Azur Lane: The Animation

Television series based on video game

Azur Lane (Chinese: 碧蓝航线; pinyin: Bìlán Hángxiàn) is an anime television series released in September 2018. It revolves around armies of female moe anthropomorphic characters based on World War II warships who fight against an extraterrestrial army called the Sirens.

ACTIVATION - The Girls Who Soar on the Seas [1.1]

USS Vestal: "Is everyone here prepared for departure?"
USS Vestal: "This could potentially be a violent battle. Please use caution."
USS Enterprise:The most important lesson to learn from history is... new eras may begin, but war never changes."

USS Enterprise: "One battle ends, but soon, another will begin."

MELEE - Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings [1.2]

USS Enterprise: "We look like humans, but we are powerful weapons. This is the mental cube. They're mysterious crystal substances acquired by humanity through their battle against the sirens. They are also the foundation upon which we were created. Filled with their power, we have the strength to fight the sirens. It is the power of warships, strong enough to tame an ocean and silence sirens. Humanity reclaimed the seas with the help of the mental cubes, but it wasn't enough. Some people wanted more and alliances eventually split. One side was called the red axis, this included the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood. Due to their desire to acquire the siren's power for themselves, they raised a rebellion against Azur Lane. Even when facing a common threat; the sirens, conflict between human factions continues. The truth is; war never changes. It's exactly the same, no matter the era."

KMS Z23: "Does this mean you're volunteering to surrender? That is a honorable act, even by an enemy."

ELEGANCE - Perchance, Like A Human [1.3]

USS Yorktown: "Look at that, the ocean is so lovely today."
USS Enterprise: "I've never felt any form of beauty when looking at it. From the moment we were born, the ocean was a place for war, and there is nothing lovely about that. Besides, the ocean is the place where-"
USS Yorktown: "What you're thinking is wrong. You seem to forget, sister, that we arent human. We are ships in human forms, therefore the sea is a part of us. Engraved deep within our souls."
USS Enterprise: "I-"
USS Yorktown: "I have faith that one day you'll remember, so many people have placed their trust in your name. May Azur Lane be blessed, and especially you, Enterprise, my dear little sister."

USS Hornet: "It just goes to show that we're more than just fighting, you know?"

SAKURA - Cloak and Dagger [1.4]

IJN Yukikaze: "I, Yukikaze, have gone out of my way to welcome you home! Be grateful! "
IJN Yuudachi: "So how was it? How many ships did you sank?! "
IJN Ayanami: "Uh... "
IJN Shigure: "Let's listen to her stories while we have tea. "
IJN Yuudachi: "Yay! Food! Food!"
KMS Z23: [ Sighs ] "How restless..."
KMS Prinz Eugen:"Oh, well in my opinion it's charming and cute."

IJN Shoukaku: "I, have returned."

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