B Positive

2020 American sitcom television series

B Positive (2020–2022) is an American short-lived sitcom that premiered on November 5, 2020 and ended on March 10, 2022 on CBS. B Positive is produced by Chuck Lorre Productions & Warner Bros. Television. On May 12, 2022, CBS cancelled the series after 2 seasons.

Opening theme songEdit

  • It's okay to have just a little
    And it's swell to have a lot
    In the bottom or in the middle
    A rowboat or a yacht
    Love is what we long for
    To be acknowledged and to be seen
    In the end, does it really matter
    If you're a prince, a pauper, or a queen
    The more you give (The more you give)
    The more you live (The more you live)
    Your happiness (Happiness)
    Is relative
    But if you're feeling like a crap
    It's time to face the fact
    It's your prerogative (Your prerogative)
    To be positive
    If we become (We become)
    What we believe (We believe)
    Then as you think (As you think)
    You shall receive
    So let go of your past
    Pull your head from your ass
    It's your prerogative (Your prerogative)
    To be positive

Season 1Edit

Pilot [1.01]Edit

Gina: I haven't seen you since high school!

Die Alysis [1.02]Edit

Drew: Where have you been?
Gina: Just taking a walk. Checking out my new hood.
Drew: Probably a little quiter than you used to.
Gina: A little bit. The suburbs.

Foreign Bodies [1.03]Edit

Drew: Gina?
Gina: Hey, Drew.
Drew: What are you doing?
Gina: I'm practicing my TikTok.

Life Expectancy [1.18]Edit

Announcer: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
[final lines]


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