B Positive

2020 American sitcom television series

B Positive (2020–2022) is an American multi-camera sitcom that aired on CBS from November 5, 2020 to March 10, 2022. The series initially follows Drew, a therapist and newly divorced father with B-positive blood who needs a kidney donor. When he is unable to find a donor within his family, a woman from his past named Gina offers him one of her kidneys. Following Drew's successful transplant surgery, the Season 2 focus shifts to Gina, who inherits a large sum of money and buys the retirement home where she works, while Drew reassesses his life goals and sets out to rediscover himself.

It's okay to have just a little, and it's swell to have a lot. On the bottom or in the middle, in a rowboat or a yacht. Love is what we long for, to be acknowledged and to be seen. In the end, does it really matter, if you're a prince, a pauper, or a queen?
It's okay to have just a little, and it's swell to have a lot. On the bottom or in the middle, in a rowboat or a yacht. Love is what we long for, to be acknowledged and to be seen. In the end, does it really matter, if you're a prince, a pauper, or a queen?

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

[First lines of the series]
Nurse: The doctor will be right in.
Drew: Thanks.
Doctor: Drew.
Drew: Hey. Hey. Wow!
Doctor: That's not your chart.
Drew: No, I know. I know. I was just concerned for Mrs. Yang.
Doctor: So, how's it going? Any more luck with the peeing?
Drew: No. No luck. I stand. I sit. I can't even do it in the shower.
Doctor: All right. Let's take a look at your blood work. Oh.
Drew: Oh. What is "oh"?
Doctor: Your creatinine level is through the roof.
Drew: And that's not good?
Doctor: Rule of thumb, nothing in your body should ever be through the roof. Drew, I'm afraid you're in renal failure.
Drew: "Renal" as in "kidney"?
Doctor: Yes.
Drew: Okay. Well, any chance there could be a mistake? I mean, that girl who took my blood, you know, with the piercings and the tattoos.
Doctor: My daughter.
Drew: Very pretty. Cool style. So, what are we talking here? Medication? Diet? All fat? No fat? Should I be catching my own fish?
Doctor: It's a little more serious than that. Uh, I'm gonna give you the name of an excellent nephrologist.
Drew: Good. Good. Good. Good. Yeah, I don't want a strip mall nephrologist. Excuse me, I'm a little dry.
[Drew drinks water with a bottle.]
Drew: You know, when I did pee, it made that sound.
Doctor: Look, I know it's a lot to process, but you really need to start thinking about potential kidney donors.
Drew: Whoa. Uh, hang on. You're saying, uh... You're saying I need a new kidney?
Doctor: I'd start with family. They're usually the best match.
Drew: Oh, great, a Republican kidney.
Doctor: It'll just help you pee. It won't tell you which bathroom to pee in. Well, how about friends?
Drew: I don't really have kidney friends. I mean, I have friends, don't get me wrong. Just not the kind that, you know, care about me.
Doctor: Well, meanwhile, you just gotta try to stay positive.
Drew: Yeah. How do I do that?
Doctor: I drink, but you have to make your own choices.

Gina: Drew? Is that Drew Dunbar?
Drew: Gina! Hello. Hi.
Gina: Oh, my God. I haven't seen you since high school!
Drew: Yes. It's been a long time.
Gina: Oh, did you see me? I was in the wedding.
Drew: Yeah, I saw you. Everyone saw you.
Gina: So what have you been up to? Tell me everything.
Drew: Uh, okay. Well, um, I got married, became a therapist, have a beautiful daughter. She's 12. Really smart.
Gina: Ah, kids are great. Can you prescribe drugs?
Drew: No. That's a psychiatrist. I'm a psychologist. Internet degree. But still, very real. What about you? What's been going on with you?
Gina: Um, not much. Just my boring life. Although last year there was this one little misunderstanding, but it got expunged.
Drew: Expunged?
Gina: It's like I didn't do it. Anyway, um, I got this job driving a senior van for this assisted living place. They are the sweetest people ever. But they die, like constantly. Sometimes in the van, and it's a mess.
Drew: Yeah. Bummer. Well, good catching up.
Gina: Wait. Are you okay?
Drew: Yeah. Why?
Gina: I am around death all the time, and something about you seems a little deathy.
Drew: Wow, what a weird superpower. Well, as a matter of fact, I did just find out that I need a kidney transplant.
Gina: I knew it! I was thinking more the colon area, but I was in the neighborhood.
Drew: Yeah.
Gina: Yeah.
Drew: Yeah. Well, I'm sure it'll all work out. No biggie, as the kids say.
Gina: Oh, no. It is the biggie. I have this one old dude, Mr. Lopez, that I drive to dialysis 3 times a week, but he is old, and you're still young. That is so sad. Does that make you sad?
Drew: Uh, yeah. Yeah, it does. Anyway, good catching up.

Die Alysis [1.02]

Drew: Where have you been?
Gina: Just taking a walk. Checking out my new hood.
Drew: Probably a little quiter than you used to.
Gina: A little bit.

Foreign Bodies [1.03]

Drew: Gina?
Gina: Hey, Drew.
Drew: What are you doing?
Gina: I'm practicing my TikTok.

Joint Pain [1.04]

Drew: Okay, you wait here. I'll be right back.
Gina: Go get you some owl.
Drew: Do you know there's a hallucinogenic quality to your pot?
Gina: Thank you.
Drew: Julia! Julia, I want my owl! Julia?

High Risk Factor [1.05]

Gina: Hey, guys. This little cutie needs a home. And if you DM me right now, I'll throw in a free case of my craft beer.
[Gina turns the camera off.]
Gina: You better kick it up a notch, or I'll have to put a hat on you.

Maddie: My father's getting a kidney transplant. I think I have the essay in the bag.

Gina: It's just the insane control issues.

Open Heart Surgery [1.06]

Gina: We scheduled my psych evaluation for Thursday.
Drew: Really? That's huge. What time?

Drew: You know, uh, maybe don't use the term "nutty bitches" at the evaluation. Describe yourself more as spontaneous. Eccentric. You are unabashedly yourself.
Gina: Mmm, I sound like a perfume. (sultry voice) Gina. Unabashedly herself.

Phantom Limb [1.07]

[Gina is sleeping in the car.]
Drew: You awake?

Drew: (over phone) Carla. Hello. My name is Drew Dunbar. I'm the guy that your sister is giving her kidney to. I hear that you're not too happy about that. And I just want to say that it is totally normal to be suspicious of this little arrangement. Um, but you should know that Gina's actions are a lot more thought out than you think. In fact, you should be proud of her. She's saving my life. Because of her, I'm gonna be able to watch my daughter...

Integration Therapy [1.08]

Gina: Hey, guys.
Both: Hey, Gina.

Gina: See? Everybody loves a party.
Drew: Not everyone.

B Negative [1.09]

Drew: Hey.
Gina: Hey. You got a second? I need some help with my résumé.
Drew: Did you get fired because you left those seniors in the van?
Gina: No. Half of them didn't remember, and the rest thought we were stopped at a very long light. I'm just getting this ready for when I start my new journey.
Drew: Oh, you're really taking this thing seriously.
Gina: Yeah, I don't know what I want to do after the transplant, but I want to hit the ground running, so would you mind taking a look?
Drew: Yeah, sure. (clears throat) 7 years of pharmaceutical sales?
Gina: Selling weed.
Drew: And I see you've also been a mechanical engineer?
Gina: That beer distiller in your garage was made from a bunch of stuff I found around your house, so I totally MacGyver'ed that bitch.
Drew: Well, I got to say, I'm impressed. Not with this clearly fabricated résumé, but the fact that you are thinking about this. I mean, the Gina I met 6 months ago was selling fake IDs to kids.
Gina: No, I was mentoring troubled youths on their transition to adulthood.

B Negative Part 2 [1.10]

Norma: Well, nobody's here. I told you we shouldn't have scheduled this art class up against Wii bowling.
Gina: What we are lacking in quantity, we're making up in quality. Oh, very nice, Mrs. Kaplan. You gave Norma a thought bubble. How creative.

Norma: Are you texting Drew again?!
Gina: Yeah. He's in a really dark place. I wish I could get him to see that he's overreacting.
Norma: Have him come here. On my floor alone, we got a blind guy, a guy with a bad ticker and a guy with the big "C".

Recessive Gina [1.11]

Drew: Alexa, play something from the early 2000s.
["Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani is played.]
Drew: Oh, stop! Alexa, stop.
Norma: Well, that's gonna haunt my dreams.
Gina: Drew, the dishes are clean, but those moves are dirty.
Drew: Norma, what do we owe the pleasure?
Gina: Oh, well, her daughter couldn't make it to family weekend, so I'm gonna take her to Philly with me. Girls' trip!
Drew: Why are you going to Philly and why are you taking off your shirt? We talked about this. No boobs in the kitchen!
Gina: At least, I'm wearing a bra this time. I called my stepmom to get the records, but she didn't call me back. Big surprise. So, I'm gonna drive to her house and get 'em for you.
Drew: But Philly's like 3 hours away.
Norma: Oh, that's why I'm going, to keep her company. Plus, if the car breaks down and I freeze to death, that'll really make my daughter feel guilty.
Drew: Okay, I'm going with you.
Gina: Oh, really, you don't have to.
Drew: No, you're doing this for me. I want to be there for you.
Gina: You don't need to come.
Drew: You haven't been back there in years. This could be really tough for you.
Gina: I'm telling you, I'll be fine.
Norma: When my father died, I broke down every time I sat in his favorite chair.
Gina: That's not going to happen, and you're not going.
Drew: Gina, going to your childhood home could unlock memories about your father's death.
Gina: Oh, my God. He's not dead. Okay?
Drew: What?
Gina: I lied. He's alive.
Drew: Gina?
Norma: Wow.
Drew: Yeah.
Norma: I call shotgun.

Canine Extraction [1.12]

Gina: Maddie's only 13.

Gina: No. I don't. And that's my point.

Gina: I really hate to betray her trust, especially after she lent me these really cute boots that I plan on keeping.
Drew: Hey.
Gina: Hi.
Gabby: Hey, Drew. I'll see you later.

Inflammatory Response [1.13]

Gina: Hey. How was dialysis?
Drew: Fine. I have come to understand that you are going on a date with Eli.
Gina: Oh, yeah, he's cooking me dinner.
Norma: Oh, I like Eli. Get it, girl.

Gina: Oh, my God. What is his problem?
Norma: Well, isn't it obvious? He's jealous.

Love Life Support [1.14]

Gina: Can I come in for a second?

Gina: No. I don't. Unless there's a skybox available the next time that Cardi B plays the Garden.

Miss Diagnosis [1.15]

Gina: Including this one. I hope that you drop your news report so I can watch you bend over and pick it up.
Drew: (cockney accent) 'Ello, ladies.

Drew: Yes. Well, uh, I have a date tonight.
Gina: Really? With who?
Drew: Oh, just somebody I met at the hospital.
Gina: Wait, you don't even know her? You should google her, because she could be a sex trafficker. Or, worse, she could be one of those people who doesn't own a TV.
Drew: Look, she's cute, she's funny and she likes me. She could lure children into her gingerbread house, for all I care. We're going out for pasta.

A Cute Asphyxiation [1.16]

Drew: Well, if that "C" means "cute", then yes.

Drew: But I do have some chemo-healthy snacks that I think would be better.

Transplanticipation [1.17]

Gina: Hey.
Drew: Hey.
Gina: I have something to tell you, after which you're gonna love me even more than you already do.
Drew: Don't overestimate how much I love you.
Gina: I think I got Adriana into the clinical trial in Switzerland.
Drew: What? Really? Wait, you mean, like, enrolled, or you found a tunnel?
Gina: For real. Remember my friend Dr. Pete?
Drew: Cannoli's owner?
Gina: I told him about Adriana's situation, and it turns out his med school roommate had a professor who went through a really nasty divorce and hid a bunch of money in Switzerland, and one day he went to take it out, and guess who was standing there in the bank. His ex-wife, the duchess of Fribourg.

Life Expectancy [1.18]

Gina: It's pretty small. I'd have to get rid of some things. Like my furniture.

Gina: I don't know who I am. I know who I was when I was with Drew, but after tomorrow, I'm not gonna be Gina the kidney donor anymore. And I don't want to go back to being Gina the party girl. And I don't want to be Gina the van driver anymore. I just want to be Gina the AHHH!!!

Season 2


Love, Taxes and a Kidney [2.01]

Drew: Did a little shopping, huh?
Gina: I was feeling a little sad this afternoon shoes! So I decided to spend some money. Bought some shoes. Shoes!

Drew: You're just a little overwhelmed. And that's perfectly understandable.
Gina: (crying) How come I feel so awful? What is wrong with me?

Vermont, Switzerland and Connecticut [2.02]

Drew: I never understood all the salt on a margarita glass. It's like I'm drinking a pretzel.
Gina: Do you need to pee?
Drew: What kind of question is that?
Gina: I'm just curious how my kidney is handling the tequila.
Drew: It's doing just fine.
Gina: Shoot me a text if things go sideways.

Bagels, Billiards and a Magic Show [2.03]

Gina: I don't know what I'm doing.

Norma: Go away!

Gideon: Oh, hey.

Baseball, Walkers and Wine [2.04]

Drew: Gina, I can't even begin to say how much you've changed my life. I am a different person, a better person because of you.
Gina: Oh, Drew. I feel the same way. You bring out the best in me.
Drew: That's great to hear. Because there's something I've been wanting to tell you ever since I woke up from the surgery.
Gina: You have gotta be kidding me.
Drew: I am. I'm totally kidding.
Gina: It's Eli.
Drew: You've gotta be kidding me.

Novocaine, Bond and Bocce [2.05]

Gina: I don't know. He just co-wapsed.

Drew: I wouldn't say "compwetely".
Gina: I would never want our friendship to be compromised.
Drew: Me, either. Okay? You're drooling a little.

A Dishwasher, a Fire and a Remote Control [2.06]

Gina: Althea, can you help me?
Althea: Have a nice day.

Drew: How's your day going?

A Camper, a Compass and a Cannoli [2.07]

Gina: Oh, Drew.

Drew: Well, maybe. It's complicated. I will admit, I was a little hurt. But then I realized I was just trying to use you to solve my problems, and that's not fair to either of us.
Gina: So Vincent is the solution?
Drew: Adventure is the solution. I need to take some chances, live a bigger life, figure out who I am.
Gina: Drew, this is crazy.
Drew: I know, right? See, you used to be the crazy one, and now it's me. Hey, maybe your kidney is to blame. I was pretty normal before the transplant.

A Dog, a Mousse and a Bat [2.08]

Gina: So, your anniversary?
Harry: Yes. Meredith always wanted to go to Paris, but we never did, so I thought maybe we could do a nice, fancy French dinner tomorrow.
Gina: Aw. That is so sweet. I could have Bert plan a special menu, and I could sing a French song for you guys. Like (singing) Oh, la, la, la vie amor.
Harry: I didn't know you could sing.
Gina: I can dance, too.

Heartburn, Woodstock and Ribs [2.09]

Drew: Hey.
Gina: Hey. I'm so glad you're here.
Drew: I came as quick as I could. How's Harry?
Gina: He hasn't come out of his room, and he won't talk to anybody.

S'mores, Elvis and a Cubano [2.10]

Bette: Is he seriously asking me out again?

Bette: How should I handle it?

Louisville, Bubbaroo and Sully [2.11]

Drew: Oh! 90 miles to Louisville.
Roy: Lou-uh-ville.
Drew: What?
Roy: You're saying it wrong. It's Lou-uh-ville.
Drew: Louis-ville.
Roy: Just throw it away. Louisville.
Drew: Louisville! I don't know why I did an Italian accent there. I panicked.
[The alert dinging sound effect is heard.]
Drew: Uh-oh. The "Check Engine" light just came on. What do we do?
Roy: Well, here's a thought. We check the engine.
Drew: Oh, God! Oh, God. Oh, no! There was a fire extinguisher in the back, but I got rid of it to make room for my K-Cups.
Roy: It's just overheating. Just pull over.
Drew: Where's the hazard lights? Nope, oh, nope.

Dagobah, a Room and a Chimney Sweep [2.12]

Harry: Sheesh.

Gina: I missed you!
Drew: Oh, thank you.
Gina: Oh, did you, uh, did you meet any new van chicks?
Drew: Funny how, that's your first question.
Gina: It's not funny.
Drew: Oh, it's funny.

A Boss, a Bear Claw and a Defibrillator [2.13]

Drew: Morning.
Gina: Good morning!
Drew: I got my favorite boss her favorite drink. A nonfat, bone-dry cappuccino.
Gina: Ooh, thank you.
Drew: I also got her an assortment of pastries, including un croissant. Or perhaps a cranberry scone, guv'nah.

Osteoporosis, Benihana and a Slinky [2.14]

Gina: This is Irene. Drew drives our shuttle van.
Drew: Only temporarily. I'm a therapist by trade, but I'm on a sabbatical, while I go on a journey of self-discovery.
Irene: You sound like a guy who's living in his car.
Drew: It's a van, actually.

Payroll, a Waterwall and Wham! [2.15]

Gina: (over phone) Yes, hi! I'm calling from Valley Hills. I'm hoping to speak to someone who can help me with the insurance claims that we made on behalf of our residents. No! No, please don't put me on hold again. Please! I can't listen to that music!

Drew: Yeah, come on, Gina, this isn't accomplishing anything.
Gina: Don't you get it, Drew? I failed. I completely failed. I can't run Valley Hills without Mrs. Ludlum, and I, sure as hell, can't compete with a place that has a damn boat.

Juneau, Froyo and Mario Kart [2.16]

Gina: Asher.
Asher: Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out?
Gina: I was hoping.
Asher: Can we talk in private?
Drew: Do you want me to stay?
Gina: (whispering) I got this.

Norma: What do you want?
Gina: I want Drew.
Norma: Well, then, why are you still sitting here?
[Final lines of the series]


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