laser-shooting robot ostrich is weaving a path of destruction!
Robo(Peck): [grabs Hilly Burford with his arms] Let me help you across the street.
Hilly Burford: Hey, that's quite all right. Just put me down, now- Whoa! [Robo(Peck) throws Hilly to the TV Screen]
Abby: We gotta do something before he destroys the whole town!
Otis:There's only one way to stop him.
Boil: Please don't say peanut butter.
Otis: There's only two ways to stop him.
Boil: You mean-
Otis: Precisely! Come on, kids. We've got a cyborg to build.
[Duke's sister, Stamps, arrives at the barnyard]
Stamps: [British accent] Hey, Dukey!
Duke: Stamps!
Stamps: How you doing?!
Duke: Come here, sis! [hugs her]

Duke: Stamps, these are my friends, Otis, Abby, Pig, Pip,
Pip: What's up?
Duke: Peck,
Peck: Hi there!
Duke: and Freddy.
[Freddy greets Stamps with an arrowed plunger on his face]
Stamps: It's nice to meet you. I can't stay long, Dukey. We just want to stop by and get your blessing, then it's off to Vegas for the wedding.
Otis: Vegas? That's practically in Asia. Why don't you guys just get married here at the barnyard?
Stamps: Oh, we wouldn't want to be a bother.
Abby: Oh, it's no bother. The farmer is away for the whole week at Fire Dance Camp.
[At Fire Dance Camp, the farmer, wearing a grass skirt, fire dances]
Stamps: In that case, we loved to get married here!
[Otis and the others chatter in excitement. Freddy muffles as if to say, "Weddings are good!"]
Duke: So, Stamps, where's my future bro-in-law anyway?
Stamps: Right behind me with the bags. Here he comes now.
[A figure, with its legs seen, carries three bags]
Duke: Look at him, carrying your bags all gentlemanly. I like this guy already.
Male voice: Thanks, Darren.
[The figure, which turns out to be Baxter, drops the bags]
Baxter: I like you, too.
[As Otis and the others gasp in shock, Freddy pulls the arrowed plunger off of his face]
Duke: Baxter?!
Baxter: That's right. Your sister and I are getting hitched.
Duke: Whoa, whoa! [pushes his nemesis aside] Stamps, you can't marry this guy! He's a total conman!
Otis: Yeah, he stole Duke's identity and try to get him kicked out of the barnyard!
Abby: And then he tricked the farmer into adopting him and got Duke kicked out of the house!
Pig: And once he cut off a guy's hand and expelled him from the Jedi Council!
Pip: Dude, that was a movie.
Pig: I like movies. [a flashback shows Pig, disguise as a boy, watching a horror movie in a movie theater] Don't go in there, the monster's in there! Don't do it, old friend! You believe this? It's like she's not even listening. [answers the phone] Hey, I'm at the movies. Alice just went into the room where Dracula is waiting. Well, of course, I've warned her!
[Back in reality]
Duke: I'm telling you, this guy is trouble.
Stamps: Dukey, it's OK. Baxter has told me all about his past, but he's different now.
Baxter: That's right, Dakron, your sister's love has made me a new dog.
Stamps: Will you please give us your blessing, Dukey? Please?? [looks at her brother with puppy dog eyes]
Duke: Oh, geez, with the puppy dog eyes? Alright. But I'll be watching you, buddy. [makes an "I'm watching you" gesture]
Stamps: Thanks, Dukey! Ain't that wonderful, honey?
Baxter: It sure is, Cuddle-wuggles. Give me some sugar.
[As Stamps and Baxter rub their noses together, Duke growls angrily while he bares his teeth]

Otis: [shouting into Duke's ear, causing his brain to poke out of his head] Baxter is marrying your sister so he can kick your family's various buckets and get your fortune!
Duke: What?! [as he puts his brain back in his head] Why, that skivvy little mutt!

Stamps: [after Duke tricked Baxter] I heard the whole thing, Baxter! You lying, no-good, flimflamming...!
Baxter: But, Stimpy, I can explain!
Duke: You're busted, Baxter. Have fun on your honeymoon. [puts him in a cage on a catapult]
Baxter: Wait, Derek! You can't do this! I'm your husband! [Duke launches Baxter away] I love you!

Clonedemonium / Hickory Dickory Donkey [2.21]


Clown and Out / Clan of the Cave Cow [2.22]


Four Leaf Otis / Cop Cow [2.23]


Plucky and Me / Pig of the Mole People [2.24]


A Catfish Named Eddie / Beady and the Beasts [2.25]


Aliens!!! [2.26]



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