Babes in Toyland (1934 film)

1934 film

Babes in Toyland is 1934 musical comedy film based on the operetta by Victor Herbert. Starring Stan Laurel, and Oliver Hardy as they save Toyland from the evil Barnaby, And his Bogeymen.


Ollie Dee: Good morning, master.
The Toymaker: WHAT DO YOU MEAN, GOOD MORNING?! You know, you're half and hour late? If it happens again, it means instant dismissal. Get to work.
[They began to work on. Ollie tries to paint the wood horse and Stannie paints the rabbit eyes. He tries to talk to him.]
Stannie Dum: Say, aren't you gonna ask him about the money to pay off the mortgage.
Ollie Dee: I can't ask him now, Don't you see what a bad humor he's in?
Stannie Dum: Well, If we don't get that money, Mother Peep's gonna be turned out of his shoe and she won't have any place to sleep. We can't let her do that.
Ollie Dee: Why, If I ask him now, he'll jump right down my throat.
Stannie Dum: But, I thought you and he are just like that.
Ollie Dee: We are!
Stannie Dum: Well, why don't you ask him?
Ollie Dee: Why don't YOU ask him?
Stannie Dum: Well, I can't ask him.
Ollie Dee: Why?
Stannie Dum: Well, he and I are just like that.
Ollie Dee: Oh, don't be silly. He likes you better than he does me.
Stannie Dum: Does he?
Ollie Dee: Yeah... He told me he did.
Stannie Dum: Does he?
Ollie Dee: Yeah.
Stannie Dum: [to the Toymaker] Oh, master?
The Toymaker: What?
Stannie Dum: Ollie wants to speak to you.
The Toymaker: Well, what is it?
Ollie Dee: Well, could I speak to you privately please, sir? I've got a very important question, I want to ask you.
The Toymaker: Don't bother me now, Can't you see that I'm busy? Go on with your work.
Ollie Dee: Well, if you knew how important it was, you see'd me privately because if you--
The Toymaker: WILL YOU SHUT UP AND GO ON WITH YOUR WORK?! [bangs the mallet, Stannie turns on the choo-choo train, it moves, pushes the paint can and spills at the Toymaker]

Little Bo-Peep: Tom-Tom, I don't know what mother will do, if they were really lost.
Tom-Tom: Aw, don't worry. They'll be found. You've lost them before, haven't you? As a matter of fact, the last month, you've lost them five times.
Little Bo-Peep: Oh, I couldn't have?
Tom-Tom: Yes, you did. And four times the month before that. You see? You're getting worse. [Bo-Peep nods, sniffles] What you need to someone to help you look after the darn things.
Little Bo-Peep: Who, for instance? [sniffles]
Tom-Tom: Oh, He'd have to be most unusual, energetic, resourceful and with any amount of patience. A fellow sort of... Well, like me. [She turns to him, scoffs and she turns back] Not interested? [She shook her head] Not even a little bit? [She shook her head again, He opens the foot stocks, grabs her ankles, closes them] And I'll just keep you there until you are interested.

Santa Claus: Hello, everybody! How's everything! And how are my two boys?
Ollie Dee: Hello, Mr. Santie.
The Toymaker: Can't wait until you see the wooden soldiers we made for you. The finest piece of work, we've ever turned out!
Santa Claus: Splendid!
The Toymaker: Yeah. Ollie? Go bring one of them in.
Ollie Dee: Yes, sir! [to Stannie] You'd better help me. They're heavy. We'll bring them right out, Mr. Santie!

Silas Barnaby: You see, child? Such folly. Wasting your affection on a common pignapper.
Little Bo Peep: Let me go, let me go! Tom-Tom is innocent and you know it! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!
Ollie Dum: Just a minute, just a minute!
Citizens of Toyland: Little Elmer!
Old King Cole: Silence.
Ollie Dum: Mr. Majesty, Tom-Tom is innocent. We found Little Elmer in Barnaby's Cellar!
Citizens of Toyland: [gasps] Let's get him!