Bachelor Mother

1939 film by Garson Kanin

Bachelor Mother is a 1939 comedic film about a young woman mistakenly presumed to be the mother of a foundling.

Directed by Garson Kanin. Written by Felix Jackson, Garson Kanin, and Norman Krasna
Just ten baby fingers and ten baby toes – Troubles? Scandal? – Gosh – Nobody Knows (taglines)

John B. Merlin

  • I don't care who the father is, I'm the grandfather!


David Merlin: So how do you like her?
Louise King: Pretty good for a fill-in. I'd just as soon go stag.
Polly: You could, too, with those shoulders.

David Merlin: I wish to return this duck.
Clerk: Certainly, sir. What's wrong with it?
[The duck's head is missing]
David Merlin: It's broken.
Clerk: I can see that, sir, but I have to know where to lay the blame.
David Merlin: Lay the blame on the duck!

[Attempting to exchange a broken toy at the store David's father owns]
Clerk: Do you have the sales slip?
David Merlin: [to Polly, who is around the corner] Do you have the sales slip?
Polly Parrish: I threw it away.
David Merlin: You should have kept it. [to the clerk] I threw it away.
Clerk: You should have kept it.

Freddie: [referring to the baby] Where did it come from?
Polly: I got it for Christmas!
Freddie: ...This Christmas or last Christmas?


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